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10 Apr

  1. 1. Quiz-1
  2. 2. Q1 ortis Healthcare Ltd has struck a broad agreement to buy up to 74% of unlisted _____ for about Rs7.5 billion?
  3. 3. Q2 Samsung Mobile & Spice Handset have dispute which is recently in news.What is the dispute regarding
  4. 4. Q3 ______ is a large Russian holding company, headed by business oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov. In March 2006, Yevtushenkov controlled 62% of the shares in ______.______ has its headquarters in Moscow, and operates a number of consumer service businesses.Shyam Telelink India is there joint venuture field of telecom operation
  5. 5. Q4 Vaughn Richtor recently stepped down as the ceo of which fianancial company
  6. 6. Q5 The company was founded by Joseph in October 1945 in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England. The first vehicle made in 1945 by ____ was a farm trailer made from war-surplus materials. In 1948 there were six people working for his company, and it made the first hydraulic tipping trailer in Europe. In 1953, the first backhoe loader was launched, and by 1964 ____ had sold over 3,000 loaders. In particular, this was due to entering the North American market. By 1978 the company had diversified with a Loadall machine, and has lately seen success with the Fastrac tractor.
  7. 7. Q6 After seeing the benefits of offshoring the Software services to India in 1995, GE started considering starting a captive outsourcing unit. GE established GECIS in 1997 as an outsourcing unit to provide services from India.K.P. Singh influenced Jack Welch to choose Gurgaon as a location. Pramod Bhasin was the India head of G.E Capital and Raman Roy started GECIS. India was selected because it was considered to have an educated English speaking population fit for Call Centers and was also low on labor cost.In December 2004, GE announced that it has sold off its 80% stake in GECIS for $480 million to two equity companies, Oak Hill Capital Partners and General Atlantic Partners. Both equity companies bought a 30% stake each and GE still remained the largest shareholder with 40% stake in the company. The company retained the short version, GECIS as its name for a year and then was renamed to ____ in 2005. Recently, one of ____ premier customer, Wachovia, also bought approximately 7% stake in the company. Therefore, GE's stake in ____ is around 33% at present. _____ was listed on the NYSE on August 2, 2007 .
  8. 8. Q7 Who is the new chairman of Nasscom
  9. 9. Q8 Ashok Soota Co-Founded Mindtree before that he was the president of which company?
  10. 10. Q9 Harper Collins India Ltd is a joint venture between Harper Collins & _____?
  11. 11. Q10 Founded by Vinod Mehta.It was launched by Hathway Investment Pvt Ltd & is currently owned by Rajan Raheja Group?