2011 oct ctxs at boston stack customer conference final pdf


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2011 oct ctxs at boston stack customer conference final pdf

  1. 1. CloudStack and Olympus Alignment
  2. 2. • The Citrix cloud portfolio powers the world’s largest and most innovative public and private clouds• The VMLogix, EMS Cortex and Cloud.com acquisitions build on the strong XenServer and NetScaler cloud footprint and create a complete cloud portfolio• Citrix is leading the commercialization of open source cloud technologies like OpenStack, Open vSwitch, etc.• The combination of our Cloud Platforms, Cloud Networking, and Cloud Solutions results in meaningful differentiation Customers building clouds should have Citrix on their shortlist
  3. 3. • Server Virtualization does not equal Cloud• Open Source Competition is Proprietary Stacks (e.g. VMW)• Citrix is committed to OpenStack; Olympus is not dead
  4. 4. Server Virtualization++ Cloud 2-5x cheaperBuilt for traditional enterprise Designed around big data,apps & client-server compute massive scale & next-gen apps• Scale-up (pool-based) • Scale-out (horizontal resourcing)• IT Mgmt-centric [1:100’s] • Autonomic [1:1,000’s]• Proprietary vendor stack • Open, value-added stackThink: vCloud Director Think: AWS, RAX, zCloud, eBay, etc. Enterprises should, and will, …but adoption of new cloud make SV 1.0 more cloud-like… architecture is the future
  5. 5. Worlds largest public cloud environmentDelivering video on demand via the cloudUses the cloud to sell more pigsTransformed their hosting business with the cloudUses the cloud to disrupt the way we communicateBuilt one of the fastest growing and most innovativecompanies on the planet
  6. 6. • These architectures will not be mutually exclusive.• VMW has strength in Server Virt install base, but weakness in cost, openness, architecture, and ability for SP differentiation• MSFT has strength with cost, developer community for PaaS (Azure) as well as suite of SaaS solutions; but weakness in Server Virt install base, speed.• Open Source will drive new, high growth native cloud applications and workloads. Strength in cost, architecture, openness and SP differentiation. and Citrix will sell, service and support open source cloud technology
  7. 7. “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
  8. 8. • New cloud infrastructure product based on OpenStack and XenServer• Makes it easy to build public and private clouds like the “real” cloud• Also ideal for cloud providers• Early Access Program today• Available: second half of 2011
  9. 9. • Market leading provider of infrastructure cloud software – Platform designed from ground up for cloud – Proven in 70+ major cloud providers – Seasoned team with deep cloud expertise – Great market visibility (and a nice domain) – Aligned with OpenStack• Builds on strong footprint in cloud with Xen and NetScaler• Dramatically accelerates our cloud infrastructure strategy
  10. 10. What Happens Next ? • Commitment continues to OpenStack • Consolidated engineering effort under one + group (Cloud Platforms Group) • Introduce “Citrix CloudStack” product brand
  11. 11. • Secure, multi-tenant platform – Hypervisor agnostic – Massively scalable, secure and open – Self service portal – Open source, open standards – Deploys on premise or as a hosted solution• Deliver cloud services 50 times faster at 1/5th the cost• Committed to OpenStack support – Roadmap alignment between CloudStack and Olympus, delivering one product to market – Focus on “building the car around the engine”
  12. 12. CloudStack 3.0 CloudStack 4.0• First branded Citrix CloudStack • CloudStack functionality built OpenStack release Essex around OpenStack compute core• Advanced networking with IPv6 Release • Forward and backward API and Netscaler integration (OS,CS,AWS) compatibility• OpenStack Swift integration • Support for vApps and advanced• Fine grain networking and policies policies Q4’11 Q1’12 Q2’12 Q3’12
  13. 13. Maintenance and Provisioning Citrix CloudStack Platform Operation, Administration, Service Availability Cross Cloud Business Admin and Management Services API Logic End User UX Workload Management Integration Image API Repository Resource Management VIRTUALIZATION Compute Network Storage
  14. 14. • Top priority will be closing gaps on XS under Nova relative to KVM• Networking as a service API design and development: Quantum• Block storage management: Nova volume• Load-balancing as a service: Atlas• Upgrade of production clouds: Nova• Public automated QA• ESXi support
  15. 15. APPS & SERVICES CONNECT BUILD CONNECT CloudGateway CloudPortal CloudBridge CONNECT CONNECT AGGREGATE Services Business CONNECT &BRIDGE DELIVER Manager Manager & FEDERATE BRIDGE OtherPeople NetScaler NetScaler Clouds SERVICE SERVICE DELIVERY CloudStack Platform DELIVERY NETWORK NETWORK XenServer ESX Hyper-V KVM OVM VIRTUALIZATION Compute Network Storage
  16. 16. • Comprehensive BSS/OSS Portal for Service Providers – Account management – SaaS application portal – Billing and metering – CRM and support ticketingBusiness Manager • Manages CloudStack and OpenStack* resource pools • Accelerates differentiation and ROI
  17. 17. • Let’s move the world to Cloud• Let’s ensure open wins over proprietary• Let’s make Essex *the* release