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Cities 2.0: people power laws 10apr13


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Urban Systems Collaborative webinar... kickoff of new QUALITY of-meaning to BIG-data & "Smarter" choices... city-by-city ... community-by-community.

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Cities 2.0: people power laws 10apr13

  1. 1. Confiden'al   ty?  …dd!     People  PowerLaws   Malthus   Pareto   Dunbar  
  2. 2. Confiden'al   McKinsey  industry-­‐outlook?  …City-­‐by-­‐city!   …“Cities  are  Forging  Ahead”!   Bloomburg:    As  New  York’s  Mayor  and  Chair  of   the  C40  Cities  Climate  Leadership  Group,  I   have  the  privilege  of  working  with  cities   around  the  world  to  make  urban  sustainability   a  reality.      Cities  are  where  the  future  of  the   world  happens  first…     Rio+20  ?   The  result  from  Rio+20  is  so  lackluster,...  It  is  not  a  Rio+20  Declaration,  nor  even  a  "roadmap."  It  is  simply,  awkwardly,   uninspiringly,  a  “Rio+20  Outcomes  Document.”     Urban  clusters  in  China  >  EU  countries  
  3. 3. Confiden'al   Shovel-­‐ready?  …Sustainable  Communities!   “What  happens  when  massive  technologies…    (energy,  information,  buildings,  and   transportation)  collide?”          The  answer?    “an  unprecedented  opportunity   for  business  and  sustainability”  
  4. 4. Confiden'al   GSA  Headquarters?  …  shared  EcoDistrict!   …a national showcase of sustainable urban development that also will connect the National Mall with the Southwest Waterfront.  
  5. 5. Confiden'al   What’s  Hard?  …SmartBuilding     1)  “Shovel-­‐ready”  stimulus  :   •  >  2B  sqft  LEED  certified  building     2)  “Green  Building  Challenge”:   •  Seattle  2030    -­‐    Bullitt  Center     3)  “Better  Services”  ???     •  User-­‐engagement!!  
  6. 6. Confiden'al   What’s  Hard?  …SmartGrid     1)  “Shovel-­‐ready”  stimulus  :   •  43M  smart  meters  installed!   2)  “GreenButton”  access  :   •  100  app  competitions!   3)  “Better  Services”  ???     •  User-­‐engagement!!  
  7. 7. Confiden'al   People  PowerLaws?  …Quality-­‐of-­‐Life!  
  8. 8. Confiden'al   Presence?  …story-­‐by-­‐story  (Talk-­‐score)!  
  9. 9. Confiden'al   Activity-­‐model?  …story-­‐by-­‐story;  Thank-­‐you!   Business  Process  Models   Rule-­‐based  notification  
  10. 10. Confiden'al   nce?  …be!   Social-­‐metrics  …”People  PowerLaws”  
  11. 11. Confiden'al   Bringing  to  scale?  …User-­‐feedback  frames!  
  12. 12. Confiden'al   Better  Activity?  …Mixed  Use!     Masdar  &  Abu  Dhabi  Education  Council  –    showcase    Estidama  school-­‐by-­‐school  …3-­‐pearls!    
  13. 13. Confiden'al   Global Innovation? … Community-by-community!
  14. 14. Confiden'al   The  50%:    “holy  grail”?  …better  Choices!   “Home/Office  –  Quality-­‐of-­‐Life!”     Building  performance  is  challenging:      -­‐  plug  load  is  critical      -­‐  user-­‐engagement  is  key!     Mixed-­‐use  office-­‐plans  are  challenge:      -­‐  what  is  activity  density?      -­‐  what  are  social  performance  metrics?     Ex:  IBM,HP  ..  Facebook  -­‐  “Lean-­‐In”!        -­‐  women  leading  office  “performance”        -­‐  new  telework  mgmt-­‐style   Talent!   (recruiting)  
  15. 15. Confiden'al   •  Bb   •  cc   •  Dd