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Flexible Cables


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SEURO PROFILES is the Flagship Brand of S. P. Coats Private Limited, a specialist Plastics processing and manufacturing company. Manned by technocrats with varied and in-depth experience in the treatment and development of various plastics, S. P.Coats have made a significant impact in the field of Extruded plastic products since its inception in 2004.With a base at Bangalore, S.P.Coats has gone into exports of several specialised products and components, mainly catering to the Middle East, African and SAARC markets, in addition to domestic consumption. Driven by a conscious effort towards conserving the eco-system, and our forests in particular, all Research and Development efforts of S.P.Coats over the last few years have been focussed on wood- replacement products.

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Flexible Cables

  1. 1. Karnataka, India<br />Manufacturer & Exporter of Plastic Products<br />
  2. 2. Karnataka, India<br />About Us<br /><ul><li> Incorporated in the year 2006, </li></ul> at Bengaluru<br /><ul><li> An ISO certified company by D&B
  3. 3. Armed with years of experience
  4. 4. Associated with ELCA
  5. 5. Technically sound infrastructure
  6. 6. Caters to Middle East, African </li></ul> & SAARC markets<br />
  7. 7. Karnataka, India<br />Why Us?<br />Membership<br /><ul><li> Expert & experienced workforce
  8. 8. Customized product & competitive price
  9. 9. Passion for excellence
  10. 10. International quality standards
  11. 11. Durable & Sturdy products
  12. 12. Stringent review to ensure reliability</li></li></ul><li>Karnataka, India<br />Clientele<br /><ul><li> AMCO Shaft India Ltd.
  13. 13. Armatic Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  14. 14. ABB Ltd & BP Ergo Ltd.
  15. 15. Feather Light Industries Ltd.
  16. 16. Matts Corner Pvt. Ltd.
  17. 17. GrorichHorivertPvt. Ltd.
  18. 18. AAF India Pvt. Ltd.
  19. 19. TATA Advanced Material Ltd.
  20. 20. IKA India Ltd.
  21. 21. Texnova India Pvt. Ltd.</li></li></ul><li>Karnataka, India<br />Product<br /><ul><li> PVC Extruded Profiles
  22. 22. Cable Trays
  23. 23. G I Conduit Box
  24. 24. Plastic Coatings</li></li></ul><li>Karnataka, India<br />PVC Extruded Profiles<br /><ul><li> PVC Cable Ducts & Conduits
  25. 25. Art’ Wood Roll up Blinds
  26. 26. PVC Extruded Shrouds
  27. 27. PVC Tile Trims & Profiles
  28. 28. PVC Pallets, Elements & Angles
  29. 29. PVC Solid Rods
  30. 30. Extruded Polywood Section</li></li></ul><li>Karnataka, India<br />Cable Trays<br /><ul><li> Ladder Type Cable Trays
  31. 31. Perforated Cable Trays
  32. 32. Ventilated Cable Trays</li></li></ul><li>Karnataka, India<br />G I Conduit Box<br /><ul><li> Cable Raceways
  33. 33. G I Conduit Box
  34. 34. Din Rails</li></li></ul><li>Karnataka, India<br />Plastic Coatings<br /><ul><li> Vinyl Coating
  35. 35. Nylon coating
  36. 36. P E Coating
  37. 37. Epoxy Coating</li></li></ul><li>Contact Us<br />S. P. Coats Private LimitedMr. Anil Bhandari3/ 1, Muneswara Nagar, Near Government School, <br />Hegganahalli, Bengaluru,Karnataka, - 560091, India <br />