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Impact Of Terrorism


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Impact Of Terrorism

  1. 1.  Before you attempt the question given to you as an assignment … you must take note of the following information: ◦ A primary goal of terrorism is to disrupt society by causing widespread psychological damage and social disruption ◦ Secondly, the purpose of terrorism is to provoke social, political and economic fall-out
  2. 2.  September 11 Attacks ◦ Loss of life and property cost insurance companies close to US$40 million ◦ Loss of business to the airline industry as people were afraid of flying following the incidents  Government bail-outs were necessary to help support the airline industry and prevent airlines from closing down  Despite this, many airlines cut down by retrenching staff or cutting down orders for new aircraft  As people were afraid to fly, the tourism industry in some countries suffered
  3. 3.  Bali Bombings 2002 ◦ Bali’s main source of income is tourism (resorts, restaurants, leisure, shopping, etc) ◦ Incomes fell by 50% following the bomb attacks and the effects were devastating on the people  Many businesses had to close down ◦ The Indonesian government faced pressure to relieve the hardships of the people  If hardships are not relieved, there is a likelihood of social unrest as people would resort to protesting against the government or turning to crime and looting in order to survive
  4. 4. Economic Political Social• Loss of life and • Tightening of • Knee-jerkproperty from Sept border security and reactions to crises11 cost insurance immigration • Extremist rhetoriccompanies US$40 clearance and sensitivebillion • Counter-terrorism political• Loss of business legislation that developments overfor the airline infringe on peopleindustry had to be individual freedom • Preparing‘cured’ through and personal Singaporeans to behuge government privacy psychologicallybail-outs and socially resilient
  5. 5. Economic Social• Loss of income • Causes suspicion and tension amongfor Balinese different ethnic and religious groupsfollowing the Bali • Causes paranoia and fearbombings as • Resulted in the Communitytourist levels fell by Engagement Programme as a long-50% term effort to ensure social cohension• Government and harmony even in the face of crisisspending on and to put in place response planssecurity has alsoincreased ( personnel,security exercises)
  6. 6. Although Singapore is fortunate enough to have been spared thehorrors faced London, NY, Madrid and Bali, we must not slacken in our defenceYES. WE ARE PREPARED … ONCE WE COME TOGETHER IN TOTAL DEFENCE… OUR SAFETY IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY OUR NEGLIGENCE IS OUR CONSEQUENCE
  7. 7.  Points to take note when evaluating: ◦ Transnational terrorism is a global threat which requires EVERYONE’S efforts ◦ No one country can defeat terrorism on it’s own
  8. 8.  ASEAN’s Efforts to Manage Terrorism: ◦ Terrorism viewed as a major threat and challenge to peace and security in the region ◦ Terrorism impedes progress and prosperity ◦ ASEAN pledges its support to cooperate against transnational terrorists through joint-police / armed forces and intelligence measures
  9. 9.  ASEAN’s Efforts to Manage Terrorism: ◦ The Capture of Fathur Rohman Al-Ghozi  Jemaah Islamiyah bomb-maker  Involved in the bombing on a LRT train in the Philippines  Lead character in the plot to bomb targets in western Singapore  Was in possession of explosives intended for use in Singapore ◦ Based on information provided by Singapore, the Philippines was able to apprehend Fathur, who was killed in a shoot-out with police
  10. 10.  International Efforts to Combat Terrorism: ◦ UN Resolutions  Freeze financial assets of terrorists and their supporters  Deny terrorists travel and safe haven  Prevent terrorist recruitment and weapons supply  Co-operate on information sharing and criminal persecution ◦ UN Counter Terrorism Committee  to monitor member countries’ adherence to the resolutions  to strengthen the counter-terrorism capacity of UN member states  provide technical assistance to countries who need help in implementing the resolutions
  11. 11.  Successful or Not Successful? ◦ Successful:  US$200 million of terrorist funding seized  4,000 terrorist suspects arrested through shared information ◦ Not Successful:  Ability of terrorists to escape security restrictions  Ability to recruit and influence people to join their cause (via Internet)
  12. 12.  Nurturing an Environment that Censures (Condemns) Terrorism: ◦ Society must be firm in denying terrorists and their warped ideas to have space in society ◦ Society must be firm and actively reject terrorism with ONE VOICE