Benefit chamber concerts


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Introductory summary for potential partners. Please contact Stephen directly for further details and questions:

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Benefit chamber concerts

  1. 1. A Maestro with a Mission<br />Tampa Bay<br />Benefit<br />Chamber<br />Concert<br />2011<br />
  2. 2. whowhatwherewhenhow<br />Conductor, composer, compére Stephen P Brown<br />Local professional musicians<br />Higher education guests<br />International guest performers<br />Venue<br />Charity<br />“New” audience of 100-300<br />TV, radio, press, email media<br />
  3. 3. whowhatwherewhenhow<br />Chamber music concert<br />50% of proceeds donated<br />Unusual venue<br />Audience participation<br />“Out of the box” presentation<br />whowhatwherewhenhow<br />Safety Harbor Spa & Resort<br />Sarasota ?<br />
  4. 4. whowhatwherewhenhow<br />Tuesday or Thursday evening<br />October 2011<br />whowhatwherewhenhow<br />Experienced concert producer<br />Venue and charity refer to dedicated website via email +<br />Free talks and speeches<br />Optional intermission reception<br />
  5. 5. venuecharitymediaproducer<br />Charity recommendation<br />2xSpace, chairs, piano, tables<br />Distribute to email list<br />Optional media/ reception<br />1 item for goodie bag<br />venuecharitymediaproducer<br />3min speech during concert<br />Distribute to email list<br />Optional media/ reception<br />1 item for goodie bag<br />
  6. 6. venuecharitymediaproducer<br />Pre-event interviews<br />Online streaming<br />1 item for goodie bag<br />venuecharitymediaproducer<br />Event management & branding<br />Email/ Website management<br />Publicity coordination<br />
  7. 7. Stephen P Brown<br />For over 30 years Stephen P Brown has passionately shared his love of live classical music with orchestras, theaters, choirs and audiences alike. His unique enthusiasm and style have transformed everyone around him, and his reputation as a gifted, professional maestro skilled in teaching beginners to professionals has earned him widespread acclaim. Winner of the prestigious Ricordi Conducting and Alan J Kirby Choral Conducting prizes, Stephen P Brown has demonstrated his outstanding commitment and dedication to his craft. Through concerts, workshops, lectures and master classes, he has excited the passions of thousands of students and audiences who will forever be changed by his insight.Born in Kent, England, Stephen’s interest in music began at an early age through piano, clarinet and percussion. At 17 he attended Trinity College of Music where he became the UK’s first undergraduate of Conducting. By graduation, he had over 100 students to his credit and had founded six musical ensembles. Brown’s arts administration companies operated the Medway Chamber Orchestra, Griffin Orchestra of London, Trinity Students Symphonic Wind Band and the Stephen P Brown & Friends series.With a fondness for travel, Brown has toured worldwide to over 15 countries in Europe, Africa and North America. His major guest conducting engagements include the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Ealing Choral Society, and Spotlites Theatre, and he has appeared on several major UK and US media networks including BBC TV and Radio.<br />"His conducting is almost as if the music is a tangible medium he is sculpting." Kathleen Haft<br />"Stephen is highly skilled at what he does, and he approaches his work with an enthusiasm and passion that's contagious." Dave Gustavsen<br />
  8. 8. Contact<br />T: 973.738.0427<br />F: 973.368.1184<br /><br />3734 Haydon Court, Suite 201Palm Harbor, FL 34685<br />