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E communication ppt


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E communication ppt which will give u a brief about what is e communication ,when it started, future scope ,advantages and disadvantages

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E communication ppt

  1. 1. E-Communication Saif Pathan 11Co042
  2. 2. The very basic need of communication systems Private and Secure Communication
  3. 3. Types Of Communication  Email  Fax  Mobile Phones  Podcast  Social Networking  And the list Continues…
  4. 4. History of E Communication Communication is as old as humankind - and indeed as old as our evolutionary ancestors. Until the dawn of electronic communication, rapid communication was limited to the distance we could shout or see. Communication at a distance was limited to the speed of a person, a horse or a boat .
  5. 5. Evolution of Communication Systems
  6. 6. Advancement of Communication systems…
  7. 7. E mail  E-mail is the electronic communication among users of computer networks.  In modern e-mail systems the computer server, accept, forward, or store messages on behalf of users.  We can send both formal as well as informal mails via e mail which gives e mail advantage over other systems.
  8. 8. Podcasting/RSS  RSS (Rich Site Serving) is popular way of publishing files on the internet , allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically , used largely for audio files & video files.  Two uses Are: 1. Radio Shows 2. Television programs
  9. 9. Smart Phones With services like Whatsapp , Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber, line the world have come at our fingertips. These services not only provide text messages but also support file sharing, image sharing ,video calling and much more…
  10. 10. I.M.(Instant Messaging)  SMS, Text Messaging- is a communication service for mobile communication system allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.  Instant Communication  Silent way to communicate with others
  11. 11. Discussion Board  An Online bulletin board where user can receive feedback from posted messages. Two types of discussion boards: 1.Moderated An administrator or moderator ensures the discussion stays on topic and looks after the members. 2.Unmoderated In this no administrator or moderator .
  12. 12.  Blogs-web based journals, web log, used by individuals or groups to maintain a record of thoughts pictures and interests, an online diary  Two uses are:  Online diary  Web Based Journal Blogs
  13. 13. PROS:- Stay Connected Conduct Business Can Share Interests & Ideas Can Find Out Perfect Matches Enjoy Different Applications E.g.:- Social Networking, Online shopping Etc. CONS:- x. Social Depression x. Loneliness x. Disconnection from Reality x. The Information accessed May be Misused x. E.g.:- Lowered Eyesight, Back Ache, Lowered Concentration, etc Pros and Cons of E Communication
  14. 14. Thank You !!!