Drupal training in delhi, noida, gurgaon


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Drupal Training in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. By learning drupal you can create awesome website with lots of functinality. It will be easy to make website if know Drupal.

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Drupal training in delhi, noida, gurgaon

  1. 1. Drupal Training in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon Learn to create awesome websites using Drupal
  2. 2. Why our Trainings are different? ● Our training are for absolute beginners ● We will be with you always ● Take classes at your convenience
  3. 3. Who should take these trainings? ● People starting their own Business ● Students starting their career ● Web Developers interested in learning Drupal ● You do Freelancing and create websites ● You are a client looking to get a website developed by some vendor ● Anyone who wants to create a website for any reason in this world
  4. 4. Personal one to one counselling before the course We will not enroll you without knowing your needs and a reason to learn website development. We would like to have a personal one to one session with you where we will understand your requirements. We highly recommend you to contact us now and we will schedule a meeting with you over phone or skype.
  5. 5. Drupal Training Level 1 Training Points: Total Duration: 12 hours Free Bonus Sessions: 5 hours Course Pre-requisite: Passion to create a website, Good to have basic HTML knowledge Course Fee: Rs. 5000 for Indian and $100 (USD) for foreign students Mode of Training: Classroom, Online and Onsite Study Material:: Free e-book written by Mr. Ravi Sagar will be provided Trainer:: Mr. Ravi Sagar Regular Batch: 3 Classes (2 hours each) Weekend Batch: 2 Classes (3 hours each) Batch Size: 2 (max)
  6. 6. Syllabus: Chapter 1 ● Setup Development Environment ● Installing and Configuring WAMP Server ● Installing Drush on Windows Chapter 2 ● Drupal Installation ● First things First - Must do Post Install configurations ● Configure Cron Job ● Configure Files Directory ● Enable Clean URL ● Create your first page ● Path Module ● Enable/Disable Modules ● Promote Page to front page ● Remove the default toolbar and install Administration menu Module Chapter 3 ● Lets start building your blog website ● Block Management ● Menu Management ● Users, Role and Permissions ● Add links to your Main Menu ● Disable New User Registrations ● Activate Contact Form ● Enable Blog Module and create your first blog ● Create contact us block and display it on the site Chapter 4 ● Create more Content Types ● Add various fields in Content Type ● Configure How the fields are displayed
  7. 7. Syllabus: Chapter 5 ● Add Image field in your Blog Posts ● Under Add new field ● Create a Blog post with Image ● Automatically control the size of Images ● Display the Image in your blog ● Display the list of Recent blog posts ● Categorize your blog posts with taxonomy Chapter 6 ● Comments ● Enable comments in your blog ● Comment Permissions - Decide who can post comments to you blog ● Show the list of recent comments in the sidebar all across the site Chapter 7 ● Introduction to Views ● What are views Display Types ● Add fields in the views ● Restrict the views data using Filters ● Create a Page View ● Create a Block View ● Create RSS Feed ● Views Arguments & Relationship Chapter 8 ● Engage your visitors ● How can people subscribe to the comments? ● Newsletters ● What is RSS Feed?
  8. 8. Syllabus: Chapter 9 ● SEO - Let people find you ● Meta Tags module ● Xmlsitemap module Chapter 10 ● Promote Your blog ● How to automatically send your blog post to twitter and facebook? ● Allow your visitors to share your blog on Twitter and Facebook Chapter 11 ● Understanding the Basics of Hosting ● Buying Hosting (on Dreamhost) ● Configure your website on Hosting Provider ● Create a MySQL database ● Upload your files and database to the server ● Test your new website
  9. 9. Contact Us Ravi Sagar 9811787069 ravi@sparxsys.com www.slashnode.in