2010 Social Media Trend Report


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2010 Social Media Trend Report

  1. 1. 2010  Social  Media  Report  
  2. 2. Social  Media  Trends   To  date,  there  are  over  400  million  Facebook  users.  That   focusing  on  400  million,  presGge  brands  should  cater  to  gated   nearly  parallels  the  total  number  of  residents  in  America  and   online  communiGes,  such  as  Gilt  Groupe  and   Mexico,  combined.  We  should  expect  there  to  be  more   aSmallWorld.com.  More  specifically,  purveyors  of  luxury   Facebook  users  than  people  in  North  America  in  the  next   should  target  the  emerging  class  of  digitally  savvy  affluent   three  months,  given  Facebook's  current  trajectory.  Following   Gen  Yers.  Learn  how  affluent  Gen  Yers  will  shape  tomorrow's   on  the  tails  of  the  world's  largest  social  network  are  new,   most  presGgious  social  networks.     emerging  companies  changing  the  game.  FourSquare  is  a   locaGon-­‐based  social  network  and  brightest  star  among  its   How  Retailers  Are  Using  Social  Media  to  Promote,  Sell,  and   emerging  peers  -­‐-­‐  with  one  million  users  and  20  million  "check   Engage  -­‐  If  you  haven't  heard,  the  buzz  word  these  days  is   ins"  in  its  first  year.  The  scope  of  possibiliGes  for  brands  to   "Foursquare."  A  small,  New  York  tech  start-­‐up  that  is  on  its   capture  these  growing  social  audiences  is  astounding.     way  to  becoming  the  next  biggest  thing  in  social  media.   Foursquare  is  a  locaGon-­‐based  service  that  allows  users  to   With  seemingly  unlimited  possibiliGes,  markeGng  leaders  are   "check  in"  at  places  they  frequent  in  their  daily  lives.  By   blazing  new  trails  with  experimentaGon  and  innovaGon.   encouraging  users  to  do  this  simple  task,  Foursquare  is   Starbucks  leverages  GPS  to  deliver  discounts,  EA  Games   offering  a  huge  draw  to  local  retailers,  and  helping  to  bring   enables  users  to  play  professional  quality  games  and  win   back  the  long-­‐outdated  promoGon  tool  known  as  the  loyalty   prizes  without  ever  leaving  the  banner  ad,  digitally  savvy   program.  Not  long  ago  considered  an  ancient  and  cliche   poliGcians  are  mobilizing  support  through  locaGon-­‐based   business  tacGc,  the  loyalty  program  is  having  a  rebirth  by  way   social  networks  and  we're  witnessing  the  re-­‐emergence  of   of  social  media  sites  like  Facebook,  TwiZer,  and  newcomer   loyalty  programs.  For  marketers  to  engage  consumers,  they   Foursquare.   must  take  risks  and  focus  on  hyper-­‐relevant  content,   meaningful  relaGonships,  mulGmedia,  exclusivity  and  internet   FourSquare:  What  the  Buzz  is  About  -­‐  If  you’ve  been  using   ubiquity.     social  networks  for  the  past  few  years,  you’ve  seen  how  the   buzz  has  shied  from  MySpace  to  Facebook  to  TwiZer  and   The  posts  below  explore  the  ever-­‐changing  markeGng   back  to  Facebook.    These  seemingly  organic  shis  between   environment  and  how  to  use  it  to  your  advantage:     virtual  worlds  have  probably  le  you  wondering  what  might   be  next  on  the  horizon.    Well,  many  experts  in  the  digital  and   The  Next  GeneraGon  of  Affluent  Networkers  -­‐  For  presGge   social  arenas  have  been  keeping  a  close  eye  on  Foursquare.   brands  that  strive  for  exclusivity,  Facebook's  400  million  users   is  quite  an  inGmidaGng  number.  That's  not  to  say  presGge   Top  5  New  AdverGsing  DirecGons  -­‐  AdverGsing  is  in  a   brands  should  not  target  social  networks,  however.  Instead  of   transiGonal  period,  where  marketers  are  experimenGng  with    
  3. 3. Social  Media  Trends   innovaGve  strategies  and  tools.  EA  Sports,  FourSquare,  Apple,   Using  Social  Media  to  Rally  Support  for  PoliGcians  -­‐  To   Sponsored  Tweets  are  just  a  few  adverGsers  and  developers   advance  the  conversaGon  and  mobilize  community  support,   pushing  a  new  mode  of  thinking  in  markeGng  circles  -­‐-­‐  one   social  media  is  becoming  a  staple  of  the  poliGcal  tool  box.   that  relies  on  social,  interacGve,  valuable  and  most   Facebook,  TwiZer  and  other  social  networks  reinforce  poliGcal   importantly,  fun.  Using  the  aforemenGoned  examples,  we'll   messages  and  fuel  offline  support.  Though  Facebook  and   build  a  new  markeGng  model  that  leverages  the  benefits  of   TwiZer  have  seen  several  poliGcal  seasons,  emerging  social   each  innovaGve  campaign  to  provide  a  glimpse  into  what   networks,  such  as  FourSquare,  are  only  now  beginning  to   adverGsing  might  look  like  in  2-­‐5  years.     make  in-­‐roads  into  poliGcs.     How  to  Use  Social  Media  to  Improve  Your  Health  -­‐  With  each   Social  Networks  Across  Media  Pla_orms  -­‐  Social  media  exists   advancement  in  communicaGons,  the  consumer  health  and   not  only  on  Facebook.com  or  TwiZer.com.  Advancements  in   wellness  category  grows  larger  and  further  empowers  those   social  media  tech,  in  parGcular  Facebook,  enables  users  across   seeking  a  healthier  lifestyle.  Home  exercise  was  popularized   the  web  to  have  the  uGlity  of  their  favorite  social  networks   by  VHS  (think  Richard  Simmons),  On  Demand  TV  channels   without  ever  visiGng  its  URL.  This  social  media  ubiquity   eliminated  casseZes,  WebMD  put  health  on  the  digital  map   creates  a  seamless  connecGon  to  third  party  sites  and  enable   and  now  we're  witnessing  Health  2.0  with  the  advent  of  social   users  to  always  be  connected  to  their  favorite  social  network   media.     -­‐-­‐  whether  they're  at  a  train  stop  or  reading  their  favorite   blog.    
  4. 4. The  Next  GeneraGon  of  Affluent   Networkers   By  Ethan  Lyon,  Senior  Writer   by  purchasing  luxury  items  only  those  that  are  “in  concept  is  certainly  thriving.  Gilt  expects  to  pull  in   the  know”  would  know.     $500  million  in  revenue  in  2010.     As  of  March  2010,  Facebook  amassed  over  400   million  users.  For  presGge  brands  that  strive  for   Indeed,  in  one  of  Sterling’s  audience  tesGmonials,  Open  social  networks,  such  as  Facebook,  might   exclusivity,  400  million  is  quite  an  inGmidaGng   a  Gen  Yer  said  he  purchases  shirts  from  a  Scojsh   build  brand  lust,  but  fall  short  of  generaGng   number.  That's  not  to  say  presGge  brands  should   designer  with  around  three  small  stores  in   revenue  for  presGge  brands.  The  ulGmate  goal  of   not  target  social  networks,  however.  Instead  of   Europe.  With  only  a  small  colored  tag  to  idenGfy   any  markeGng  campaign  is  to  generate  revenues   focusing  on  400  million,  presGge  brands  should   the  designer,  he  gets  graGficaGon  seeing  others   and  with  only  11  percent  of  affluent  users  on   cater  to  gated  online  communiGes,  such  as  Gilt   wear  the  Scojsh  brand.  The  principle  of   Facebook,  it's  not  worth  a  significant  investment.   Groupe  and  aSmallWorld.com.     exclusivity  holds  true  in  the  digital  space,  with   PresGge  brands  should  take  a  cue  from  Sterling   gated  communiGes  like  aSmallWorld.com.   and  the  growth  of  Gilt  Groupe  and   More  specifically,  purveyors  of  luxury  should   aSmallWorld.com  to  grow  their  image  among   target  the  emerging  class  of  digitally  savvy   aSmallWorld.com,  also  referred  to  as  the   their  target  audience.     affluent  Gen  Yers.  At  the  2010  L2  GeneraGon  Next   "MySpace  for  Millionaires,"  is  an  invite-­‐only  social   conference,  Sterling  Lanier,  President  of  the   network  that  borrows  aspects  of  Facebook,   market  research  consultancy  ChaZer,  provided  a   LinkedIn,  Yelp  and  Craigslist.  The  site  prides  itself   glimpse  into  the  psychology  of  tomorrow’s   on  its  exclusivity  so  much  so  that  it  exiles   affluent  buyers.  Let's  take  Sterling's  insights  and   members  that  don't  follow  its  terms  of  use  to  the   apply  them  to  social  media  to  get  an  idea  of   "aBigWorld."  Its  elite  clientele  include  Ivanka   tomorrow's  luxury  online.     Trump,  Naomi  Campbell,  Hiltons  and  former   athletes  that  can  share  lux-­‐brand  experiences,   First,  we  need  to  understand  that  affluent  web   recommendaGons  and  purchases.    users  are  not  concentrated  on  open  social   pla_orms  like  Facebook.  In  fact,  only  11  percent   Much  like  aSmallWorld.com,  Gilt  Groupe  is  a   of  affluent  users  are  on  Facebook,  according  to  a   gated,  invite-­‐only  community,  but  focues  on  lux-­‐ study  by  the  Luxury  InsGtute.     deals.  Sterling  found  Gen  Y  needs  to  raGonalize   their  exorbitant  purchasing  decisions.     The  aspiring  rich  and  famous  aspire  to  gain  status   among  an  exclusive  network.  The  majority,  or  2/3   One  way  of  doing  that  is  finding  the  best  deal.  Gilt   of  affluent  Gen  Yers  thrive  on  “the  secret   Groupe  helps  Gen  Y  raGonalize  buying  $5,000   handshake.”  In  other  words,  they  seek  exclusivity   drop-­‐crotch  designer  trousers.  The  lux-­‐deal   Image  by  Kostya Kisleyko  from  Stock.Xchng  
  5. 5. How  Retailers  Are  Using  Social   Media  to  Promote,  Sell,  and  Engage   By  Chanhtha  Thach,  ContribuGng  Writer   There  are  plenty  of  other  social  media  methods   looking  at  you  spam  email,  social  media   retailers  are  using  to  promote,  sell,  and  engage   campaigns  engage  customers  through  their  own   If  you  haven't  heard,  the  buzz  word  these  days  is   their  more  tradiGonal  customers  (read:  privacy   voluntary  parGcipaGon.  Whether  it's  thousands  of   "Foursquare."  A  small,  New  York  tech  start-­‐up   paranoids).  The  most  interesGng  online  retail  sites   users  becoming  Facebook  fans  of  their  favorite   that  is  on  its  way  to  becoming  the  next  biggest   these  days  provide  a  shopping  experience  that   brand,  or  following  their  favorite  stores  on  TwiZer   thing  in  social  media.  Foursquare  is  a  locaGon-­‐ includes  blogs,  contest  promoGons,  and  links  that   to  catch  the  latest  deals,  social  media  is  what  it  is:   based  service  that  allows  users  to  "check  in"  at   immerse  the  shopper  in  the  brand's  culture  and   social.  Buyers  are  involved  because  they  want  to   places  they  frequent  in  their  daily  lives.  By   introduce  them  to  new  products  that  may  or  may   be  a  part  of  whatever  the  retailer  has  to  offer.  And   encouraging  users  to  do  this  simple  task,   not  be  related  to  the  primary  brand.  Although   in  this  age  of  TiVo,  spam  filters,  and  pop-­‐up  ad   Foursquare  is  offering  a  huge  draw  to  local   blogs  aren't  technically  a  form  of  social  media,   blockers,  this  type  of  voluntary  parGcipaGon  is   retailers,  and  helping  to  bring  back  the  long-­‐ they  do  elicit  users  to  comment  and  share.  And  if   what  makes  social  media  markeGng  invaluable.   outdated  promoGon  tool  known  as  the  loyalty   they  like  what  they're  reading,  they'll  most  likely   Instead  of  being  x-­‐ed  out  and  deleted,  social   program.  Not  long  ago  considered  an  ancient  and   visit  the  site  again  for  updates.   media  makes  brands  worthy  of  being  sought-­‐out   cliche  business  tacGc,  the  loyalty  program  is   and  repeatedly  viewed.   having  a  rebirth  by  way  of  social  media  sites  like   Making  shoppers  feel  special  and  creaGng  online   Facebook,  TwiZer,  and  newcomer  Foursquare.   communiGes  are  both  major  aspects  of  social   media  markeGng.  As  a  lifestyle  brand,  a  retailer   Retailers  like  TasG  D-­‐Lite  are  pairing  their   like  Urban  Ou_iZers  use  their  Facebook  page  and   tradiGonal  loyalty  card  programs  with  a  social   Tweets  to  not  only  keep  their  customers  in  the   media  iniGaGve  that  rewards  visitors  who  Tweet   know  about  discounts  and  in-­‐store  events,  but  to   about  the  brand.  Also,  when  customers  swipe   promote  community-­‐oriented  things  like  job   their  loyalty  cards  at  the  register,  a  branded  Tweet   opportuniGes,  sharing  behind-­‐the-­‐scenes  secrets,   goes  out  to  their  TwiZerverse,  creaGng  a   and  divulging  music  employees  are  currently   promoGonal  win-­‐win  for  the  frozen  yogurt   listening  to.  Looking  to  be  a  indie-­‐princess  or  a   company.  Starbucks  has  a  similar  program  that  is   hipster  that  just  walked  out  of  Brooklyn?  Fan  the   being  implemented  with  Foursquare.  Each  Gme  a   Urban  Ou_iZers  page  and  you'll  get  all  the  insider   customer  "checks  in"  at  their  local  Starbucks,  they   info  you  need.   earn  points  towards  free  drinks,  food,  and  other   rewards.  Sounds  cute,  right?  Or  scary,  for  those  of   So  what  makes  retail  and  social  media  a  perfect   us  who  don't  really  like  to  share.   pair?  A  few  things:  Where  tradiGonal  methods  of   "push"  promoGon  were  seen  as  invasive-­‐-­‐here's   Image  by  Roy Mattappallil  from  Stock.Xchng  
  6. 6. FourSquare:  What  the  Buzz  is   About?   By  Kenneth  Hunt,  ContribuGng  Writer   card  at  any  locaGon  and  lejng  all  of  their  friends   potenGal  of  Foursquare  but  consider  this;  before   know  that  they  were  there.    AdverGsers  now  have   MySpace,  no  one  considered  posGng  pictures  of   If  you’ve  been  using  social  networks  for  the  past   the  ability  to  aZract  their  most  loyal  customers   themselves  online  for  everyone  to  see;  and  before   few  years,  you’ve  seen  how  the  buzz  has  shied   with  incenGves,  knowing  that  their  dedicaGon  to   Facebook  no  one  considered  posGng  their  inner   from  MySpace  to  Facebook  to  TwiZer  and  back  to   the  brand  will  be  published  for  all  their  friends  to   feelings  in  a  status  update;    and  before  TwiZer  no   Facebook.    These  seemingly  organic  shis   see.     one  considered  tweeGng  their  every  move   between  virtual  worlds  have  probably  le  you   throughout  their  vacaGon.    Social  networks  have   wondering  what  might  be  next  on  the  horizon.     Starbucks  is  one  of  the  largest  and  most  recent   changed  the  way  we  interact  and  what  we   Well,  many  experts  in  the  digital  and  social  arenas   brands  to  partner  with  Foursquare.    Back  in   consider  private;  especially  for  teens  and  twenty-­‐ have  been  keeping  a  close  eye  on  Foursquare.     March  the  coffee  giant  began  experimenGng  with   somethings.    Privacy  is  no  longer  something  to   Foursquare  as  a  customer  loyalty  tool.    Aer  a   maintain,  but  something  that  you  must  reveal   What  is  Foursquare  you  ask?    In  short,  it  is  a   visitor  has  checked  in  5  Gmes  at  any  Starbucks   when  you’re  a  celebrity,  at  least  among  your  300   locaGon-­‐based  social  networking  game  designed   locaGon,  they  can  now  unlock  the  “Barista   closest  friends.         for  mobile  users  to  compete  with  their  friends   Badge”.    Social  Media  Blog  Mashable.com  writes,   socially  in  the  real  world.    The  Foursquare  mobile   “With  Starbucks  on  board,  there’s  no  quesGon   At  this  point,  Foursquare  seems  poised  for  huge   applicaGon  uses  your  phone’s  GPS  funcGon  to   that  Foursquare  has  all  the  tools  necessary  to   success.  As  long  as  major  brands  keep  joining  the   locate  your  whereabouts  when  you  “check-­‐in”   appeal  to  —  and  reach  —  a  mainstream   bandwagon,  Foursquare  can  sit  back  and  let  them   through  the  app  at  different  locaGons.  When   audience.”    AdverGsers  like  Starbucks  have  been   do  the  adverGsing  as  they  see  their  user  base   users  check-­‐in  at  their  favorite  restaurant  or   dreaming  of  locaGon-­‐based  adverGsing  on  mobile   skyrocket.    This  has  grabbed  the  aZenGon  of   nightclub  for  example,  their  friends  are  noGfied   phones  and  it  seems  as  though  Foursquare  is  now   some  major  digital  players  such  as  Yahoo,  who  are   and  the  user  can  earn  points  or  unlock  badges   providing  such  a  pla_orm.       reportedly  aZempGng  to  buy  the  social  pla_orm   depending  on  when,  where  and  how  oen  they   for  more  than  $80  million.    Michael  Arrington  of   check  in.    When  a  user  checks  in  to  a  specific   Some  might  wonder  how  an  applicaGon  that   TechCrunch.com  suggests  that  Foursquare  would   locaGon  more  than  any  other  user,  they  are   tracks  their  whereabouts  could  ever  become   be  making  a  huge  mistake  to  sell  at  this  point.    He   known  as  the  Mayor  of  that  locaGon.         popular.    It  sounds  too  much  like  an  invasion  of   notes  how  Yahoo  is  where  “startups  go  to  die”   privacy,  right?    It  also  sounds  like  you  actually   and  that  founders  oen  “leave  in  disgust.”    At  the   How  could  this  change  the  face  of  social  media   have  to  leave  your  home  to  parGcipate  (might  be   same  Gme,  Facebook  and  TwiZer  are  poised  to   markeGng?    Foursquare  offers  the  unique   more  difficult  for  the  workaholics  and  family   make  their  way  into  locaGon-­‐based  networking   opportunity  for  brands  to  track  and  reward   folks).    In  addiGon,  you  have  to  remember  to   which  should  have  Foursquare  worried.      It  looks   visitors  offline  who  frequent  their  real  world   check-­‐in  if  you  want  to  earn  points  or  badges.     like  founder  Dennis  Crowley  will  have  some  very   venues.    It’s  like  a  customer  using  a  frequent  diner   That’s  a  legiGmate  concern  for  the  growth   difficult  decisions  to  make  in  the  near  future.     We’ll  be  keeping  our  eye  on  Foursquare  and  look   forward  to  discussing  their  progress.    
  7. 7. Top  5  New  AdverGsing  DirecGons   By  Ethan  Lyon,  Senior  Writer   championing  a  new  thinking  in  the  adverGsing   providesensuring  patronage  for  businesses.  It's   industry:   truly  a  win-­‐win  adverGsing  model.     You  are  2.3  seconds  behind  Roterro214  on  the   final  lap  and  just  about  to  pass  him  and...  BAM,  he   EA  Sports  -­‐-­‐    EA  Sports  pulled  out  all  the  stops   Sponsored  Tweets  -­‐-­‐  You've  spent  months   swipes  your  Porsche  and  it  goes  into  a  spiral  roll   markeGng  its  Need  for  Speed:  Shi  release.  Users   building  your  TwiZer  fan-­‐base  to  6,000.  Thanks  to   across  the  track.  Your  dream  of  winning  the  Coca-­‐ could  sign  up  to  win  prizes,  such  as  a  Coca  Cola   Sponsored  Tweets,  it's  Gme  to  cash-­‐in.  Marketers   Cola  fridge  is  dashed  yet  again.     fridge  and  play  a  demo  version  of  the  game  all   cra  a  message  and  determine  the  type  of   within  a  banner  adverGsement.     TwiZerers  that  should  spread  it.  Then  they   You  might  think  behind  the  wheel  of  a  Porsche  in   segment  users,  much  like  Google  AdWords   Grand  Turismo  or  another  XBox  Live,  high-­‐ EA's  banner  ad  featured  crisp  graphics  and   (locaGon,  Gming,  etc),  and  Sponsored  Tweets   adrenaline  racing  game.  Instead,  you're  playing  a   smooth  game  play  -­‐-­‐  a  far  remove  from  the  bop-­‐ suggests  you,  the  TwiZer  influencer,  to  pass  on   banner  adverGsement  for  EA  Sports  new  game,   George-­‐Bush-­‐on-­‐the-­‐head  games  that  populated   their  message.     Need  for  Speed:  Shi.  EA's  banner  game  offers   MySpace  in  its  early  days.   glimpse  into  the  future  of  markeGng.     FourSquare  -­‐-­‐  Imagine  aer  checking  into  your   iAd  Network  -­‐-­‐  Steve  Jobs  offered  a  glimpse  into  a   favorite  cafe,  you're  given  a  10%  discount  on  a  tall   We  are  in  a  transformaGve  Gme  in  adverGsing.  We   new  direcGon  in  mobile  adverGsing  with  the  iAd   laZe.  FourSquare  is  a  locaGon-­‐based  game  that   are  transiGoning  away  from  pushing  a  message  to   Network.  Jobs  demonstrated  a  Toy  Story  3  banner   rewards  you  for  checking  into  your  favorite   adverGsing  2.0,  where  users  select  relevant,   ad  mock-­‐up  in  which  users  could  click  the  ad  and   hangouts  with  badges  and  mayorships.     entertaining  content.  "If  people  instead  pull  bits   be  transported  to  a  microsite.     of  informaGon  into  their  lives  through  a  game,   Gaining  1  million  users  in  its  first  year,  FourSquare   they  are  more  likely  to  feel  a  sense  of  ownership,"   The  microsite  enabled  users  to  play  games,   is  the  hoZest  mobile  social  network.  It's  no   writes  the  NY  Times.  Games  are  just  one  way  to   download  wall  paper  and  use  GPS  to  locate  a   surprise  it's  trying  to  moneGze  its  userbase   create  consumer  /  brand  ownership.   nearby  theater  featuring  Toy  Story  3.  Jobs'  vision   through  FourSquare  for  Businesses.  TasG  D-­‐Lite  is   of  adverGsing  2.0  is  one  where  the  ad  engages  the   an  early  parGcipant  in  the  program  -­‐-­‐  offering   Much  like  EA  Sports  banner  adverGsements,   user  in  a  deep  and  interacGve  way.       discounts  to  users  in  two  of  its  New  York  City   marketers  are  pioneering  new  ways  to  engage   locaGons.  Since  TasG  D-­‐Lite's  beta  test  in  2009,   users  in  fun,  informaGve  and  highly  relevant  ways   Groupon  -­‐-­‐  It's  called  collecGve  buying  power.   Starbucks  has  also  signed  up.   -­‐-­‐  whether  it's  through  high-­‐quality,  banner  ad   Groupon  borrows  principles  of  crowdsourcing  to   games  or  iAd's  Toy  Story  3  microsite  or  Groupon's   get  incredible  discounts  for  its  users.  Just  sign  up,   Make  no  mistake,  EA  Sports,  Apple,  Groupon,   group  discount  voGng.  AdverGsing  2.0  is  about   vote  on  your  favorite  discount  and  if  enough   Sponsored  Tweets  and  FourSquare  are  not   having  fun.  And  the  following  brands  are   people  like  it,  you  can  have  it.  Groupon   individually  the  answer  to  adverGsing  2.0.  Each  
  8. 8. Top  5  New  AdverGsing  DirecGons   represents  a  new  mode  of  thinking  that  will  push   how  users  interact  with  brand  markeGng.  If,   collecGvely  discounted  products  and  services   while,  the  above  examples,  what  could   adverGsing  look  like  in  5  years?  Combining  these   examples,  you'd  have  a  highly  interacGve  and   engaging  ad  pla_orm.   Imagine  walking  into  Borders  Books,  checking  into   FourSquare  where  it  serves  up  a  banner  ad.  Click   on  the  banner  ad,  and  to  gain  access  to  deep-­‐ discount  coupons,  you  must  play  a  game.  You   must  collect  the  Dracula  and  AcGon  Hero  badges   in  the  horror  and  comic  secGons,  respecGvely.   Then  Borders  gives  you  a  choice  of  which  coupons   to  download.  Because  you're  in  the  mood  for  a   laZe,  you  download  the  50%  SeaZle's  Best   coupon,  which  automaGcally  announces  the   savings  to  your  TwiZerverse.  The  locaGon-­‐based   hunt  for  discounts  might  not  be  the  complete   vision  of  mobile  adverGsing,  but  it  includes  many   of  the  emerging  elements  in  adverGsing  2.0:   social,  interacGve,  valuable  and  most  importantly,   fun.  
  9. 9. Social  Networks  Across  Media   Pla_orms   By  Ethan  Lyon,  Senior  Writer   web.  Therefore,  if  you  go  to  Mashable,  you  can   "check  ins."  MulG-­‐tasking  smartphones,  like   become  a  fan  without  going  to  Facebook.  "This  is   iPhone  OS  4,  make  this  a  definite  possibility.     Social  media  exists  not  only  on  Facebook.com  or   a  really  significant  step  for  Facebook.  For  years   TwiZer.com.  Advancements  in  social  media  tech,   we've  been  saying  that  FB  is  an  open  pla_orm,   “Social  media  is  embedded  in  our  lives.  It’s  why   in  parGcular  Facebook,  enables  users  across  the   but  now  for  the  first  Gme,  the  likes  and  interests   people  go  to  a  restaurant  and  check  Foursquare   web  to  have  the  uGlity  of  their  favorite  social   of  my  Facebook  profile  link  to  places  that  are  not   before  they  sit  down  with  their  friends,”  says   networks  without  ever  visiGng  its  URL.  This  social   Facebook.com...My  idenGty  is  not  just  definied  by   AdverGsing  Age's  Beth  Snyder  Bulik.  And   media  ubiquity  creates  a  seamless  connecGon  to   things  on  Facebook,  it's  defined  by  things  all  over   Facebook  strives  to  be  the  ever-­‐present  social   third  party  sites  and  enable  users  to  always  be   the  Web."   network  throughout  the  web  with  its  Open   connected  to  their  favorite  social  network  -­‐-­‐   Graph.  Social  media  is  increasingly  becoming   whether  they're  at  a  train  stop  or  reading  their   Beyond  tradiGonal  social  communiGes,  such  as   ubiquitous  in  our  every  day  lives.  As  such,  there  is   favorite  blog.     Facebook,  geo-­‐locaGon  services  are  the  hoZest   a  call  for  social  networks  to  create  a  seamless   up-­‐and-­‐comers  on  the  social  scene.  While   experience  by  connecGng  us  with  the  world   Every  year,  Facebook  pushes  closer  to  creaGng  a   Facebook  creates  a  seamless  social  network  on   around  us  -­‐-­‐  whether  that's  on  our  favorite  cafe   seamless  social  web.  In  2007,  it  was  the  Facebook   the  web,  FourSquare  does  so  using  locaGon-­‐based   website  or  buying  a  coffee  in  that  very  cafe.     Pla_orm.  In  2008,  it  was  Facebook  Connect.    "Yelp   tech  -­‐-­‐  connecGng  your  digital  and  real-­‐world   is  mapping  out  the  part  of  the  graph  that  relates   social  lives.  Both  Facebook  and  FourSquare  are   to  small  businesses.  Pandora  is  mapping  out  the   blurring  the  lines  between  our  digital  browsing   part  of  the  graph  that  relates  to  music,"  Facebook   and  real  life  by  creaGng  seamless  social  networks.   CEO,  Mark  Zuckerberg  said  at  this  year's  2010  F8   conference.  "If  we  can  take  these  separate  maps   What  Facebook  is  doing  for  the  web,  FourSquare   of  the  graph  and  pull  them  all  together,  then  we   is  doing  for  geo-­‐locaGon  social  networks.  Gaining   can  create  a  Web  that's  smarter,  more  social,   over  one  million  users  in  its  first  year,  FourSquare   more  personalized,  and  more  semanGcally   is  a  clear  leader  in  locaGon-­‐based  social  networks.   aware."   FourSquare  uGlizes  the  GPS  in  mobile  phones  to   approximate  the  posiGon  of  its  users.     In  2010,  Open  Graph  aims  to  Ge  these  disparate   corners  of  the  web  together.  Users  do  not  have  to   Users  can  then  "check  in"  to  their  favorite  hang   be  on  Facebook  to  interact  with  it.  Part  of  Open   out  spots  to  earn  points  and  ulGmately  earn   Graph  is  its  "Like"  buZons.  In  24  hours,  Facebook   Mayorship  status.  To  create  a  more  seamless   served  up  1  billion  of  these  buZons  across  the   experience,  anGcipate  FourSquare  to  automate  its   Image  by  Flavio Takemoto  from  Stock.Xchng  
  10. 10. Using  Social  Media  to  Rally  Support   for  PoliGcians   By  Ethan  Lyon,  Senior  Writer   directly  and  Facebook  is  about  personal,  face-­‐to-­‐ For  others,  like  the  Florida  Senator  Bill  Nelson,   face  community  interacGon  (figuraGvely  speaking,   TwiZer  enables  them  to  react  to  events  and  talk   “PoliGcs  is  about  conversaGon,  and  personal,  face-­‐ of  course).   from  the  heart,  so-­‐to-­‐speak.  Nelson  tweets  about   to-­‐face  interacGon  is  sGll  the  foundaGon  of  that,   relevant,  current  events,  "Saddened  by  Dorothy   especially  at  the  local  level...  broadening  my   FourSquare  -­‐  Tech-­‐savvy  poliGcians  are  "checking   Height’s  passing  -­‐  she  certainly  le  her  mark  in   overall  efforts  to  engage  with  the  community  I   into"  the  rapidly  growing  social  pla_orm,   America’s  history  as  a  pioneer  of  civil  rights,"   represent,”  writes  NY  State  Assemblyman  Micah   FourSquare.  Using  FourSquare's  locaGon-­‐based   while  showing  his  dedicaGon  to  consGtuencies:   Kellner  (D)  to  Mashable.  To  advance  the   social  network,  poliGcians  can  translate  online   "This  oil  spill  is  our  worst  nightmare  come  true.   conversaGon  and  mobilize  community  support,   influence  into  real-­‐world  support  and  connecGon   I’m  asking  for  invesGgaGon  of  lobbying  on  safety   social  media  is  becoming  a  staple  of  the  poliGcal   (i.e.  rallies  and  "meet-­‐ups").  Patrick  Kennedy,  who   rules  by  Big  Oil."  Nelson  and  other  poliGcians   tool  box.  Facebook,  TwiZer  and  other  social   is  currently  running  for  Congress  as  a  Democrat   demonstrate  an  ability  to  carry  on  a  real  Gme   networks  reinforce  poliGcal  messages  and  fuel   from  Arkansas,  is  enhancing  his  grass  roots   poliGcal  narraGve.   offline  support.  Though  Facebook  and  TwiZer   campaign  through  FourSquare,  among  other   have  seen  several  poliGcal  seasons,  emerging   social  media.  Kennedy  regularly  "checks  in"  when   YouTube  -­‐  Though  San  Francisco  Mayor  Gavin   social  networks,  such  as  FourSquare,  are  only  now   visiGng  consGtuencies,  giving  supporters  the   Newsom  is  known  for  his  Facebook  presence,  his   beginning  to  make  in-­‐roads  into  poliGcs.     ability  to  stop  by  and  meet  with  him.     YouTube  channel  is  a  brightspot  among  his   counterparts.  Gavin  uses  YouTube  as  a  direct   Each  social  network  requires  a  different  strategic   For  instance,  Kennedy  "checks  in,"  saying   channel  to  speak  regularly  (about  once  a  week)  to   approach.  “What  I  try  to  do,  both  internally  and   "MeeGng  Chief  Kirk  Lane  (@  Benton  Police  Dept)"   his  consGtuencies  on  up-­‐to-­‐date  issues.  Based  on   when  working  with  others  on  using  social  media  is   and  an  hour  later,  he's  "Gejng  ready  to  meet   Gavin's  balance  between  professionalism  and   to  talk  about  the  need  or  communicaGon  gap   with  County  Judge  Lanny  Fite.  (@  Saline  County   accessibility,  the  SF  mayor  clearly  understands   first,  then  figure  out  which  tools  best  fill  that  need   Courthouse)."  Kennedy  said  to  CNN,  "I  do  not   YouTube  as  a  pla_orm  to  "get  personal"  and  with   or  gap,"  says  Brad  Blake,  MassachuseZs  (D)   have  any  personal  finances  so  [I]  have  to  be  more   users.  For  instance,  Newsom  posted  a  video  of   Governor  Deval  Patrick's  Director  of  New  Media   creaGve  in  outreach  to  communiGes  and   him  signing  legislaGon  that  promotes  the  social   and  Online  Strategy.  Indeed,  social  media  strategy   consGtuencies.  Social  media,  if  used  creaGvely,   values  of  SF  and  explains  why  it's  important  to   should  be  tailored  to  each  poliGcal  campaign.   can  do  just  as  an  effecGve  job."  And  FourSquare  is   him  and  his  consGtuencies.     However,  most  social  networks  have  disGnct   a  creaGve  way  to  let  your  consGtuencies  know   benefits.  For  instance,  FourSquare  creates  real-­‐ where  they  can  find  you.     Facebook  -­‐  Barack  Obama  and  Sarah  Palin  are  the   world  impact  through  a  blend  of  mobile  social   top  two  poliGcal  heavyweights  on  Facebook.  Is   networking  and  gaming,  TwiZer  is  a  reacGve,  real-­‐ TwiZer  -­‐  For  most  poliGcians,  TwiZer  is  a  link   John  McCain  or  Facebook  darling  San  Francisco   Gme  medium,  YouTube  broadcasts  messages   aggregator  to  events  and  favorable  news  stories.   Mayor  Gavin  Newsom  number  three?  Nope,  try  
  11. 11. Using  Social  Media  to  Rally  Support   for  PoliGcians   Manuel  "Manny"  Villar,  a  Philipine  Senator  and   president  of  the  Nacionalista  Party.  With  1.4   million  supporters,  Manny  has  taken  Facebook  by   storm.  He  provides  frequent  updates  and  fact-­‐ checks  to  squelch  opposiGon  gossip.    He  also   promotes  loyal  fans  by  re-­‐posGng  favorable   videos.  Considering  each  update  receives  around   800  comments,  it's  a  big  feather  in  your  cap  to   show  your  loyalty.     For  poliGcians,  social  media  is  a  communicaGons   tool  that  should  be  in  most,  if  not  all,  poliGcal   media  strategies.  It  is  a  way  for  poliGcians  to  carry   on  a  real  Gme  narraGve  directly  with  their   consGtuencies,  parGcularly  the  younger   generaGon,  at  an  affordable  cost.  Facebook  and   YouTube  enable  poliGcians  to  conGnue  their   poliGcal  narraGve  in  a  highly  personal  way,  while   TwiZer  and  FourSquare  give  users  informaGon  to   mobilize  and  show  support  at  rallies  and  other   meetups.  As  the  next  poliGcal  season  approaches   in  several  months,  we're  excited  to  see  how  social   media  (parGcularly  FourSquare)  will  be  uGlized  to   generate  support  online  and  off.   Image  by  Steve  White  from  Stock.Xchng  
  12. 12. How  to  Use  Social  Media  to   Improve  Your  Health     By  Ethan  Lyon,  Senior  Writer   shelves  of  workout  videos  with  clips  of  Yoga  and   make  clarificaGons  based  on  user  chaZer.  In  fact,   Pilates  poses  (see  below).  YouTube  is  also  a   the  US  Congressional  Health  Caucus  streams  most   M.K  Kellogg  helped  pioneer  one  of  the  first   pla_orm  to  promote  the  collecGve  wisdom  of  its   of  its  events  /  meeGngs  through  its  UStream   nutriGon  movements  in  America  through  his   users.  For  instance,  Johnson  &  Johnson  channel,   channel  page.     cereal,  Kellogg  Corn  Flakes.  Since  the  beginning  of   with  1.8  million  upload  views,  focuses  on   his  mission  to  make  America  healthier  nearly  100   parenGng  advice  from  dozens  of  parents.     Obtain  community  support    -­‐    Coping  with  illness   years  ago,  the  health  and  wellness  category  has   or  other  health  challenges  can  be  difficult  when   blossomed  into  a  $112.4  billion  business.  With   Evaluate  health  status  -­‐  Livestrong,  of  yellow   going  it  alone.  What  beZer  way  to  gain  support   each  advancement  in  communicaGons,  the   wristband  fame,  offers  a  highly  interacGve  and   than  from  your  friends  and  family  on  Facebook.   consumer  health  and  wellness  category  grows   introspecGve  community  and  digital  tools.  One  of   The  Fridge  Graph  app  enables  users  set  weight   larger  and  further  empowers  those  seeking  a   these  tools  is  the  MyPlate,  which  allows  users  to   loss  goals,  track  progress  over  Gme,  challenge   healthier  lifestyle.  Home  exercise  was  popularized   track  dietary  habits  and  exercise  to  monitor  their   friends  and  family  to  lose  weight  together  and   by  VHS  (think  Richard  Simmons),  On  Demand  TV   overall  health.  The  concept  is  nothing  new,  but   connect  with  Fridge  Graph  users  in  forums.   channels  eliminated  casseZes,  WebMD  put  health   Livestrong  takes  health  monitoring  a  step  further   Support  forums  are  a  place  to  swap  Gps  on  weight   on  the  digital  map  and  now  we're  witnessing   by  integraGng  it  into  its  home-­‐grown,  Livestrong   loss  strategies  and  other  informaGon.  Such   Health  2.0  with  the  advent  of  social  media.  Unlike   community.  Members  win  milestone  badges  for   support  groups  can  give  individuals  the  emoGonal   VHS,  social  media  enables  users  to  peel  back  the   monitoring  their  health,  which  can  then  be  shared   support  to  make  real  health  impact.     layers  of  informaGon  to  discover  the  best  possible   within  the  community.     soluGon  -­‐-­‐  from  expert  advice  to  finding  a  human   Health  2.0  is  about  unfeZered  access  to   connecGon  to  help  cope  with  illness.  How  has  the   Get  advice  about  disease  from  experts  -­‐  Health   informaGon  and  support.  Social  media  enables   health  and  wellness  adapted  to  web  2.0?   and  wellness  columnists  are  prevalent  on  sites   users  to  have  an  all-­‐access-­‐pass  to  incredible   such  as  WebMD  and  Health  Central.  There  is   informaGon  and  community  interacGon.  YouTube   Obtain  health  informaGon  -­‐  WebMD  is  oen  the   limited  expert  /  audience  interacGon,  however.   replaces  many  of  your  dusty  exercise  DVDs,   first  source  of  health  informaGon  for  its  18  million   UStream  changes  this.  UStream,  a  video   Livestrong  helps  you  monitor  your  progress,   monthly  unique  users.  It  should  not,  however,  be   streaming  site,  features  live  events  with  real-­‐Gme   UStream  lets  you  chat  live  with  experts,  and   your  last  stop.  YouTube,  in  parGcular,  is  an  under-­‐ chat  capabiliGes.  Using  social  media  login  IDs,   Facebook  makes  losing  weight  a  collecGve  effort.   uGlized  source  for  health  and  wellness   TwiZer,  Facebook,  AIM  and  MySpace,  UStream   Regardless  of  which  medium  you  use  or  how  you   informaGon.  Small  businesses  and  internaGonal   enables  its  audiences  to  chat  about  events  in  real   use  it,  social  media  is  the  next  evoluGon  in   brands  are  featuring  user-­‐generated  and   Gme.  This  real-­‐Gme  chat  comes  in  handy  during   consumer  health  and  wellness.   professional-­‐quality  video  to  promote  health  and   health  conferences,  like  Healthways  Well-­‐Being   wellness.  In  many  ways,  YouTube  replaces  those   Summit,  where  experts  can  answer  quesGons  and  
  13. 13. About the Authors
  14. 14. We create purposeful impact for the long-run Sparxoo is pioneering the next generation of business that is founded in the principles of: •  Social entrepreneurship •  Real responsibility •  Creative community •  Courageous leadership We fuse left-and-right brain thinking Branding in: Digital Business Development Development We build meaningful relationships Sparxoo builds sustainable relationships while delivering meaningful impact on projects with a purpose. We are expanding our network of socially minded leaders and hope to become a leader in this category.
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