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2010 Psychographic Trend Report


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2010 Psychographic Trend Report

  1. 1. 2010 Report: Psychographic Trends
  2. 2. Psychographic  Trends   Imagine  riding  on  a  subway  car.  Across  from  you  is  a  middle-­‐aged  woman  reading  Michael  Crichton,  next  to  her  is  a  young  hipster   jamming  out  and  playing  a  game  on  his  Android  phone,  down  the  car  is  a  fashionista  with  4"  inch  Gucci  heals,  and  next  to  you  a   woman  reading  a  "How  to  Install  a  Kitchen  Sink"  DIY  book.  We  see  these  people  every  day,  whether  it's  on  a  subway,  walking  down   the  street,  in  the  office  or  at  home.  They  are  our  colleagues,  friends  and  even,  us.     All  of  us  are  bucketed  into  lifestyle  groups,  called  psychographics.  In  our  2010  Psychographic  Report,  find  out  what  drives  the   adrenaline  junkies  like  Shaun  White,  the  secret  pleasures  of  Indulgents  and  more.     Conscious  Consumers  are  a  diverse  group  that  collecSvely  believe  in  and  support  the  sustainability  of  life  on  this  planet  through   buying  decisions  -­‐-­‐  whether  it's  hormone-­‐free  meat  or  donaSng  to  the  search  to  cure  breast  cancer.   The  New  Family  raSonalizes  treaSng  their  pets  beUer  than  their  children,  asks  if  they  can  have  their  old  room  back  and  are   returning  to  dorm  life  with  communal  apartments.   Type  A  individuals  know  what  they  want,  and  will  spend  the  extra,  painstaking  Sme  to  get  there  -­‐-­‐  whether  it's  prinSng  digital   coupons  or  TweeSng  daily  auto  Sps  or  sourcing  food.   Beta  People  thrive  on  the  latest  trends,  whether  its  in  technology  or  fashion.  They  are  tech  and  fashion  aficionados  that  will  pay   top  dollar  for  the  latest  Alexander  McQueen  or  Gucci  fashions  or  Android  model.   Community  Organizers  are  made  up  of  Digital  Gatherers,  who  are  your  "Ethan's  United"  Facebook  group  admins  and  Cafe  Leaders   organize,  who  local  Hemmingway  book  clubs  on   Risk  Takers  are  prevalent  in  every  generaSon.  Shaun  White  is  Gen  Y's  Adrenaline  Junkie,  Sergey  Brin  is  Gen  X's  New  Venturers  and   Anthony  Bourdain  is  Boomer's  Travelista.   Pro-­‐Ams  turn  their  passion  into  a  "second  job,"  whether  it's  about  charSng  the  night-­‐Sme  sky  or  building  a  deck  addiSon  to  their   home.   Indulgents  need  to  splurge  once  in  a  while  to  maintain  an  even  life  balance  -­‐-­‐  to  get  away,  either  for  10  minutes  on  our  train   commute  or  a  week  in  Aruba.  
  3. 3. Conscious  Consumer   In  the  1960s,  fringe  groups  sparked  awareness  of  animal  cruelty,  environmental  sustainability  and  numerous  other  causes  -­‐-­‐  eventually  giving  birth  to  organizaSons   such  as  PETA  in  the  1980s.  Messages  from  these  fringe  groups  have  filtered  down  into  mainstream  culture,  giving  rise  to  today's  Conscious  Consumer  class.   Conscious  Consumers  are  a  diverse  group  that  collecSvely  believe  in  and  support  the  sustainability  of  life  on  this  planet  through  buying  decisions  -­‐-­‐  whether  it's   hormone-­‐free  meat  or  donaSng  to  the  search  to  cure  breast  cancer.  "At  a  Sme  of  extreme  cluUer  (messages,  labels,  products),  conscious  consumers  are  prizing   transparency,  accountability  and  authenScity  more  than  ever,"  writes  branding  agency,  BBMG  in  the  Conscious  Consumer  Report.   Eco-­‐Go-­‐GeDers   Cleansers   Healers   Eco-­‐Go-­‐GeUers  are  proficient  and  efficient.  Their   Cleansers  strive  for  a  pollutant-­‐free  lifestyle.  They   Healers  are  the  Mother  Teresas'  among  Conscious   savvy  helps  them  make  informed  buying  decisions.     eat  organic  as  much  as  possible  to  avoid  harmful   Consumers.  Healers  want  to  preserve  mankind  by   While  many  Eco-­‐go-­‐geUer  can  only  aspire  to  trade   chemicals  in  produce  and  meat  and  use  non-­‐toxic   eliminaSng  hunger,  disease  and  poverty.  They  are   in  the  sedan  or  mini  van  for  a  Smart  Car  or  Prius,   cleaning  soluSons  and  makeup.  Unlike  the  Eco-­‐Go-­‐ your  Bonos',  Bill  and  Melinda  Gates'  and  Susan  B.   most  make  small  changes,  such  as  subsStuSng   GeUers,  Cleansers  shop  local  because  there  are   Komens'.  Some  Healers  donate  part  of  their   disposable  for  Sigg/Kleen  or  BPA  free  Nalgene   more  pesScide-­‐free  products  than  at  the  naSonal   Christmas  presents  to  Toys  for  Tots  or  a   boUles  or  recycling.  They  understand  the  eco-­‐ grocer.  Cleansers  also  believe  physical  exercise  is  a   Thanksgiving  turkey  to  homeless  shelters  or  send   impact  of  long-­‐distance  travel  so  they  try  to  shop  at   part  of  a  healthy  balance.  Yoga  and  strength-­‐ an  online  charity  donaSon  card.  The  thought  of   local  farmers  markets  when  they  can,  but  if  Eco-­‐Go-­‐ training  exercises  are  a  part  of  their  daily  rouSne.   human  suffering  moSvates  them  to  donate  either   GeUers  need  to  pick  up  something  from  the  store,   They  believe  their  body  is  their  temple.     Sme  or  money.   they  usually  stop  by  Whole  Foods.   Key  Facts:   Key  Facts:   Key  Facts:   • Clorox  is  developing  a  greener  image  by  acquiring   • A  CNCS  report  shows  that  about  8.2  million  young   • Some  plasScs  have  a  thousand-­‐year-­‐ Burt's  Bees  for  $913  million  and  introducing  eco-­‐ people  (ages  16-­‐24)  volunteered  in  2008,   decomposiSon  Sme   product  lines,  such  as  its  Green  Works  (which   compared  with  about  7.6  million  in  2007     • With  60  million  plasSc  boUles  thrown  away  each   reached  $40  million  in  its  first  year  of  sales)   • Fily  percent  of  non-­‐profits  reported  an  increase  in   day  in  the  U.S.,  one  Brita  filter  is  the  equivalent  to   • According  to  the  Yoga  Journal,  approximately  15   volunteer  hours  at  their  organizaSon   300  standard  boUles  of  water   million  people  pracSce  yoga  in  the  United  States     • Community  volunteerism  increased  31  percent   last  year   Macro  Trend   Giving  In,  Greedy  Out  -­‐-­‐  Corporate  responsibility  is  quickly  becoming  the  cost  of  doing  business  as  Conscious  Consumers  seek  social  impact  in  their  buying  decisions.  CorporaSons  are   developing  a  triple  boUom  line  (people,  planet,  profit)  that  speaks  to  this  growing  Conscious  Consumer  class.  Clorox's  Green  Works  reached  incredible  sales  milestones  in  its  first  year   sales,  HewleU-­‐Packard  ranked  no.  1  in  Newsweek's  Green  Rankings  for  its  strong  programs  to  reduce  GHG  emissions,  and  a  long  line  of  corporate  brands  jumped  on  the  HaiS   bandwagon  to  capture  the  consumers  aUenSon.  More  and  more  businesses  are  incorporaSng  a  triple  boUom  line  to  appeal  to  this  formerly  niche,  now  mainstream  Conscious   Consumer  class.  
  4. 4. New  Families   Look  out  Leave-­‐It-­‐To-­‐Beaver,  there  is  a  new  wave  of  pet  acupuncturists,  homeless  college  grads  and  extended  roommates  changing  the  tradiSonal  family  dynamic.   This  New  Family  raSonalizes  treaSng  their  pets  beUer  than  their  children  ("Of  course  we  give  our  puppy  acupuncture.  It  makes  liUle  Snuggles  feel  relaxed  and   rejuvenated!"),  asks  if  they  can  have  their  old  room  back  ("Mom.  Dad.  I  know  you  turned  my  old  room  into  a  study,  but  can  you  turn  it  back  because  I  need  a  place   to  stay  for  a  while?")  and  are  returning  to  dorm  life  with  communal  apartments.  MulS-­‐Gen  Roomates,  Extended  Companions  and  Pet-­‐Centrics  are  the  segments   changing  the  way  we  view  the  tradiSonal  family  in  the  21st  Century.   MulG-­‐Gen  Roomates   Extended  Companions   Pet-­‐Centrics   MulS-­‐Gen  Roomates  are  trading  in  their  queen  for  a  twin   Extended  Companions  are  not  willing  to  bite  the   Dogs  and  cats  are  the  brothers  and  sisters  or  sons  and   bed.  Just  one  of  the  many  sacrifices  of  returning  to  mom   daughters  of  Pet-­‐Centrics.  The  seek  companionship  in   bullet  and  move  back  in  with  mom  and  dad.   and  dads'  to  reduce  the  high  cost  of  living.  They  are   animals.  Pet-­‐Centrics  are  typically  older  couples  or   Instead,  they  are  pooling  funds  to  get  a  place  with   Boomerang  Kids,  or  late  20s  to  30s  individuals  that  need   singles  that  put  pets  on  an  impossibly  high  pedestal,   to  bide  some  Sme  by  living  at  moms'  and  dads'  unSl  they   their  friends.  While  most  Extended  Companions   someSmes  higher  than  their  own  children.  These  are  the   can  get  back  on  their  feet.  The  G.I  GeneraSon  (parents  of   envisioned  a  white  picket  fence  in  their  near  future,   people  that  spend  $15  on  a  rubber  toy  or  $20  on  organic,   Baby  Boomers)  are  also  making  the  same  migraSon  to   they  are  faced  with  the  harsh  reality  that  financially   fine-­‐dining  dog  food  because,  of  course,  their  dog  or  cat   their  children's  homes.  As  the  economic  slump  has   they  just  can't  afford  it.  For  the  meanSme,  they  can   has  to  eat  the  best.  As  they  have  sufficient  disposable   depleted  their  reSrement  funds,  the  G.I.  GeneraSon  find   bunk  with  their  friends  unSl  they  can  get  back  on   incomes,  why  not  spend  $25  on  a  designer  dog  collar?   themselves  in  the  same  posiSon  as  their  grandchildren.   their  feet.     Key  Facts:   Key  Facts:   • Pet  owners  spent  an  esSmated  $US41  billion  ($43.9   Key  Facts   • There  are  more  than  4  million  mulS-­‐generaSonal   billion)  on  their  animal  friends  last  year  which  was   families  in  the  U.S.,  according  to  a  U.S.  Census  Bureau   • The  share  of  3-­‐bedroom  searches  in  the  area   almost  double  the  $US21  billion  ($22.5  billion)  spent  in   report   around  the  Washington  DC  grew  by  87%  as  more   1996,  according  to  The  American  Pet  Products   • About  40  percent  of  2008  grads  sSll  live  with  their   people  bunk  with  roommates  to  reduce  the  high   Manufacturers  AssociaSon.   parents,  according  to  Monster's  2009  Annual  Entry-­‐Level   cost  of  living    -­‐-­‐  a  rising  trend  across  the  country,   • "We're  noScing  more  baby  boomers  are  pet  owners  and   Job  Outlook.   according  a  study  by     they  are  treaSng  their  pets  like  members  of  the  family,"   said  APPMA  President  Bob  Vetere   Macro  Trend   Human  Bond:  Revisited  -­‐-­‐  The  Human  Bond  trend  is  about  meaningful  relaSonships  and  developing  deep  connecSons.  Whether  the  connecSon  is  with  a  Boston   Terrier,  your  parents  or  friends,  more  and  more  individuals  are  seeking  meaningful  relaSonships  as  they  search  for  companionship  and  a  home.  
  5. 5. Type  A  Consumers   What  does  the  lady  with  30  coupons  in  the  check  out  line  have  in  common  with  a  TwiUering  gear  head?  Both  are  pro-­‐acSve  in  either  searching  for  the  best  deal  or   building  a  digital  network  of  followers.  Type  A  individuals  know  what  they  want,  and  will  spend  the  extra,  painstaking  Sme  to  get  there  -­‐-­‐  whether  it's  prinSng  digital   coupons  or  TweeSng  daily  auto  Sps  or  sourcing  food.   Deal  Seekers     Digital  Influence  Builders   Informed-­‐Eaters     Top  bloggers  and  social  network  users  spend   Informed-­‐Eaters  are  an  emerging  class  of  foodies  and   Deal  Seekers  thrive  on  savings.  Some  Deal  Seekers  flip   source-­‐conscious  consumers.  They  take  an  acSve  role  in   through  the  Penny  Saver  in  search  of  the  best  deals  and   countless  hours  building  digital  personas.  TwiUer,   sourcing  and  finding  high-­‐quality  food.  They  check  out   some  turn  to  the  web  to  saSsfy  their  deal  cravings.  They   Facebook,  WordPress,  LinkedIn  and  other  digital   are  addicted  to,  and   Yelp  and  Urban  Spoon  to  find  the  best  local  restaurants.   plasorms  are  venues  to  build  their  digital  idenSSes   They  also  love  organic,  hormone-­‐free,  locally-­‐sourced  in  their  pursuit  for  the  best  deals.   Although  they  might  not  need  a  new  winter  jacket,  they   and  networks.  They  are  the  gearheads  dishing  out   food.  Informed-­‐Eaters  enjoy  Whole  Foods  and  support   could  save  $25  on  a  $150  fur  coat.  That's  $25  savings!   daily  auto  advice  on  TwiUer  and  the  blogging   local  farmers  market  because  both  take  a  health  and  eco-­‐ fashionistas  jabbing  celebrity  fashion  faux  pas.   conscious  view  of  the  world.     Key  Facts:   Regardless  of  the  content,  Digital  Influence  Builders   •  has  coupons  for  nearly  50,000  retail   Key  Facts   stores.  Moreover,  its  traffic  has  skyrocketed  from  1.5   acSvely  build  networks  of  readers  and  users  by   generaSng  consistent,  unique  content.   • There  are  approximately  5,000  farmers  markets  in  the   million  monthly  unique  users  in  September  2009  to  5   U.S.  alone,  reaching  over  $1  billion  in  sales,  according  to   million  in  December  2009,  according  to   •  users  print  198  percent  more   the  Department  of  Agriculture   Key  Facts:   • The  number  of  small  farms  increased  20%  between   coupons  for  casual  dining  in  2008,  according  to  CNN   • Celebrity  blogger,  Perez  Hilton  has  1.8  million   2002-­‐2008,  to  1.2  million,  reports  the  Department  of   • Since  launching  in  November  2007,  Gilt  Group  (a  luxury   discount  site)  membership  has  grown  to  1.3  million   followers  on  TwiUer   Agriculture   registered  users  in  the  US,  along  with  200,000  in  their   • MarkeSng  guru  and  blogger,  Seth  Godin,  receives   • Yelp  has  an  average  of  7.2  million  monthly  unique   filh  month  in  Japan.   nearly  310k  unique  monthly  visits,  according  to   visitors,  according  to   • There  are  over  100  diet-­‐related  iPhone  apps   Macro  Trend   Control  RX  -­‐-­‐  The  Control  RX  trend  is  about  acSvely  pursing  a  healthier  lifestyle  -­‐-­‐  whether  it's  the  Wii  Fit  or  joining  the  "locavore"  movement.  However,  Control  RX  isn't  limited  to   health.  DeterminaSon  -­‐-­‐  to  eat  healthy,  or  build  an  influenSal  digital  network  or  scour  the  web  to  find  the  best  deals  -­‐-­‐  Ses  this  group  of  Deal  Seekers,  Digital  Influence  Builders  and   Informed-­‐Eaters  together.  All  Type  A  segments  thrive  on  exploraSon  and  discovery.          
  6. 6. BETA  People   Imagine  riding  in  the  NYC  subway  at  rush  hour.  There  is  the  hipster  jamming  out  to  his  playlist  and  playing  an  Android  app  and  the  young  socialite  fashionista  in   "Helena"  high  heel  open-­‐toe  plasorm  Gucci  boots.  What  do  these  worlds  apart  people  have  in  common?  They  are  Beta  People.  They  thrive  on  the  latest  trends,   whether  its  in  technology  or  fashion.  You  can  consider  them  Innovators  on  Roger's  InnovaSon  AdopSon  Curve.  They  are  tech  and  fashion  aficionados  that  will  pay   top  dollar  for  the  latest  Alexander  McQueen  or  Gucci  fashions  or  Android  model.   Fashionistas   Urban  ArGsts   TechGeeks   Urban  ArSsts  are  highly  imaginaSve  individuals.   TechGeeks  drooled  over  iPad  image  leaks  and   Who  would  spend  $649  on  a  pair  of  Alexander  McQueen   They  like  express  the  diversity  of  their  lives  in   anxiously  awaited  a  Google  Wave  invite.  Mashable   shoes  when  you  can  10  average    pairs  for  the  same   creaSve  ways;  always  have  their  own  designs  in   and  TechCrunch  are  in  their  incredibly  large  RSS   price?  For  Fashionistas,  that  quesSon  never  crosses  their   mind.  It's  not  about  bang  for  your  buck,  it's  all  about  the   mind  as  they  seek  the  fulfillment  of  discovering   stream.  They  were  the  first  to  buzz  about  Google   image.  It's  the  image  and  feeling  of  wearing  $649   something  new.  Urban  ArSsts  thrive  on  music,   Buzz.  For  TechGeeks,  Christmas  comes  whenever   Alexander  McQueen  shoes  or  $790  Gucci  cuffed  shorts  or   painSng  and  other  creaSve  outlets.  They  enjoy   Google,  Apple  or  other  tech  companies  unveil  the   a  $198  D&G  belt.  While  only  a  small  inner  circle  of  in-­‐the-­‐ undiscovered  treasures,  which  draws  them   latest  gadgetry.       know  Fashionistas  can  tell  the  difference  between  D&G   naturally  to  the  underground  Indie  scene.     and  Gucci  cuffed  shorts,  the  image  and  feeling  of  those   $790  designer  shorts  is  worth  it.   Macro  Trend   ReNew  -­‐-­‐  The  ReNew  trend  is  about  re-­‐invenSng  old  products,  such  as  paper  books  and  e-­‐mail,  to  reflect  innovaSve  thinking,  such  as  the  Kindle  and  Google  Wave.  Just  as  the  skinny   jeans  of  the  '80s  re-­‐emerge  in  hipster  and  high-­‐fashion  retailers,  such  as  Urban  OusiUers  and  Diesel,  Google  re-­‐thinks  e-­‐mail  with  Google  Wave.  It's  all  about  re-­‐thinking  old  products   with  innovaSve,  fresh  ideas  that  makes  Fahsionistas,  TechGeeks  and  Urban  ArSsts  clamoring  for  the  latest  fashion  season  or  gadgets.  Simply  stated:  innovaSon  is  in.  
  7. 7. Community  Organizers   If  you  could  guess,  how  many  Facebook  Groups  are  there  floaSng  around?  A  simple  Facebook  search  for  the  term,  "groups"  yields  over  400,000  results.  Considering   there  are  groups  for  people  that  hate  Facebook's  new  layout  or  groups  exclusively  for  Facebook  users  with  the  name  Ethan,  there  are  a  lot.  Community  Organizer  are   the  driving  force  behind  the  incredible  number  of  Facebook  Groups.  Digital  Gatherers  are  your  "Ethan's  United"  Facebook  group  admins  and  Cafe  Leaders  organize   local  Hemmingway  book  clubs  on   Digital  Gatherers     Cafe  Leaders     Digital  Gatherers  tap  into  the  billions  of  internet  users  to  develop  niche   Cafe  Leaders  thrive  on  small,  inSmate  group  meeSngs,  and  what  beUer   communiSes.  These  are  your  "Ethan's  United"  Facebook  group  admins.  Or   place  to  get  together  than  in  a  coffee  shop?  These  are  your   your  Groupon  members,  who  understand  the  power  of  group  buying  in   book  club  and  "Philly  Entrepreneur"  group  leaders.  While  they  might  speak   aUaining  unparalleled  discounts.  Digital  Gatherers  thrive  on  bringing   in  larger  venues,  such  as  conferences  and  webinars,  they  thrive  on  the   people  together  for  a  united  cause  to  create  value  -­‐-­‐  by  leveraging  group   small  group  sevng.  The  inSmate  atmosphere  of  the  cafe  is  perfect  to   buying  to  get  unrivaled  discounts  or  gathering  the  Ethan's  of  the  world   really  get  to  know  their  community.     together  in  one  Facebook  Group.       Key  Facts:   Key  Facts:   • There  have  been  5.4  million  "meetups"  by  nearly  72k  Meetup  groups   • Groupon  saved  its  users  $89.5  million  with  1.9  "groupons"   •  has  an  average  of  2  million  unique  monthly  users,  according   • Groupon  grew  from  under  50k  unique  monthly  users  in  August  2009  to   to   over  700k  in  December  2009,  according  to   Macro  Trend   Community  MobilizaSon  -­‐-­‐  The  Community  MobilizaSon  trend  examines  how  the  current  economic  climate  necessitates  acSon  and  community  mobilizaSon.  Digital   Gatherers  network  online  (think  Facebook  Groups)  and  Cafe  Leaders  turn  digital  relaSonships  into  real-­‐world  contacts  (i.e.  The  red  thread  between   both  segments  is  the  heightened  need  to  build  communiSes,  whether  they  are  online  or  in  a  cafe.  
  8. 8. Risk  Takers   What  does  Shaun  White,  Sergey  Brin  and  Anthony  Bourdain  have  in  common  (besides  stacks  of  cash)?  Each  represents  a  generaSon  of  Risk  Takers.  Shaun  White  is   Gen  Y's  Adrenaline  Junkie,  Sergey  Brin  is  Gen  X's  New  Venturers  and  Anthony  Bourdain  is  Boomer's  Travelista.  Each  segment  thrives  on  exploraSon,  whether  it's  a   landing  a  double  cork,  launching  a  dream  venture  or  tasSng  the  local  flavor  of  Vietnam.       Adrenaline  Junkie   New  Venturers   Travelistas   Shaun  White  solidified  his  legendary  status  when   New  Venturers  are  typically  Gen  Xers  who  have  lel   Travelistas  are  addicted  to  exploring  foreign  lands.   he  became  the  first  snowboarder  to  land  a  double   the  corporate  world  (either  willingly  or  unwillingly)   When  they  are  not  booking  a  flight  to  a  distant   cork.  He  is  the  Adrenaline  Junkie  archetype.  White   to  start  their  dream  venture.  They  are  confident  in   paradise,  they  are  hooked  to  Anthony  Bourdain  and   lands  impossible  tricks  before  anyone  else  in   their  experience  and  dedicaSon  to  make  their  small   Andrew  Zimmer  as  they  hop  around  the  world  -­‐-­‐   snowboarding.  He  follows  on  the  Adrenaline  Junkie   business  succeed.  Gen  Xers  are  olen  New   tasSng  the  local  flavors  and  exploring  foreign   heals  of  legendary  skateboarder,  Tony  Hawk.  This   Venturers  -­‐-­‐  as  Boomers  want  to  de-­‐risk  their  lives   cultures.  While  Gen  Y  are  the  new  Adrenaline   elite  athleSc  group  dates  back  to  Amelia  Erhart  and   for  reSrement  and  launching  a  startup  isn't  a  wise   Junkies,  Gen  X  are  New  Venturers,  Boomers  are   the  Wright  Brothers  -­‐-­‐  some  of  the  first  extreme   idea,  and  most  Gen  Yers  do  not  have  the  industry   Travelistas,  looking  for  a  liUle  adventure.     Adrenaline  Junkies.  Now,  the  Tony  Hawks'  and   experience  under  their  belt  to  undertake  a  small   Shaun  Whites'  are  jumping  out  of  aircrals  to  push   business.   Key  Facts:   the  boundaries  even  further.     • The  majority  of    Travel  Channel  viewers  (36   Key  Facts:   percent)  are  over  50,  according  to   Key  Facts:   • Sergey  Brin,  the  co-­‐founder  of  Google,  founded   • The  Travel  Channel  gets  485k  viewers  in  prime   • In  2005  over  25  percent  of  16–24  year  olds  had   the  company  at  25  years  of  age   Sme  and  is  expected  to  fetch  $1  billion  in  annual   parScipated  in  extreme  sports,  a  growth  of  over  10   • 30  percent  of  today's  workforce  (about  42  million   revenue   percent  since  2003,  according  to   people)  are  either  freelancers,  independent   • Shaun  White's  annual  income  is  around  $6   contractors,  part-­‐Sme  or  temp  workers,  according   million,  esSmates  industry  insiders   to  Money  Magazine       Macro  Trend   Freedom:  New  Way  of  CreaSvity  -­‐-­‐  The  Freedom  trend  is  about  levng  your  creaSve  spirit  soar.  Whether  it's  posSng  the  coolest  design  on  Tumblr  or  landing   impossible  snowboarding  tricks.  For  Risk  Takers,  life  is  about  exploraSon  and  creaSvity  -­‐-­‐  think  new  half-­‐pipe  tricks,  developing  a  new  social  shopping  startup  or   sampling  Korean  kimchi.  
  9. 9. Pro-­‐Am   "The  'Pro-­‐Am'  era  [is]  a  Sme  when  professionals  and  amateurs  work  side-­‐by-­‐side,"  writes  Wired  Editor,  Chris  Anderson  in  his  book  The  Long  Tail.  "Don't  be  surprise  if   some  of  the  most  creaSve  and  influenSal  work  in  the  next  few  decades  comes  from  this  Pro-­‐Am  class  of  inspired  hobbyists."  This  emerging  DIY  class  of  mulS-­‐talented   Pro-­‐Ams  is  not  exclusive  to  hobbyists,  however.  Pro-­‐Ams  turn  their  passion  into  a  "second  job,"  whether  it's  about  charSng  the  night-­‐Sme  sky  or  building  a  deck   addiSon  to  their  home.   Hobbyists   DIYers   Hobbyists  are  enthusiasSc  experts  that  can  tell  you  the  difference  between   There  are  channels,  magazines  and  more  than  a  handful  of  sites  dedicated   Su-­‐34  Fullback  360  Degree  Twin  Vectored  and  a  F-­‐16  360-­‐Degree  Thrust   to  DIYers.  They  are  confident  in  their  ability  to  take  on  new  challenges  -­‐-­‐   Vector  ARF  model  airplanes  or  spend  significant  Sme  searching  for   armed  with  tools  and  blueprints.  DIYers  refuse  to  call  a  plumber  whenever   unknown  asteroids  to  name.  Their  astronomy  or  model  airplane  hobbies   a  new  pipe  leaks  or  a  roofer  when  the  ceiling  drips.  They  get  under  the   are  not  lucraSve  enough  for  them  to  quit  their  day  job,  so  they  have  to   sink  or  on  top  of  the  roof  to  invesSgate  and  fix  the  problem.     spend  their  free  Sme  searching  the  stars  and  building  planes.  They  also   want  to  share  their  knowledge  with  the  world.  That's  why  they  frequently   Key  Facts:   update  Wikipedia  and  forum  entries  in  their  respecSve  fields  and  blog,  has  an  average  61.5  million  monthly  unique  users,  according  to   blog,  blog  about  the  most  recent  industry  news  and  insights.   Key  Facts:     58  percent  of  the  populaSon  consider  themselves  engaging  in  a  Pro-­‐Am   acSvity,  according  to  a  Demos  report   Gardening  is  the  number  one  Pro-­‐Am  acSvity,  followed  by  DIY  and  sports   teams,  according  to  the  Demos  report   Macro  Trend   MAXimizers  -­‐-­‐  Maximizers  thrive  on  gevng  the  most  out  of  life.  For  Hobbyists,  it's  about  finding  Sme  to  pursue  their  coin-­‐collecSng  and  gardening  passions  and  for   DIYers,  it's  about  tackling  challenging  projects,  whether  it's  a  leak  under  the  sink  or  on  the  roolop  -­‐-­‐  they  are  there  to  fix  it.  
  10. 10. The  Indulgent   Everyone  is  an  Indulgent.  Some  enjoy  browsing  People  or  In  Touch  in  the  grocery  line  to  get  the  latest  celebrity  gossip;  some  splurge  on  a  Gucci  belt;  some  get   massages  in  Virgin  AtlanSc  first  class    or  simply  buy  their  daily  vanilla  skinny  tall  laUe  at  Starbucks.  You  have  probably  seen  Bit-­‐Size  Fashionistas  in  H&M,  Passion   Spenders  on  your  vacaSon  to  the  Bahamas  or  Everyday  Escapists  on  your  bus  ride  to  work.  Or,  you  could  be  one.  Inherently,  we  need  to  indulge  once  in  a  while  to   maintain  an  even  life  balance  -­‐-­‐  to  get  away,  either  for  10  minutes  on  our  train  commute  or  a  week  in  Aruba.   Mini-­‐Divas     Passion  Spenders   Everyday  Escapists   Accessories,  accessories,  accessories.  It's  all  about   Passion  Spenders  don't  olen  go  all-­‐out.  But  when   Everyday  Escapists  don't  need  to  go  on  a  vacaSon   they  do,  they  spare  no  expense.  These  are  the   the  bracelets,  belts  necklaces,  hats  etc.  for  Bite-­‐Size   in  the  Bahamas  to  get  away.  They  read  thrillers   people  that  don't  typically  ride  first  class,  but  when   Fashionistas.  Bite-­‐Size  Fashionistas  don't  buy   from  Michael  Crichton  on  their  train  commute  to   they  go  on  vacaSon,  they  are  flying  high  in  Virgin's   $7,000  Gucci  dresses,  instead  they  buy  a  $150   first  class  -­‐-­‐  gevng  pampered  with  massages  and   work,  browse  People  or  In  Touch  in  the  grocery   dress  and  accessorize  with  luxury  items.  They  enjoy   the  best  treatment.  And  when  they  land?  The   check-­‐out  line  or  log-­‐on  to  World  of  Warcral  when   H&M  and  other  retailers  that  offer  designer   luxury  suite  with  an  ocean-­‐front  view  is  a  must.   they  get  home  from  a  long  day  at  work.  These  daily   accessories.   While  Passion  Spenders  do  not  live  luxurious  lives,   acSviSes  are  their  way  to  escape  the  pressures  of   when  they  vacaSon,  they  vacaSon  in  style.  Passion   work  to  maintain  an  even  life  balance.     Key  Facts:     Spenders  don't  just  splurge  on  travel,  they  also   • H&M  offers  accessible  looks  from  high-­‐fashion   spend  extra  on  daily  lifestyle  items,  such  as  an   Key  Facts:   iPhone  or  a  40"  flat-­‐screen  TV.   designers,  such  as  Jimmy  Choo  and  Sonia  Rykiel   • In  Touch  Weekly  has  a  circulaSon  of  1.27  million   Key  Facts:   naSonally   • Virgin  Airlines  flies  over  5  million  passengers   • World  of  Warcral  has  a  global  membership  of  10   annually   million   • Apple's  iPhone  has  a  25  percent  share  in  the  smart   phone  market   Macro  Trend   Bite-­‐Size  Indulgence  -­‐-­‐  The  Bite-­‐Size  Indulgence  trend  is  about  momentary  escapes  from  the  everyday  to  create  an  even  life  balance.  Bite-­‐Size  Fashionistas  accessorize  at  H&M,  Passion   Spenders  take  pampered  vacaSons  and  Everyday  Escapists  simply  open  a  trashy  novel  in  their  spare  Sme.  Regardless  of  the  acSvity,  Indulgents  need  to  rejuvenate  so  they  can  tackle   tomorrow's  challenges.    
  11. 11. About the Authors
  12. 12. We fuse right-brain and left-brain to deliver creatively strategic solutions Digital Development Branding Strategy
  13. 13. Digital Development Our Services Digital Development Goals •  Blogging and Engage your community in meaningful conversations Content Strategy •  Marketing Plans Our Approach •  Social Marketing Through in-depth market analysis, we help you find and share your •  Web Development unique voice with your target audience. •  Customer Analysis and Research Excerpts from our blog Gen Y Marketing • 94% of Gen Yers own a cell phone, and comprise 46% of total iPhone users • Gen Y seeks authenticity, and wants to engage in a real conversation; think “earned media” Social Networking Etiquette •  Use best practices to participate in the discussion online •  Digg and similar network communities value honesty, your personality, and real involvement Niche Communities •  Beyond the obvious communities at Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, there are many more smaller communities buzzing with activity •  We profiled Ning (which has since exploded), as well as niche communities such as Twitter Moms, Climate Culture, CauseCast and LinkLessons
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  15. 15. Branding Branding Goals Our Services Differentiate your products, services, and organization to drive •  Brand Strategy •  Brand Identity preference among your audience •  Cause-Related Our Approach Mission •  Trends and Insights Through strategically creative stretching, we develop an aspirational market positioning that stands out from the competition Excerpts from our blog Emerging Trends •  We are a step ahead in sharing emerging trends •  As the crisis turns to opportunity, there is a new breed of creative maximizers, new icons are emerging, and patriotism 2.0 has arrived Segmentation • We believe that segmentation leads to better communication, a more satisfied customer, increased innovation, and higher market share Brand Strategy •  We synthesize research and analysis into key insights on which to build a cohesive strategy to optimally position brands in the market
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