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2009 Mainstream Trends Sparxoo


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As the pace of change across the globe accelerates, we recognize the power of understanding the intersection of business and culture. We fuse our observations of the world around us today and into the future to identify mainstream and emerging consumer trends.

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2009 Mainstream Trends Sparxoo

  1. 1. 2009 M i t Mainstream Trend Report 1 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  2. 2. Contents 1. TrendWatch Introduction 2. Detailed Trend Analysis 3. About the Authors 2 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  3. 3. TrendWatch Introduction 3 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  4. 4. TrendWatch Introduction As the pace of change across the globe accelerates, we recognize the power of understanding the intersection of business and culture. We fuse our observations of the g world around us today and into the future to identify mainstream and emerging consumer trends. Consumer trends are a key building block for brand development and market positioning. They Th can be used to identify and drive actionable business opportunities. We believe that b d t id tif ddi ti bl b i t iti W b li th t understanding the values that drive consumer behavior can inspire business transformation. In this 2009 Mainstream Trend Report, we take you on a cross cultural journey where Report cross-cultural journey, Hummer sales are related to Icelandic beer and virtual pizza can be delivered to your doorstep. We’ve scoured the web to find interesting companies doing fresh, innovative thinking, and injected our unique perspective and insight to create a list of mainstream trends. We’ll show you how your products can sell faster if they were plugged into the fourth dimension and how your company can connect and network with prospective customers through creative collaboration. While this list of trends may not be exhaustive, it is comprehensive. We have put a lot of time, effort and thinking to give you the most accurate list of what’s happening now, so you can plan for tomo o o fo tomorrow. 4 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  5. 5. Summary of Top 10 Mainstream Trends y p 1. Home-Turf King This trend is all about the empowered self within—where you are pulling the strings; p y p g g ; where you are your own manager, travel guide and entrepreneur. 2. Seismic Shift An earthquake has shaken our social foundation—shifting the power of the chosen few and giving opportunity to the many. d i i t it t th 3. Fourth Dimension In a world where ultimate accessibility is an integral part of our everyday lives, we sometimes feel like we’re living in an alternate dimension. we re dimension 4. Dreamcatcher We’re all in search for the next best thing, whether our journey leads us to another continent or an alternate universe. 5. Human Bond: Revisited We are reprioritizing what is important in our lives—choosing meaningful relationships over objects and things. 5 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  6. 6. Summary of Top 10 Mainstream Trends ( y p (continued) ) 6. 2099 As we understand our footprint on the environment, eco-innovation is crucial for eco- p , sustainability. That’s why entrepreneurs are finding new, innovative ways to save our environment while attracting new customers. 7. Personal Symmetry A healthy balance between mind, body and soul keep us energized, refreshed and ready h lth b l b t i d b d d lk i d f h d d d to face everyday challenges. 8. Bite-Size Indulgence In an era where over indulgence is a no no, we look to bite-size pleasures to satisfy our no-no bite size cravings for that much-needed getaway. 9. Back to Basics A practical lifestyle is the new lifestyle again. As we look to cut back on excess spending, we’re looking towards products and services that are sensible, not expendable. 10. The Real Deal In an age where one man can steal $50 billion, transparency is elemental in business communication. comm nication 6 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  7. 7. Detailed Trend Analysis 7 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  8. 8. Trend 1. Home Turf King My Game, My Rules Definition Examples The Internet promotes control, freedom and independence to Revolution Health. Though WebMD has become widely find anything or connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. It popular (much to the chagrin of many doctors), it has narrowed the geographic gap that has bound humanity into empowered Internet users to self-diagnose. For serious medical small communities and created a world accessible and relevant concerns, WebMD does not replace a licensed physician, to the unique user. Consumers are no longer bound to product however WebMD could eliminate senseless trips to the doctors selection limited to stores. The new Consumer Age begs the office. q question: Why spend $15.00 on a CD when you can get the y p $ y g Longtail. Chris Anderson’s Longtail Ch is Ande son’s “Longtail” idea says anyone, or any sa s an one o an three songs your friends recommended for $0.79 each? Now is idea to break through the clutter to be found or sold. the time for personal independence and freedom—to create and is a prime example of the longtail concept. Of the share. 40,000 documentaries, carries 40 percent, whereas Blockbuster has .2 percent, according to the Internet Movie Database and Whereas Blockbuster is limited by Spin physical space, is not. can sell any h l ll Personal Manager. Large companies are no longer the movie ever made, whereas Blockbuster can only sell as many gatekeepers of information. Users can get information and DVDs that can fit in their store. manage it whenever and wherever they want. Consumers have Now Play It. NPI is offers users music lesson downloads. been empowered by and grown accustomed to the accessibility Though it’s not your traditional music tutorial. First, select your of the Internet. So put your consumer in the driver’s seat and let instrument of choice and song Then, download the music video song. Then them take your product for a test drive. with either the artist instructing you how to play their song or Freedom to Explore. Our new found ability to explore and instrument chords will pop-up during a music video. So, you can manage the world’s information has piqued the adventurer see Sting belt “Roxanne” and feel like you’re doing solos next to within all Internet users. The Internet is a medium in which we him. can connect with others in a way that has never before been Key Words y possible. possible Our inherent thirst for knowledge and connectivity has been catalyzed by the Internet and enhanced our ability to find Control, Freedom, Independence, Possibility, Accessibility, relevant information and expand our intellectual horizons. Connectivity, Power, Opportunity 8 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  9. 9. Trend 2. Seismic Shift Shift from the few to the many Definition Examples The rapid movement away from the status quo was officially Digg. The media underdog of the digital world came from a ushered-in by Obama’s promise of Change. We are exiting a little-known tech guy named Kevin Rose. Aggregating information world in which over 70 percent of wealth is concentrated in 10% from the far corners of the web was a long shot. However, Kevin of people, according to the Federal Reserve Board, and Rose was able to tap into his geeky self to relate to his users and established corporations are faltering. There is a seismic shift of just as Bill Gates gave hope to the first generation of computer power from the chosen few that gives new opportunity to the nerds, Kevin Rose gave it to a more empowered second many. generation. The authorities are shifting and the big “Wall Street Journals” and “New York Times” are no longer the default source. g Crowdsourcing. The idea of harnessing the power of the Spin masses versus the power of the few drives collaboration and Underdog. Bigger isn’t always better. The larger they are, the engenders a sense of collective thought. Wikipedia, MySpace, harder they fall. As a result companies are growing Craigslist, YouTube, Google, the largest Internet companies do exponentially, almost completely unfettered, created instability— not generate content in and of themselves; they simply act as a enabling the emerging underdog. Nowadays, the underdog can bli th i d d N d th d d catalyst f users t fi d one another, build relationships, to t l t for to find th b ild l ti hi t be king. The power comes from below, not from above. share a part of their individuality. Creative Collaboration. Yes, we’re all in it together. Hard Wordia. Dictionary: dic tion ar y [dik-shuh-ner-ee] 1. a book times call for creative solutions. We need to bind together to containing a selection of the words of a language, usually survive. Pay cuts, reduced hours and benefits are ways some arranged alphabetically, giving information about their meanings, employees are escaping the chopping block. Cutting 12,000 jobs block 12 000 pronunciations, etymologies and boring pronunciations etymologies, and… boring. Wordia takes a doesn’t look good in headlines. Creative collaboration is a way to different approach. The Wordia website utilizes multi-media find alternatives to the deep job cuts or bankruptcy. elements in their dictionary. Users can add videos and comments to favorite and despised words. Wordia signals a shift from the few to the many; from scholars to vloggers. Key Words Change, Experimenting, Underdog, Restructuring 9 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  10. 10. Trend 3. Fourth Dimension Reality in hyper-life Definition Examples Ultimate accessibility and creativity has integrated itself into our Wii. With the creation of such interactive games as Wii, users can daily lives—transforming our expectations of the way we receive re-shape the way they traditionally game and work out—virtually and send information and entertainment. The way we function in redefining “play”. our jobs, communicate with friends and receive data has Everquest Pizza. Everquest II blurred the lines between reality dramatically evolved from the ever-changing techno landscape. and virtual reality by partnering with Pizza Hut. Hungry Everquest gamers have the option to order Pizza Hut pizza within the Everquest i t al o ld E e q est virtual world. Spin iPhone. With the Apps Store available on the iPhone, you really Hyper-Connected. AIM (gchat), e-mail, phone, TV are all can be in control of what you want and when you want it. The incredible. When done simultaneously it’s even more so. That’s accelerometer makes the iPhone a gaming system similar to the Wii. the case for the Millennials, who grew up super-multitasking—an artful juggle between work and play, but usually more play than Gender-Crossing. Technology has enabled us to bend and morph work. Super-multitasking is our way connecting with people and k l k h l d our most creative selves into alternate beings (i.e. avatars) and l l b ( ) d information using a diverse set of media. exist in alternate worlds. Interestingly, there is a large male population that create really alternative virtual personalities. Of the Stretching Reality. Mobile phones are more than just phones, growing 13 million Second Life users, approximately half of all of course. They’re equipped with: GPS, Internet accessibility, males have created female avatars. Gender-crossing has emerged alarm clock, radio, camera, address book, calendar etc. And into quite a problem for some gaming communities. Requiring a gaming is more than just a controller and a gaming system. It is system webcam image of yourself, Shanda Entertainment online games has portal into another world where other gamers exist vicariously, made desperate attempts to eliminate gender-bending male avatars living lives of fantasy. As technology advances, a love/hate from its virtual worlds. relationship is emerging as more users have integrated the phone and its features into everyday life. Additionally, gaming itself has blurred the lines between reality and virtual reality with Key Words y new technology technology. Morphing, Technology, Transform, , Multi-tasking, Attention, Integration 10 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  11. 11. Trend 4. Dreamcatcher In search of the next great experience Definition Examples Dreamcatcher is all about the search for something new, Shark Diver. Located in Guadalupe, the company Shark Diver different, fun; the something that gives you a rush and makes will give you the trip of a lifetime. To come in arms reach of a you want to tell someone about it. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences Great White Shark, tourists can pay a $3,100 fee to “discover allow for personal growth and bring us closer to reaching our real adventure.” Coming face-to-face with a Great White Shark dreams. Climbing Machu Picchu or touring the Vatican makes us commands respect from friends and family. And, you will have feel unique, cultured and want to share our experiences with the pictures to prove it. those around us. Photobucket. Heavy Photobucket se s s all ant share Photob cket Hea Photob cket users usually want to sha e their experiences with others. Photoblogs are popular because creating and editing a virtual photo album requires less work Spin than journaling in a blog. Exploration. Curiosity is what drives human innovation and our Tripwolf. Austrian website, Tripwolf offers jetsetters, or those search for experiences change the world around and within us. that just want to live another life for a while a resource guide while, It’s that search for something profound that contributes to the ’ h hf h f d h b h that’s comprehensive as it is interesting. Tripwolf combines multi-dimensional character explorers yearn for. It’s that treasure professional, editorial and user-generated travel guides all for that can be taken in a picture but will never completely be free. understood by those absent from the frame. Story Telling. Experientials are usually photo / video takers— people who opt to visually define their unique experiences with a Key Words narration in the form of a caption or voice-over. Uploading a Experience, Story Telling, Explore, Curiosity, Cultured couple hundred pictures or ten minutes of video from your shark-dive in Maui requires little effort. Just click a couple of buttons and you’re done—your trip to Maui is accessible wherever there’s an Internet connection. Though photo-takers are still very popular there is an emerging video population. As popular, population video becomes more accessible, it will rival those photo-bloggers out there. 11 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  12. 12. Trend 5. Human Bond Revisited Rediscovering human connection Definition Examples In times of excess and frivolity, objects and things can distract Human Connection is Priceless. Though The Dark Night and people from meaningful relationships—a crucial element in Iron Man broke box office records in 2008, Hollywood has taken a defining who we are and where we belong. Surface level dip in ticket sales this past year—a 6.7% dip. It’s about practicality. connections of the recent past are undercut by deeper Asking simple questions like, “Should I spend $15 to go to a movie relationships as we reprioritize what is important to us. and sit in a dark room and not talk to anyone, or can I take a have a picnic in the park for free,” are examples of how Americans are budgeting their time and thinking practically. Netflix was—no Spin surprise—one of the high performers of the new year. Friends and Family. As we look to others for support in times Family Active Religion. The Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service Religion of hardships, we rediscover meaningful relationships in our lives. received a grant from the British government to address child safety Friends and family is our support network when all else fails. precautions in a 60-minute DVD, spanning many languages for Jobs, money, cars are fleeting. What really matters in the end is those in multi-cultural communities. The project required many what relationships we have developed with those around us and people with a variety of skills working collectively to produce an end- their impact on our lives. A magnitude of virtual connections product conducive to the betterment of those living within the and social networking still cannot replace intimate, real human d i l t ki till t l i ti t lh community. it connections. Meal Baby. Typically, registries are for weddings and baby Social Schemas. Humans form natural groups. Finding where showers. But, Meal Baby is taking the concept of a gift registry to we fit in and what group we’re a part of, is going to be more another level. Meal Baby offers an online registry for those in valued than in previous years.. Everyone has a work schema; a recovery—whether it’s from surgery or having a baby. Just register family schema; a friend schema Who is included or excluded, is schema. included, excluded your favorite foods and restaurants, send the registry to your friends restaurants going to be more important in the future, as we reprioritize who and family via e-mail, and you could have help making savory we accept into our lives. chicken soup or take a break from your kitchen to go out to your favorite restaurant. Spiritual Community. Within a spiritual community there exists a higher sense of purpose and belonging. Synagogues, temples, churches are central to communities. They serve as a p , y Key Words rally-point for individuals to share in a collective way of life. Togetherness, Free, Inexpensive/Priceless, Belonging, Human Connection, Family & Friends, Meaningful 12 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  13. 13. Trend 6. 2099 Built to last Definition Examples No longer are scientists questioning the human footprint on our Google. Monitoring consumption is an important element in global environment. Words like green, sustainable, eco, followed developing sustainability on a planetary level. Google’s energy by friendly, conscious, aware etc have become a mainstay in the calculator gives users a simple tool to evaluate personal energy national and international vernacular, because the effects of our consumption. Adding the numbers, users can see how easy it actions as a human race is becoming more apparent. However, can be to save money and the environment. sustainability is more than science, it’s about our collective Vegawatt. Environment sustainability has been a major issue responsibility as a compassionate people. We are realizing the p y p p p g that’s been weaved into our social, political and economic ea ed o social impact and intersection of personal and planetary health. structures. And as we fall on difficult economic times, business sustainability has taken the front seat. Combining the two is where businesses are headed in the future. Vegawatt is one of Spin many solutions for both challenges. Vegawatt is an energy Survival Edge. We, as the human race, were not meant to supply system for restaurants to re-purpose used vegetable oils extinguish our own existence. Just as our ability to rise above h bl b for f energy production. d the animal kingdom and adapt intellectually has created GE. Although struggling financially, General Electric is destruction, it too can bring out our survival instinct and push pioneering the sustainable future of America. With new, our creativity and innovation. It is the innate human ability to innovative technology, GE “ecoimagination” has branded itself overcome that gives us our survival edge. the north star of an eco-friendly/environmentally conscious Sustainability. Sustainability Built to last is the big picture The polar ice picture. company. company shelves, a dwindling polar bear population, the mass extinction of species can be traced to human behavior. Companies and individuals are going to continue to look to the long term, past Key Words their generation and even their children’s generation to consider Energy, Eco-Friendly, Extinction, Staying-Power, Innovation that the actions of today have consequences tomorrow. 13 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  14. 14. Trend 7. Personal Symmetry Mind, body and soul are key to a healthy balance Definition Examples The preservation and vitality of not only a healthy body but a Loca-vore. An organic, community-oriented way to shop all healthy mind is essential for those following this trend. Personal natural and an alternative to the large grocery-store chains is the Symmetry means that we are not only being judged by what gj g farmers market. Popularity of farmers markets has lead to people see on the outside, but what they see on the inside. The markets sprouting up around the country. Nationally, from 2006- multi-pronged and holistic approach to Personal Symmetry is 2008, 400 farmers markets have been created. Similarly, we changing to meet the balance we require in our daily lives. have seen tremendous growth in the LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) and Slow Food movements. LOHAS has a 20 percent growth rate in Australia alone. Sp Spin MetroNaps. T combat microsleep (10 second bouts of M t N To b t i l db t f Personal Energy. Looking good is feeling good. It’s not just unconsciousness), MetroNaps have developed EnergyPods. about losing weight, it’s about how you feel losing the weight. EnergyPods are reclined chairs that play soothing music so Losing weight should be a confidence-booster. Whether a workers can get the sleep they need to stay safe and refreshed healthy lifestyle comes in the form of a pill, or a 20-minute in the workplace. The CDC reported in 2008, Americans receiving morning bike-ride, approaches to health are varied and personal. six or less hours of sleep a night have dramatically increased Safety will continue to be a driving force behind the popularity of from 1985 to 2006. It’s estimated 50 to 70 million Americans pharmaceutical or farmaceutical trends. suffer from sleep disorders or chronic sleep loss. Rejuvenation. Kids, relationships, and work all contribute to a Graze. Large, stuff-you-face-until-you-burst-at-the-seams meals stressful life. Often times we don’t acknowledge stress even are unhealthy. That’s a given. That’s why it’s better to graze. exists. That’s why taking time to un-wind is crucial to a Personal picked up on this healthy concept and combined it Symmetry lifestyle Whether it’s going for a tan or relaxing in a lifestyle. it s with convenience lifestyle, and quality. Simply choose a meal convenience, lifestyle quality café, everyone needs “me” time to restore his or her inner plan you’d like (lose weight, boost immunity, good energy, etc) energy to keep on keeping on. or select what looks appetizing from their menu, tell them what days you’d like the food delivered, and voila! Conscious Consumption. The diet explosion that hit supermarket shelves decades ago has evolved into something a bit more aspirational. The outer self is reflective of who you are p y Key Wo ds Ke Words in the inside. Green/eco-friendly lotions, shampoos, deodorants from Mother Earth are healthy alternatives to chemical cocktails. Healthy, Holistic, Mind, Body, Soul, Fresh, Personal Energy, Rejuvenation 14 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  15. 15. Trend 8. Bite-Size Indulgence Moderation with a side of milk Definition Examples Remember when mom used to bake cookies? The aroma of Infomercials. As major advertisers are cutting their airtime on chocolate and sweet dough baking into what might as well have television, television formerly staples of the late night / early morning morning, been gold. Who didn’t take one when mom wasn’t looking? It infomercials are nabbing the top spots in major network airtime. was these simple pleasures we treasure as kids that stay with us As car sales and the stock market slump, products like our entire lives. Though much changes: $.10 doesn’t make you ShamWow and Oxyclean are top-sellers. It’s the small indulgence rich, or a Caramello Bar isn’t made of golden nuggets. We hold the ShamWow or Oxyclean brings to our lives that makes onto the simple pleasures that accent our childhoods to find the everything seem not so bad. Cleaning products in particular escape our b busy lives crave today. li t d might not have the desirability of a Rolex, but they add i ht t h th d i bilit f R l b t th dd convenience and cleanliness to everyday life. Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar . “Milk and cookies, dear?” Spin Think 1950’s suburbia with perfect houses and perfect lawns. Getaway. Simple pleasures cannot be limited to chocolate or Or… think Manhattan today. With all the change and uncertainty coffee. coffee Simple pleasures can take the form of a favorite hobby or going on around us, urbanites are looking to the past for comfort us a bench to relax in the park. It can be the hour of World of classics. Consumers seek a return to comforting classics, Warcraft you enjoy on the weekend… or your morning run. It is uniquely reinterpreted for today’s more discerning palate. a small allowance we need to stay focused and bring balance to “Please pass the cookies.” our everyday lives. Morsels. This bite-size eatery combines indulgence with Quality. As we re-prioritize our budgets, we’re shedding the moderation. Choosing just the right dessert shouldn’t be that big excesses in our everyday lives. We’re finding what we need to of a problem—as the treats are so small, and inexpensive, each get rid of and what needs to stay. Quality pleasures are going to dessert is more like a sample. Morsels capitalizes on the stay, while the it-was-a-good-idea-when-I-bought-it pleasures moderation trend, while still adding a little sweetness to the mix. are going to be thrown out. Foresight in product purchases is going to be key in our search for quality and longevity in our p products. Consumers will say, “I can’t afford to renovate my y, y Key Words y o bathroom but I can afford to buy the new bath salts and that will Simple, Focus, Balance, Moderation, Nostalgia, Appreciation, also give me pleasure.” Priorities 15 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  16. 16. Trend 9. Back to Basics Simplify Definition Examples Returning to a simpler time is what back to basics is all about— H3. There was a time when people were practical; when when modesty and humility were valued. Practicality is key to someone would ask, “Why are you driving a military vehicle those modifying their daily lifestyle and simple pleasures are (Hummer) to work?” This trend is re-emerging as the sales of cherished now more than ever. smaller, more efficient cars are replacing gas-guzzlers. Now the coolest crowd of celebrities can be seen driving around in their Priuses. The waitlist for a Prius? Try 3-4 months, depending on 34 Spin where you’re shopping. Practicality. Having tons of stuff isn’t practical. It’s fine to Iceland. Icelanders are avoiding imported beers (as they are have the extras in life–no one’s denying anyone of that–but tons pricier) resulting in the increase in popularity of local brews. Beer of stuff isn’t fine. Driving around in a military vehicle is the is a simple pleasure Icelanders are just not willing to give up pinnacle of stuff and that’s frankly not cool. We’re going to be even amid an economic downturn. making smarter decisions by focusing our purchases on Affluent Shopper. Whether you’re making over $100,000 or practicality, not unfettered desire. not, great value is still great value. Affluent shoppers shop at Minimalism. As we find new ways to go back to basics, we’re Target, Wal-mart and Home Depot more than any other store going to de-clutter. De-clutter means removing the excesses and (Affluent Survey). Though affluent individuals have more money, useless junk from our lives. In our journey of finding ways to get practicality is still valued and will continue to be in the future. rid of the excesses we’re going to re-prioritize what holds value excesses, we re re prioritize and what can get tossed. It’s our search for cleaner, better lives that gives way to “back to basics”. Key Words Simple, Modesty, Pleasure, Sacrifice, Practical 16 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  17. 17. Trend 10. The Real Deal In search of the real truth Definition Examples Transparency walks the divide between honesty and an David Paterson. Admitting to adultery and drug abuse was a unapologetic attitude in the search for the truth. Honesty can be wise move by the New York Governor, David Paterson. It was a salt in the wound or it can be a weight off your shoulders. move that possibly saved him from the fate of his predecessor, Accepting both as reality is paramount to the transparency trend. Governor Elliot Spitzer. True Beauty. ABC is looking through the make-up with its new show called True Beauty (produced by Ashton Kutcher and Tyra p Spin Banks). Banks) Its aim is to not only figure out who is prettier, but to onl fig e o t ho p ettie b t Honesty. Sweeping problems under the carpet or the hush test the moral fiber of each of its ten contestants. Unbeknownst hush mentality is no longer a viable game plan. Whistleblowers to them, they’re being judged on their shapely figures and moral can pop-up anonymously from anywhere via the Internet and KO decisions. The take-away: feeling bad about stealing from a a company’s future. Consumers have been empowered by the friend is just as important as high cheek-bones. Internet to become an informed community of buyers and Ideastorm. Harnessing the power of the many gives way to influencers. With blogs and product reviews, consumers have fl h bl d d h fresh perspective and ideas. The best ideas can really come from direct communications with companies, both good and bad. anywhere—not just in the R&D department. That’s why Dell Likewise, companies have an outlet to reach consumer ideas and created Its purpose is to interface with its concerns. customers in an objective way. Users can post problems, Real. Are we really worth the value of our bank accounts? Or concerns or kudos and have their suggestion ranked by others. the value of our cashmere sweater or posh Armani wing-tips? The cream of the crop will be considered in Dell’s R&D Dell s The transparency trend strips monetary value from our department when designing new Dell products. This helps Dell perceptions of others and lays-bare who we really are as people. build an honest, caring brand image, while gathering valued Because we aren’t a BMW or bungalow in Hawaii; we’re more information. From the consumer end, they’ve just taken part in a than our purchasing decisions; we’re a friend that will answer product they helped develop… for them, by them, via Dell. her phone at 3AM. The Internet has furthered this trend as it is truly the great “equalizer” Everyone has an equal say or chance “equalizer”. to share his or her passion. Keywords Clear, Honest, Responsible, Natural, Accountable, Real 17 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  18. 18. About the Authors 18 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  19. 19. Sparxoo strives to create purposeful impact for the long-run p p p p g Sparxoo i pioneering the next S is i i h Sparxoo b ild sustainable S builds i bl generation of business that is relationships while delivering founded in the principles of: meaningful impact on projects with a purpose. • S i l entrepreneurship Social t hi We are expanding our network of • Real responsibility socially minded leaders and hope • Creative community y to become a leader in this category. g y • Courageous leadership 19 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  20. 20. We fuse right-brain and left-brain capabilities to deliver creatively strategic solutions y g Branding Digital Marketing M k ti Business Development D l t 20 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
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  23. 23. David Capece provides strategic leadership with a focus in digital media & entertainment g David Capece serves as a strategic advisor to media & entertainment companies. His recent projects have included digital growth strategy initiatives with Comcast, Lifetime, and NBC, as well as several startups. I th Lif ti d NBC ll l t t In these assignments, D id has i t David h provided strategic leadership in market planning, brand positioning, online marketing, and business development. David h b D id has been focused on digital media opportunities beginning with the f d di it l di t iti b i i ith th development of the Baltimore Orioles first web site in 1997, continuing in his Internet venture capital experience at Katalyst, and more recently as a member of the management team. As a Senior Director at, David was a key leader in building and executing long range plans. He oversaw marketing products, strategy, projects for new media products led growth strategy and served as the head of online marketing. David has 12 years of business experience in investment banking, venture capital, and consulting where he has worked on over $800 million in private placement, placement IPO and M&A transactions. David graduated with an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Wharton Business School, and has a BA from Johns Hopkins University. 23 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  24. 24. We have a team of strategically creative business professionals p Katherine Parsons is a creatively strategic marketing professional with a passion for brand development and innovation. Industry experience includes research idea generation, strategic writing and project management. Most recently, Katherine was a Senior Consultant in the Strategy department at Interbrand NY. Prior to that she worked at Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve and McKinsey. She holds a MSc from The London School of Economics in Organizational and Social Psychology and a BA from Wellesley O i ti l dS i lP h l d f W ll l College. Ethan is a creative writer whose talents stretch to brand development and even business strategy. Ethan has written Internet business plans, developed consumer product brand platforms, and has provided creative leadership to advertising campaign. Previously, Ethan was a creative writer on the i P i l Eth ti it th advertising team at Partners and Napier. He also contributed to the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper as a News and Politics Editor. He holds a BA in Communications and Journalism from St. John Fisher College. 24 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo
  25. 25. 100 Merriman Street, #5 Rochester, NY 14607 646-345-1800 David Capece D id C Katherine P K th i Parsons Ethan Lyon Eth L Managing Partner Senior Strategist Senior Writer 646-345-1800 917-568-4672 585-730-1404 25 | 2009 Mainstream Trend Report | Sparxoo