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lesson plan

  1. 1. Darwin T. Carlos ABE IV-3 Sir. Raffie Lesson Plan in Literature I. Objectives Focus Skill: Comprehend and value the short story to consider its lessons as ways to affect human emotions and feelings. Support Skills: 1. Express one’s sympathies, feelings, emotions and opinions concerning the literary selection. 2. Extract Filipino values and sayings. II. Subject Matter A. Topic: The New Yorker in Tondo Marcelino Agana Jr. B. Reference: GEMS in Afro- Asian Literature Second Year English Calixihan, Jovita O. and Diano, Lucesa Y. Pages: 182-193 C. Materials: Hand-outs (brief summary of the short story) Audio-Visual presentation (video clip) III. Teaching Procedure A. Developmental lesson 1. Share Filipino sayings and values among Filipinos. 2. Share what Filipino saying/value do you cherish most.
  2. 2. B. Presentation As Filipinos grow up, we are taught by various values and disciplines by our elders. These values and disciplines will guide us through the rest of our lives even we are in different countries or places around the world, the values and disciplines we learned are the foundation of our being Filipino. 1. The Author Marcelino Agana Jr. was a Carlos Palanca awardee for literature in the year 1956 in the English one-act play category. 2. Background of the piece The New Yorker in Tondo was a classic satirical one-act play. It is a story of a girl named Kikay who went to New York and fell in love with it and she acquired all the New Yorkish things—styles, looks language and manners. 3. Previewing the video clip. C. Discussion Checking out the video 1. Describe the main character in the story. 2. What are the physical changes that were obviously seen in Kikay’s character? Sharing Insights 1. What is the most colorful part of the story? 2. What do you think are the reasons of Kikay to change her way of living from simple to arrogant life? D. Beliefs Centralization 1. What is the message of the short story? 2. What Filipino sayings arose from the story? 3. What famous lines in the poem of Dr. Rizal that incorporated in the story? 4. What Filipino values elevated from the short story?