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This is the winning pitch at iMedia\'s Entertainment Marketing Summit. We were judged by top marketing executives from 5 major studios and won...hands down.

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Winning Pitch

  1. 1. Outline • Strategic Assessment • Campaign Tactics • Bringing it all together
  2. 2. Project Launch Strategic Assessment 1.Brand or Product 2.Competitive Landscape 3.Target Audience
  3. 3. Product: Casablanca Goal: Drive ticket sales Casablanca Casablanca Found! The Movie! The story about the movie The story in the movie
  4. 4. Casablanca: The Movie Various Themes • Romance • Mystery • War A story about love, and the sacrifices people make for it.
  5. 5. Lazlo, you take the tickets, and the I stick my neck out for nobody woman I love. I'll stay here and face the enemy.
  6. 6. Casablanca: Found! Many interested in this film regardless of the storyline. A 3 time Academy Award winner the day it opens. News = Conversation
  7. 7. Conversation Analysis 1.Identify 2.Evaluate 3.Join
  8. 8. Identify The Conversation • Research and identify core conversations • Where are they? • Who’s driving them?
  9. 9. Evaluate The Conversation What's being said • Film's history • Restoration process • Fashion in the film • Disappearance a conspiracy? Level of influence & impact • Reach over 2 Million Overall sentiment • Positive • Negative • Mixed
  10. 10. Join The Conversation Connect with influential communities based on individual drivers Key Influentials: • Critics • Classic Film Lovers Benefits • Increased search engine rankings • Generate early buzz
  11. 11. Competitive Landscape Romantic comedy Light option for Valentine's Day Girls night in "Chick flick" on TNT Tivo it Iraq War film/Guy's movie Not a Date movie Casablanca is a romantic option for women; while still having entertainment for men --- a shared experience for Valentines day.
  12. 12. Primary Target Segments & Interests Rational Emotional Drivers Drivers Influentials Classic Film Lovers Knowledge College Students In the know Discovery Critics Knowledge Broad Target Couples 25-54 Gays 25-54 Singles 25-54 Shared Activity Shared Experience Love & Connection Meet Someone
  13. 13. Strategic Positions Discovery News based on found prints Love & Connection A romance movie with guts
  14. 14. Tactical Overview
  15. 15. Timeline of Activities 8 different tactics covering all target audiences
  16. 16. Discovery News based on found prints
  17. 17. Document The Story As It Unfolds Immediate social marketing effort Documentary feel Warner Bros. voice Content • Restoration • Production • Fashion • Conspiracy • Cast & Crew Electronic Press Kit included
  18. 18. Influential Outreach • Provide interesting content ideas and assets for influentials • Outreach for industry, film restoration, historical, and conspiracy conversations • Extends throughout duration of movie run Estimated Reach: 2.1 Million +
  19. 19. Love & Connection A Romance Movie With Guts
  20. 20. Making Big Sacrifices For Love Shared by 3 main characters in the movie Love requires sacrifice. As true today as when Casablanca was made.
  21. 21. Contest: Who can write the best personal ad declaring what they'd do for love?
  22. 22. How it works • Entries posted to site • 'Vote' button for all entries • Top 10 vote getters are finalists • Winner selected by celebrity couple like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie • Winner announced on opening night in theaters via ScreenVision • Prize: A free romantic vacation for 2
  23. 23. "Vote for me" widget
  24. 24. Campaign Benefits • Direct tie to storyline of movie • Database building with each entry • Broad reach and appeal • Celebrity-selected winner
  25. 25. Paid and Social Media Maximize budget with combination of paid and social outreach. Broad reach geo-targeted campaign to reach Couples, Singles, Gays, and Movie Enthusiasts. • Male/Female Sites • Portals • Movies/Entertainment • Travel • Social Networks • Contest Sites Estimated Reach: 9.5 Million
  26. 26. Movie Website
  27. 27. Website
  28. 28. Content • Trailers • Plot Synopsis • Cast and Crew Photos • Date Planner • Blog • Links to Pages on Contests • Facebook Photos • Singles Night • Photobooth Gallery • Influential interviews from the night of the screening Site will be optimized for all key • EPK search terms.
  29. 29. Valentine's Day Promotion Leverage romance link to drive advance ticket sales
  30. 30. Valentine's Day 'Hint' Tool The perfect Valentine’s Day starts with an Email nudge.
  31. 31. Google Maps Mashup V-Day Planner Convenient one-stop-shop for • Theaters and showtimes • Nearby bars • Romantic restaurants • Flower shops
  32. 32. Campaign Flow The Romance Generator. It takes a woman's idea, and transforms it into a man's idea.
  33. 33. Paid and Social Media Leverage media negotiated for "What would you do..." buy and rotate in additional messaging. Add planning and relationship sites/blogs. • Relationship • Women • Social Networks • Movies/Entertainment • Invite sites • Gift Sites Estimated Reach: 22 Million
  34. 34. Matchmaker Promotion
  35. 35. Help Singles Connect On Valentine's Day • Promotion on and eHarmony • Members can see who's going in their area, and join • Sponsorship with gin distributor • Mobile coupon for free drink
  36. 36. Partnership with Dating Sites • Select theater hosts evening • Gin drink sponsorship: Hosted bar aggregates members • Mobile reminder of event • Free drinks, No plans, Why not Estimated Reach: 1.5 Million
  37. 37. Social Networks Profile Photo Contest
  38. 38. Change this ... ... to this. Changing profile image to Casablanca enters you into a drawing for 2 free tickets to the premiere.
  39. 39. Leverage Movie Groups • Casablanca fan page - Contest details • Additional film info • Movie character images for profile photo use
  40. 40. Reappearing Images Casablanca characters popping up across social networks When someone asks, the participant is in the know.
  41. 41. Paid and Social Media Social networks featuring prominent profile images Estimated Reach: 9 million+
  42. 42. The Premiere
  43. 43. Red Carpet Interviews Premiere happens in advance of the opening A-List attendance Ask, "What would you do for love?" • Compilation of their responses posted to video sites Estimated Reach: 1 Million
  44. 44. Opening And Beyond
  45. 45. Build and Continuation
  46. 46. Casablanca Movie Poster Photo Booth
  47. 47. Casablanca Movie Poster Photo Booth Put yourself in a Casablanca movie poster • Photo Booth at select theaters • Places your face into Casablanca movie poster
  48. 48. Drives To Social Networks • Users get URL instead of prints • Photos posted to Flickr and Facebook for retrieval • Social environment promotes circulation: Easy place to download, tag and share. • Generates awareness post opening weekend
  49. 49. Movie Dialogue Ringtones
  50. 50. Mobile Is Viral Hot Button • Easy to share and forward • Tight connection to user; always with them, frequently played • How many people hear a given ringtone in 1 week?
  51. 51. Movie Dialogue Ringtones Distribute to early-adopting fans to spread the word audibly via mobile
  52. 52. Ringtone Distribution Target Audience • Movie Forums • Social Network Movie Groups • Movie Sites • "Ringtone" Search Estimated Reach: 500K
  53. 53. Bringing It All Together
  54. 54. Campaign Overview
  55. 55. Media Overview
  56. 56. Budget Summary TOTAL REACH 26.1 Million
  57. 57. Contingency Plan
  58. 58. Contingency Plan Extend “What would you do for love?” • Spin into social cause marketing (kids, families, seniors) • Broadcast show tie in, celebrity tie-in, women's communities • Leverage hype around people wanting to make a difference and contribute • Sharing the love - whatever your interest is - green, cancer, the environment, kids, your own family Documentary • Track the remarkable story around the lost and found film on video Music tie in • Top Warner artist covers “As Time Goes By” • Duet featuring top R&B performer and Sam’s original track Kids • Extend interest to kids and release special edition DVD with Bogart cartoons
  59. 59. "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful campaign."
  60. 60. The Beginning Doug Schumacher Jennifer Sparks Founder/Creative Director Director VP/Strategic Planning 310-928-3150 310-928-3154 Basement, Inc. 1610 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404