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Noesis Global Retail Trends 2011/2012


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Team Noesis presents Global Retail Trends --- reporting on the insights and trends impacting retail, culture, fashion, technology and more.

Noesis is a passionate company run by passionate people - we are insight hunters, insatiably curious, with a unique way of getting to the why?

Contact us and let us find out why for you.

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Noesis Global Retail Trends 2011/2012

  1. 1. Global Retail Trends Presented by Noesis, August 2011  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  2. 2. Connecting  Companies  to  the  Consumer  Conversation What  is  Noesis? Noesis  is  a  passionate  company  run  by  passionate  people  -­‐  we  are insight  hunters,  insa<ably  curious,  with  a  unique  way  of  ge?ng  to  the why? Contact  us  and  let  us  find  out  why  for  you. hEp://  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  3. 3. Lynn  Casey,  CEO  &  Founder Trend hunter Brand strategist Consumer culture expert  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  4. 4. Noesis  Consumer  Culture  Experts  Proprietary  Panel  of  Global  Consumers  The  Buzzthrill  –  streaming  trend  reports  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  5. 5. Global  Retail  Trends  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  6. 6. Post  Recession  Retail A  new  de?inition  of  value: VALUE $  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  7. 7. A  New  Paradigm Stuff  is  not  valued….. x  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  8. 8. Value  is….  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  9. 9. Its  about  an  Experience  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  10. 10. Global  Retail  Trends Entry  into  a  store  is  often  the  last  step  of  a lengthy  customer  journey  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  11. 11. Customer  Journey AWARE RESEARCH PURCHASE TAKE POSSESSION  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  12. 12. Customer  Journey  Continued Friends/family AWARE TV/radio/billboard Retailer store Search engine RESEARCH Retailer website PURCHASE TV/radio/Billboard Retailer store Friends/family Mobile apps TAKE emails POSSESSION  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  13. 13. Customer  Journey  Continued  Hears  about  a  new  product  Goes  online  and  looks  it  up  FB  friends  to  see  who  has  it/what  they  think  Checks  out  customer  reviews  Does  online  price  comparisons  Looks  for  unique  features  or  personaliza<on  Purchases  online  or  goes  in  store  to  check  it  out  Buys  there,  or  buys  on  mobile  device  later  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  14. 14.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  15. 15. How  Consumers  See A Whole New Look  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  16. 16. Virtual  Reality It’s here  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  17. 17. KinectShop Look  Ma  –  No  Mirrors!  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  18. 18. Virtual  Shopping KinectShop”  (working  title),  an  augmented  reality shopping  platform  for  the  Xbox  Kinect: system’s  new  ?inger-­‐recognition  technology allows  shoppers  to  grab  items  from  an  unlimited shelf  of  clothes see  how  accessories  look  at  multiple  angles,  share the  photos  with  friends  on  Twitter  and  Facebook for  a  quick  thumbs-­‐up  or  down.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  19. 19. KinectShopOn  to  purchase….Smartphone’s  can  activate  apps,alert  nearby  stores  to  wish-­‐listed  items.Imagine:    digitally  trying  on  a  new  purse,getting  a  round  of  likes  on  Facebook,starring  it  on  a  shopper  app…Then  being  alerted  to  a  big  sale  at  anearby  store  while  running  errands.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  20. 20. Restaurant  projects  food  onto diners’  plates  with  interactive ordering  system  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  21. 21. Plate  Envy  No  More!  The  pan-­‐Asian  restaurant  Inamo,  in  London,  uses  unique technology  called  E-­table.  Projectors  are  installed  in  the  venue’s  ceiling,  which  turn the  tabletops  into  the  equivalent  of  a  computer  monitor.   Using  a  touch  mouse  pad  on  the  table,  diners  can  use  the interactive  system,  with  images  of  each  meal  being projected  onto  their  plate  as  they  browse  the  menu.  The  system  enables  diners  to  place  their  orders themselves,  change  the  pattern  of  the  projection  to function  as  a  virtual  tablecloth,  view  a  live  webcam  feed  of the  kitchen,  play  games  with  other  diners,  ?ind  out  more about  what’s  happening  the  neighborhood,  and  order  taxis.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  22. 22. The  Magic  Mirror Who’s  the  fairest  of  them  all?  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  23. 23. The  Magic  Mirror  This  advance  in  technology  will  help  retailers  lure in  consumers  because  it  is  fast  and  easy  In  the  dressing  rooms  and  on  the  retail  ?loor  a  large  re?lective  screen  that  is  the  size  of  a  normal standing  mirror  becomes  a  life-­‐size  Ipad.   allows  customers  to  view  different  styles,  colors  and sizes  of  the  clothing  without  even  undressing.  Touch  screen  technology  allows  her  to  order  her selection  and  pick  it  up  at  the  register  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  24. 24. The  Shopping  Experience  In  Store  Shopping  as  an  Experience  in itself  will  be  the  way  that  we  shop  in  the near  future.  Touch  screen  kiosks,  facial recognition  and  gesture  based  technology, targeted  content  directly  to  mobile  devices alongside  real  time  price  comparison  means  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  25. 25. Home  Vision  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  26. 26. Home  Vision  Allows  consumers  to  upload  a  photo  of  their  home  Select  furniture,  interior  products,  landscape  items,  etc,  Check  in  with  experts  in  various  ?ields  via  live  chat  Purchase  inventory  and  have  it  shipped,  or  make  an appointment  to  go  see  it  live.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  27. 27. The  Ben  Color  Capture  App  Customize,  then  realize: Take  a  picture  of  anything The  app  matches  it  with  a Ben  Moore  color Shake  your  phone  –  it  will provide  a  spectrum  of coordinating  colors  for accents GPS  locator  sends  you  to  the closest  retailer.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  28. 28. Retail  Connection   IPG  Media  Labs  Magic  Window  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  29. 29. Experience  Counts FUN ! NOVEL ! NEW !  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  30. 30. Kogi  Barbecue  The  one  that  started  it  all…  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  31. 31. Retail  MUST  provide  Fun  An  Experience  Social  Currency Its  an  investment  of  their  time,  as  well  as  their money  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  32. 32. Free  Wi-­Fi  and  TV  at  Your Local  Taco  Bell  Taco  Bell  is  hoping  to  install  free  Wi-­‐?i  and video  screens  (featuring  sports,  music  and lifestyle  content)  in  all  5,600  locations nationwide  as  a  catalyst  to  increase the  duration  of  the  stay  of  each  customers per  branch.  Other  QSR  are  also  adding  interactive kiosks,  video  and  table  games  to  create destinations  and  increase  order  tickets.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  33. 33. Le  Meridien  Re-­deVines  the  Lobby  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  34. 34. Hotels  Create  Culture The  New  Salons: The  idea  here  is  for  Global  boutique  Hotels  to  utilize  their  partnerships  with creative  in?luencers  such  as  chefs,  ?ilmakers,  artists,  and  more  by    employing them  as  curators  of  music,  food,  design,  ?ilm  and  retail  for  their  hotel experiences. ‘Le  Meridien  Hub’  is  the  newest  curated  idea  series  that  is  part  of  the marketing  strategy  of    Starwood  Hotels.  (W,  Sheraton,  Aloft) Working  to  deconstruct  the  traditional  notion  of  the  hotel  lobby,  the  goal  is to  transform  the  entryways  into  a  social  gathering  space  that  emulates  a microcosm  of  global  culture  within  the  context  of  the  hotel’s  brand. Each  unique  hotel  brand  will  tap  into  cultural  ambassadors  that  refelct  that target,  and  that  region.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  35. 35. Excite  Me!   Catchyoo  interactive  ?loor  panels  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  36. 36. Select Help  Me  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  37. 37. Curation Make  it  Mine Show  that  you Know  me  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  38. 38. Curation Huge  trend  with  two  faces:  Help  with  the  decision  Mini  stores  within  stores  Expert  areas  Staff  recommendations  Visual  cues  (  quick  codes)  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  39. 39. Curation Huge  trend  with  two  faces:  Personalization  Recognize  me  Select  products  for  me  Special  deals  at  checkout  Personalized  offers  online/mobile  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  40. 40. Curation Why  is  this  all  so  important?  Personalized  promotions  are  the  #1  purchase in?luencer  Personalized  shopping  experience  breeds highest  satisfaction  Personalized  assortments  (  most  important loyalty  factor)  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  41. 41. How  it  Works  The  Home  Depot,  Inc.  gets  mobile  Two-­‐dimensional  bar  codes  smartphone  owners can  scan,  using  an  app  connected  to  their  phones camera,  to  access  product  ratings  and  reviews, how-­‐to  guides,  product  videos  and  a  web  page where  purchases  can  be  made.  The  codes  will  also be  used  with  direct  mail,  and  on  store  shelves  and signs.  The  company  will  then  use  the  data  to  track  back to  consumers  interests.  Smart  stores  will  recognize  apps,  alert  loyal shoppers  to  specials  and  deals  –  provide  perks.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  42. 42. BHLDN  Gives  Bridal  Retail  a Serious  Makeover  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  43. 43. BHDLN  Having  launched  its  e-­‐commerce  presence  earlier  this  year, BHLDN  opens  the  doors  of  its  ?irst  retail  in  Houston,  Texas.  Urban  Out?itters  Inc.’s  foray  into  the  wedding  market,  Much  like  the  modern  bohemian  feel  of  sister  store Anthropologie,  the  brand  will  cultivate  its  own  distinct approach  to  bridal  fashion  and  wedding  decor.  “We’re  offering  a  take  that’s  not  out  there.  We  have  a  lot  of shorter  dresses,  lots  of  color  and  prints  and  no  optic  white dresses.  Traditionally,  people  got  married  in  churches. Now,  they’re  getting  married  on  beaches  and mountaintops.  We’re  building  our  assortment  for  the ultimate  end  use.”  Whole  wedding  planning  process  captured,  helping  each bride  make  decisions  on  everything  from  photographers  to ?lorists.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  44. 44. BHDLN  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  45. 45. Man  Cave  Events  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  46. 46. Selling  Comes  Home The  New  Tupperware  Party? The  Man  Cave  brand  offers  a  selection  of  ‘Man  Food’,  BBQ  accessories  and gifts. The  company’s  multi-­‐level  marketing  strategy  employs  ‘Man  Cave  Advisors’ provided  with  a  package  of  Man  Cave  products  at  a  discounted  rate. host  grilling  demonstrations  where  they  can  earn  up  to  35  percent commission  on  sales  of  Man  Cave  products. Attendees  at  these  ‘MEATings’  sample  free  food  and  beer Watch  the  BBQ  equipment  in  action. Any  purchases  are  then  shipped  directly  to  the  customer.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  47. 47. Decisions,  Decisions  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  48. 48. True  Curation  Product  comparison  site  Reevoo  offers  over  1  million  reviews on  a  vast  range  of  products,(  think  Epinions  and  Amazon’s hosted  reviews.  )  Consumers  faced  with  such  overwhelming  choice  can  now  turn to  an  alternative  offering  of  curated  product  selections  from Reevoo.  Just  buy  this  one  uses  the  cumulative  ratings  of  reviews  to  offer a  single  recommendation  for  each  product  category.  Nine  categories  are  featured,  including  laptops,  TVs,  toasters and  vacuum  cleaners,  with  multiple  price  points  available  for each.  The  site  simply  offers  an  image  of  the  best  rated  product alongside  a  brief  list  of  features  and  the  best  price  available  — with  a  link  to  buy.  If  they  want  more  information,  customers  can  click  through  to Reevoo  at  any  point  to  see  the  full  range  of  products  and reviews.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  49. 49. Big  is  No  Longer  Beautiful  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  50. 50. Best  Buy  Considers  Shared  Retail Software  is  sold  online Stores  are  for  purchase  culmination,  no longer  showrooms Aggressive  pricing  on  electronics Cost  of  store  employees Multi-­‐destination  creates  cross  pollination
  51. 51. The  Man  Mall
  52. 52. The  Man  Mall  Currently  in  the  midst  of  a  June  launch,  Pánská Pasáž  —  which  translates  roughly  into “Gentlemen’s  Arcade”  —  is  the  ?irst  shopping center  in  the  Czech  Republic  dedicated  primarily to  men,  its  creators  say.  Developed  by  Metrostav, the  800-­‐square-­‐meter  venue  features  19  luxury shops  including  Ralph  Lauren,  famed  Austrian tailor  Knize,  a  gourmet  food  market,  a  shoe  shop,  a parfumerie  for  men,  a  traditional  barbershop  and a  tobacco  store.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  53. 53. In  London,  60  Shipping  Crates  will Form  an  Invitation-­Only  Pop-­Up Mall  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  54. 54. Box  It  Up!  Slated  to  appear  in  London’s  Shoreditch  area  this August,  Boxpark  will  house  more  than  50  small stores  in  a  two-­‐story  structure  constructed  on Bishopsgate  Goods  Yard.  Conceived  by  Roger  Wade  —  creator  of  the Boxfresh  brand  as  well  as  fashion  brand consultancy  Brands  Inc.  —  in  partnership  with real  estate  developers  Hammerson  and  Ballymore, Boxpark  will  focus  on  small,  independent  brands that  are  hand-­‐selected  and  offered  space  by invitation  only.  The  result  will  be  a  mix  of international  fashion,  arts  and  lifestyle  brands along  with  galleries  and  cafés.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  55. 55. Freecity  Supershop  Supermät  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  56. 56. The  Curation  of  Cool  A  shop  known  as  much  for  its  free  organic  OJ  as  its  silk-­‐ screen  printed  tees,  Nina  Garduno  recently  moved  her Westside  mainstay  Freecity  from  Malibu  to  Hollywood. While  the  new  home  is  3,000  square  feet,  the  "supermät" will  keep  a  neighborhood  feeling  with  its  locally-­‐sourced goods  and  welcoming  vibe.  The  Hollywood  Supermät  will  function  as  a  one-­‐stop  shop where  patrons  can  pick  up  a  range  of  items,  from  vintage bikes  to  freshly  baked  bread  with  an  eclectic  mix  of clothing,  records  and  posters  in  between.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  57. 57. Freecity  Supershop  Supermät  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  58. 58. Freecity  Supershop  Supermät  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  59. 59. Dagmar  Rousset Melbourne  boutique  marries  colorful  style,  art objects  and  French  lessons  under  one  roof  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  60. 60. Mixed  Messages  A  hip  boutique-­‐cum-­‐art  gallery,  and  now language  school  too.  Stocked  with  an eclectic  mix  of  well-­‐known  and  lesser known  labels  from  across  the  globe,  along with  local  Melbourne-­‐based  fashion offerings  Dagmar  has  just  the  right  mix  of  local  chic and  international  style.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  61. 61. Serve  Me  Masters/  Genius  Gen  Y  -­‐    seek  out  experts  online  Boomers  –  look  for  service  in  store  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  62. 62. Getting  Social How  They  Share  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  63. 63. Getting  Social Working the Crowd  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  64. 64. One  Minute  on  the  Internet  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  65. 65. Pure  Genius  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  66. 66. Consumers  share  in  the  success of  winning  product  ideas  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  67. 67. Consumer  Brain  Share  There’s  no  doubt  the  global  brain  can  be  a  source  of  countless  winning product  ideas.  That’s  why  there’s  Ahhha,  for  example,  and  it’s  also  why there’s  Genius  Crowds,  which  taps  everyday  consumers  for  product ideas  and  then  brings  the  best  concepts  to  market.  Consumers  create  an  account  on  Genius  Crowds  then  submit  their  own  product  ideas   discuss/vote  on  those  already  listed  Participant  voting  leads  to  crowd  favorites  Those  are  reviewed  by  Genius  Crowds’  own  panel  of  experts.  Concepts  deemed  most  likely  to  succeed  are  designated  “for  the  shelf,” and  Genius  Crowds  handles  all  packaging,  prototyping,  testing, manufacturing  and  distribution  through  its  relationships  with  world-­‐ class  manufacturers  and  retailers.  Resulting  products  are  sold  under the  Genius  Crowds  brand  name,  and  25  percent  of  all  royalties  go  to  the  products’  inventors,  whose  names get  included  on  the  packaging  as  well.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  68. 68. Consumers  Get  Paid  for Promoting  Products  They  Love  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  69. 69. Customer  Advocates Seattle-­‐based  Hollrr  Invitation  only  beta  aims  to  help  small  companies  launch new  products.  Fans  of  a  product  begin  by  joining  its  Tribe  of  Followers  fans  can  help  promote  the  product  by  writing  an endorsement,  downloading  a  widget  to  their  blog  or Facebook  page  and  sending  a  link  to  their  friends  via Twitter  or  email.  Participants  get  directly  rewarded  for  each  person  who clicks  through  from  their  endorsement  to  the  product website.  Rewards  are  also  split  among  the  whole  Tribe.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  70. 70. How  Does  it  Work? Brand  Advocates  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  71. 71. GAP  Flash  sales  Tweets  for  followers  Friends  and  Family    discounts  Fashion  show  previews  Online  Design  by  fashion  bloggers  Consumers  ‘own  the  store’  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  72. 72. Authentic  Celebrities  5  YouTube  Stars  That  Brands  Love (VIDEOS)  www.huf&­youtube-­ stars-­that-­brands-­love_n_78...  -­‐  Cached  Nov  11,  2010  –  While  big  cable  companies struggle  to  retain  subscribers,  some YouTube  "stars"  are  drawing  large audiences-­‐-­‐and  ad  dollars  to  match  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  73. 73. In  India,  Grocery  Shopping through  Facebook  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  74. 74. Facebook  Grocery  Shopping  AaramShop  particularly  interesting,  in  fact,  is  its  Facebook  application, which  lets  consumers  shop  through  its  service  on  Facebook  as  well.  Now  in  beta,  AaramShop  offers  neighborhood  retailers  in  India  a  free online  storefront  on  its  multivendor  site.  Consumers  use  the  service  by  shopping  online  for  groceries  and  then selecting  the  participating  retailer  they  prefer  in  their  area;  Shopping can  be  done  on  the  AaramShop  site  directly  or  through  its  Facebook application.  Once  the  consumer’s  shopping  is  complete,  the  order  is  instantly transmitted  to  the  selected  retailer,  who  is  responsible  for  making prompt  delivery.  Consumers  only  pay  the  retailer  once  delivery  is made.  Using  AaramShop  is  free  for  both  consumers  and  retailers.  The  bene?its  of  a  bigger,  coordinated  online  presence  are  clear  for small,  local  retailers  who  may  otherwise  be  drowned  out  by  larger competitors  online.  For  time-­‐strapped  consumers,  meanwhile,  shopping  capabilities  not just  online  but  through  Facebook  offer  an  extra  measure  of convenience.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  75. 75. Copious:  The  Social  Online Marketplace  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  76. 76. Friends  Don’t  Let  Friends  Buy From  Strangers        Newcomer  Copious  has  moved  away  from the  anonymity  of  online  marketplaces  like eBay  and  Craigslist  and  made  the  process more  social.  Launched  in  beta  earlier  this month,    it  requires  a  Facebook  login  and users’  pro?ile  pages  can  also  be  linked  to their  Twitter  and  eBay  accounts  and personal  blogs.  You  can  follow  other  users and  view  their  recent  activity  in  a  feed.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  77. 77. Copious  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  78. 78. Copious  Product  pages  feature  the  seller’s  identity  and  use  “social signals”  as  a  rating  to  show  whether  anyone  you  know  is friends  with  them  and  if  they’ve  bought  items  from  them before.  Through  “social  pricing”  sellers  can  choose  to  offer discounts  to  buyers  who  follow  them  or  share  the  item with  their  networks,  advertising  what  they’ve  just  bought.   Johnathan  Ehrlich,  co-­‐founder  of  Copious,  said:  “   Building  around  real  identity  means  no  more anonymous  transactions  between  aliases,  no  more  sifting through  reviews  from  equally  anonymous  third-­‐parties, and  no  more  recommendations  based  solely  on  what you’ve  bought  in  the  past.  We’re  creating  a  marketplace  for friends.”  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  79. 79. The  Future  of  Money  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  80. 80. Canadians  Willing  To  Go  Cashless Forever  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  81. 81. How  Will  They  Spend?  A  recent  national  survey  by  PayPal  Canada, through  Leger  Marketing,  asked  over  1,500 Canadians  about  mobile  payments  and  digital wallets.  more  than  half  would  be  comfortable  never  using  cash again  and  relying  solely  on  other  methods  of  payment.  A  Canadian  uses  PayPal  as  their  digital  wallet  once every  second  because  of  ?lexibility,  security  and convenience  in  how  they  pay  and  get  paid.  avoiding  the  search  for  ATMs,  easier  ways  to  split restaurant  bills  with  friends  or  making  payments anytime,  anywhere  and  from  virtually  any  device, Canadians  want  easier,  faster  and  safer  ways  to  shop, share  expenses,  send  money  or  get  paid  back.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  82. 82. Gilt  Groupe  CEO  Susan  Lyne  On  The Future  Of  Retail  [Video]  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  83. 83. Final  Thoughts  Susan  Lyne,  the  CEO  of  Gilt  Groupe  (an  online fashion  retailer  offering  designer  labels  at discounted  prices)  talks  about  the  future  of  the online  retail  industry  in  this  interview  for  Big Think  and  identi?ies  three  key  ideas.  Curation  Content/Editorial  Game  Dynamics  groupons,  appointment  shopping  and  limited  time offers  that  drive  people  to  move  to  the  next  level  in  the shopping  experience.  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  84. 84. THANK  YOU!  ©  Noesis  2011/2012
  85. 85. Connecting  Companies  to  the  Consumer  Conversation What  is  Noesis? Noesis  is  a  passionate  company  run  by  passionate  people  -­‐ we  are  insight  hunters,  insa<ably  curious,  with  a  unique  way of  ge?ng  to  the  why? Contact  us  and  let  us  find  out  why  for  you. hEp://  ©  Noesis  2011/2012