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GEN Z 2025
The one thing we all have in common is our
planet. And Gen Z are aware that caring for
the ground beneath our feet is an acute issue:
46% say they’re concerned about climate
change (Pew). When it comes to protecting the
environment, Gen Z mirror the worries of their
older Millennial siblings. This comes in stark
contrast to older generations: 56% of young
adults aged 18 to 34 (Millennials) say they’re
willing to pay much higher prices to protect the
environment, compared to only 20% of seniors
(National Geographic).
Gen Z would rather put their energy into
reusing resources than creating new ones.
Instead of artisanal everything, we’ll see an
emphasis on innovation, even from waste. Like
the global chefs who use every part of an animal
ME IS WE – IN 2025
Waste not:
from makers to fixers
– brains, butts, and broth – in their cuisines.
What was yesterday’s meal will be tomorrow’s
new canvas. Creating new biodegradable
materials that will expand, stretch and do things
like morph fruit skins into a handbag will be the
next wave of waste-not innovation.
Gen Z will be the Waste Nots, who fix the old to
invent the new.
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