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GEN Z 2025 “It’s hard Gen Z 2025: The Final Generation


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GEN Z 2025
“It’s hard to appreciate where you are when you’re
perpetually distracted by where you’re not,” she said.
The concept of internet addiction is in its infancy
for the medical community, but the problem is real.
Some early signals to watch out for include simply
spending hours online, and becoming irritable
when interrupted during such an internet coma,
according to a recent UK study. The same research
revealed that 16% of the young adults surveyed
showed signs of online addiction.
Fortunately for the Gen Z bunch, they are already
aware of spending too much time online, although
they’re not that bothered by it. Fifty-nine percent of
13- to 17-year-olds think they spend too much time
online, but it doesn’t mean they have plans to cut
down on their internet time (s&h). After all, digital
is a crucial part of their day. One in three (32%) say
what what they do online is important (s&h).
59% of teens
think they
spend too much
time online
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