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GEN Z 2025 Instilled with Gen Z 2025: The Final Generation


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GEN Z 2025
Instilled with a drive to create work and make
money, Gen Z are intent on learning their own way.
Seventy-five percent of teens say there are ways of
getting a good education other than by going to
college (s&h). And even when they agreed with this
statement, 66% still plan to attend college (s&h).
But the traditional path of summer job, school,
college, and real job no longer applies. Their
learning paths are less defined by traditional
educational structures than they are by a desire
to learn in new ways. That could mean home-
schooling (for an estimated 2.2 million kids in the
US), or just learning online. Their heroes are people
like Kenyan Julius Yego who taught himself javelin
on YouTube – and ended up scoring gold in the
world championships.
For many, college is still firmly in their future,
but they want a hand in their own education.
Seventy-two percent of teens say colleges should
let students design their own courses or major
(Northeastern University). And 63% want
colleges to offer courses in founding or running
a business (Northeastern University). Such
aspirations hint at their drive to learn outside of
the box – and feed their own interests.
Learning opportunities are no longer linear,
they’re everywhere.
And age is no hindrance.
Education: I did it my way
63% want colleges
to offer courses
in founding or
running a business
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