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Celebrity 2.0: New New Hollywood is Breaking All The Rules


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The rise of the creative class is reshaping media and redefining fame and celebrity. The balance of power has shifted from producers, studios, broadcast networks, etc., to the new creative talent. We call this creative class “New New Hollywood” (NNH).
But what’s really profound is the power that these NNH creators wield. NNH personalities have enormous fan bases with extraordinary loyalty and unprecedented engagement - fanatical, in fact.
For example, Nicki Minaj (a traditional celebrity) has <9.5><5mil Twitter fans, while PewDiePie (a NNH celebrity) commands an audience of nearly 40 million on YouTube. NNH has so much influence it could single-handedly reshape culture and society, let alone brand preferences. NNH could even swing the 2016 presidential election!
Brands need to leverage NNH, but to do so, they need to understand the context and unique ways in which NNH operates. The rules of engagement are very different.
This report sets out to shed light on one of the most important cultural forces at work today: NEW NEW HOLLYWOOD.

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Celebrity 2.0: New New Hollywood is Breaking All The Rules

  2. 2. The rise of the creative class is reshaping media and redefining fame and celebrity. The balance of power has shifted from producers, studios, broadcast networks, etc., to the new creative talent. We call this creative class “New New Hollywood” (NNH). But what’s really profound is the power that these NNH creators wield. NNH personalities have enormous fan bases with extraordinary loyalty and unprecedented engagement - fanatical, in fact. For example, Nicki Minaj (a traditional celebrity) has <9.5 million fans on YouTube and Hillary Clinton has <5mil Twitter fans, while PewDiePie (a NNH celebrity) commands an audience of nearly 40 million on YouTube. NNH has so much influence it could single-handedly reshape culture and society, let alone brand preferences. NNH could even swing the 2016 presidential election! Brands need to leverage NNH, but to do so, they need to understand the context and unique ways in which NNH operates. The rules of engagement are very different. This report sets out to shed light on one of the most important cultural forces at work today: NEW NEW HOLLYWOOD. 2
  3. 3. 3 SHIFTING BALANCE OF POWER: There have been sweeping changes in multiple industries, shifting from centralized authorities to sharing networks, for example…
  4. 4. Source: Nielson, Billboard 12.5% DECREASE in music track sales, including digital purchases. SHIFTING BALANCE OF POWER: FREEMIUM MUSIC 4 Music streaming services have recently exploded in popularity. Spotify appears to be the juggernaut that has constructed a sweet spot in the Freemium space. However, competitors like SoundCloud,TIDAL, Apple Music and soon Facebook Music are all attempting to perfect the formula for a highly demanded service. OVER 164B Songs were streamed on-demand through audio and video platforms in 2014.
  5. 5. Source: Khan Academy Press Room 580 MILLION lessons delivered on Khan Academy. SHIFTING BALANCE OF POWER: EDUCATION HACKING 5 The next generation will be the most educated in history, yet some argue that bureaucracy prevents the education system from adapting to rapidly changing economic and business environments. As a result, more people are turning to nontraditional education options, including homeschooling and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Khan Academy is one example of an education portal that provides entirely free subject lessons and practice problems online.
  6. 6. Source: SHIFTING BALANCE OF POWER: CITIZEN JOURNALISM 6 Increasing access to mobile technology and data plans has enabled civilians from around the world to assume the role of citizen journalists. While citizen journalism is scrutinized for lack of professional fact-checking and inciting mob mentality, mainstream news networks will often air or publish civilian-submitted stories. Furthermore, several regions have used social media to express political views and organize protests. In Ukraine, daily tweets nearly tripled after civilian fatalities during February 2014 protests.
  7. 7. 7 DECLINE OF TRADITIONAL MEDIA The ways in which we access entertainment, content, and information are changing, for example…
  8. 8. Source:Walt Disney Company 2014 Annual Report, 21st Centural Fox 2014 Annual Report, CBS Corporation 2014 Annual Report , Comcast 2014 Annual Report, Time Warner Cable 2014 Annual Report, Viacom 2014 Annual report TRADITIONAL MEDIA ARE GATE KEEPERS 8 Over the past few decades, top media companies have pursued a variety of acquisitions and mergers that resulted in the largest media conglomerates in history. While these conglomerates have astounding budgets for their content, many of them cling to outdated media practices. As a result, mainstream American media still struggles to successfully represent diversity and authenticity. Traditional media isn’t going anywhere, there will always be a demand for big blockbuster movies and major celebrities. However, one cannot disregard the rise of New New Hollywood and its growing influence on culture. Comcast $44.1 Billion 21st Century Fox $31.8 Billion Walt Disney Co. $48.8 Billion CBS Corp. $13.8 Billion Viacom $13.7 Billion Time Warner Cable $22.8 Billion
  9. 9. Source: Ad Age, Nieslon 48% of Americans watch video online as of 2011. 625,000 people dropped cable subscriptions in 2015, the LARGEST EVER quarterly drop in history. CABLE IS STAGNATING 9 Speculation about a wave of cable cutting — when a consumer cancels a cable TV subscription in favor of Internet-only service — has shaken up the cable networks sector. While consumer interest in new cable subscriptions becomes stagnant, the movie industry struggles to fill theaters. Torrenting culture has normalized free, quality content available at the consumer’s convenience.
  10. 10. Source: Statista, Businesswire, Reuters , Business Insider SUBSCRIPTION STREAMING IS RISING 10 While illegal streaming devours a certain portion of revenue, there is a growing number of legal, paid streaming services that consumers turn to for video content. 62M Subscribers 9M Subscribers 600K Subscribers 20M Subscribers
  11. 11. Source: ubergizmo, cnet, cnet STREAMING DEVICES ENABLE 24/7 ACCESS TO CONTENT 11 What happens to your old TV set when cable cutting or tablet surfing becomes the main source of entertainment? You turn that TV screen into a second screen for your mobile. The technology sector has been churning out streaming devices that help consumers access their digital content on any HDMI- compatible screen. Move over cable box, the streaming dongle has arrived! 10M units sold 10M units sold 20M units sold CHROMECAST ROKU APPLE TV
  12. 12. Source: Pew Research Center, comScore 64% of American adults now own a smartphone. 60% of time spent consuming digital media occurs on mobile phones. MOBILE IS NOW THE NEW #1 FOR CONTENT CONSUMPTION 12 We are also seeing dramatic shifts in the way people consume media, specifically the time spent watching and the device they are watching on. As consumers are adopting these digital services that allow them to stream from any internet connected device, media consumption on tablets and smartphones is rapidly increasing (surpassing desktop usage for the first time in 2014). Currently, brands are spending more ad dollars on TV media when in reality, the majority of engaged consumption occurs on mobile devices.
  13. 13. Source: Pew Research Center 46% of adult internet users post original photos or videos online. APPOINTMENT VIEWING IS DEAD 13 Prior to new media platforms, creators would post their content on blogs or personal websites. While users could bookmark or manually navigate to these sites, it didn’t ensure that users would stay up to date on new content. In contrast, new media emphasizes the follow/subscribe feature. Subscribe functionality varies by platform, but it generally involves opting in to receive updates when a creator posts new content. This distinguishes new media from old, as individual consumers have replaced media conglomerates as the gatekeepers, deciding which creators are featured on media platforms.
  16. 16. 16 DIGITAL PLATFORMS REPLACE NETWORK CHANNELS: A handful of platforms dominate, for example…
  17. 17. Source: YouTube, YouTube 300 HOURS of video uploaded every MINUTE! 1B USERS YOUTUBE IS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PLATFORM IN THE WORLD 17 The largest of all new media platforms, YouTube has been the main hub of internet video content since 2005. The first New New Hollywood stars found their success on YouTube, paving the way for future YouTube celebrities, as well as establishing a model for success on other new media platforms.
  18. 18. Source: Vine Twitter Account, Gigaom 1.5B DAILY LOOPS on Vine videos. 40M registered users on Vine. VINE IS THE MOST SNACKABLE FORM OF STORYTELLING 18 Founded in 2012, this new media platform is all about sharing short-form videos. 6-second videos, to be exact. While some might see a 6-second window as extremely limiting, the users who demonstrated the most creativity quickly garnered sizable audiences.
  19. 19. Source: Twitch PR Director TWITCH OFFERS THE MOST IMMERSIVE LIVE CONTENT 19 Founded in June 2011, Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Twitch’s live and video on demand platform caters to the entire video game industry. This includes game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, casual content creators, and the entire esports scene. In February 2014, Twitch was ranked the 4th largest website in terms of peak Internet traffic in the U.S. fortifying the brand as an entertainment industry leader. 106 MINUTES Daily average that individual users watch per DAY. 100M Community Members on
  20. 20. Source: Instagram Press , Instagram Press 30B+ Photos Shared! 300M Monthly active users. INSTAGRAM IS #1 IN SOCIAL PHOTO SHARING 20 Instagram is the dominant photo and YouTube sharing service. Instagram launched in 2010 with a focus on the mobile experience, although it can be accessed via desktop as well. With a massive user base and dedicated Discover functionality, Instagram is yet another new media platform that highlights creativity and curation.
  21. 21. Source: Snapchat Ads , Snapchat Ads, 60% of U.S. 13-to 34-year-old smartphone users are Snapchatters. 100M Daily active Snapchatters! SNAPCHAT OWNS BEHIND THE SCENES, LIFE LOGGING 21 Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app launched in 2012. The app allows users to share photos and videos with individuals on their contact lists or upload content to a Story which is viewable by anyone who follows that user. The feature that has helped Snapchat explode in popularity is the ephemerality of sharing: individual messages will disappear after viewing, while Stories disappear after 24 hours.
  22. 22. Source: Periscope Blog, Tech Crunch, 1.1M videos were shared on Beme within just 8 days of the app’s launch. Periscope gained 10M users just 4 months after launch. NEW PLATFORMS ARE CONSTANTLY EMERGING IN THE NEW MEDIA SPACE 22 An exciting aspect of the new media industry is that it is constantly evolving. Multiple new platforms launched within the last year, including Periscope, Meerkat and Beme. If these names don’t sound familiar, they will soon. Their user base is quickly growing, and we are already beginning to see creators shape the content and community on these platforms.
  23. 23. 23 TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN: CREATORS The NNH ecosystem is dominated by thousands of content creators, each with a unique perspective and story, for example…
  24. 24. CREATORS COVER A WIDE SPECTRUM OF SUBJECT MATTER AND AUDIENCE SIZE 24 New media consumers have the luxury of variety. Creators are constantly uploading new content across platforms, creating a library of infinite content that spans from videos of waffles falling over to how-to cooking channels. While the super successful creators have audiences well into the millions, the smaller audiences of more niche channels are often the most dedicated and passionate. MEGA STARS (1M+) EMERGING STARS (100K+) NICHE COMMUNITIES (10k+) CONTENT GENRES YOUTUBE Tyler Oakley Gigi Gorgeous FunToyzCollector MarkE Miller GentleWhispering RoseEllenDix Awkwafina schnooleheletteletto Gimmeabreakman Unboxing Videos Vlogs Make Up Tutorials VINE King Bach Thomas Sanders Lele Pons Maxwell Kandler Simply Sylvio Meagan Cignoli Wheezer Swelldesigner Jereminho Freestyle Comedy Skits Music Covers Art/Design TWITCH Syndicate captainsparklez PhantomL0rd kittyplaysgames markiplier twitchplayspokemon OneMoreGameTV AngryTestie Slowpoke101 Gaming Livestreams Competitions Community Gaming INSTAGRAM @baddiewinkle @Marniethedog @thefatjewish @chrisozer @brosbeingbasic @carly @sew_sketchy @justinliv @theshortnews Lifestyle Curation Food Porn
  25. 25. LELE PONS: SHE HAS OLD HOLLYWOOD LOOKS WITHOUT THE STUCK-UP ATTITUDE, AND SHE POKES FUN AT THE COMEDY OF LIFE. 25 CONTENT: Viner, creates comedy skits STRATEGY: “Whenever I post I try to create a concept that is relatable to my audience. So if school is starting, I'll do a post about school. If prom is coming up, I'll post about prom. I like to think of my Vine as a diary that my fans can be a part of. It's important to me for my audience to feel like I'm relatable to them.” FANDOM: 6.7B vine loops 9.2M 452K 352K 3M
  26. 26. LOGAN PAUL: A MODERN CLOWN WHO ISN’T AFRAID OF BREAKING SOCIAL NORMS. 26 CONTENT: Viner, physical comedy STRATEGY: Logan was one of the early adopters of Vine, uploading content regularly and quickly garnering a massive fanbase. Most recently, Paul has moved to the Los Angeles “Vine Complex,” an apartment building where multiple successful Vines live, allowing them to network and concrete regularly. FANDOM: 1B vine loops 8.4M 2.3M 571K 1.7M
  27. 27. CONTENT: Instagram, regular content of Marnie on assorted adventures STRATEGY: Marnie’s owners have clearly leaned into the Unapologetic and Perfectly Imperfect trends. Advocating for senior dog adoptions, daily photos of Marnie exploring New York fill viewers with a sense of happiness and adoration. Marnie’s signature floppy tongue and tilted head are always a welcome site on any Instagram feed. FANDOM: 100K+ likes on photos MARNIETHEDOG: A PERFECTLY IMPERFECT CANINE LIVES IN PERPETUAL HAPPINESS. 27 1.6M 336K 103K 774K
  28. 28. HOTDUDESREADING: A METICULOUSLY CURATED FEED OF LITERATE BACHELORS. 28 CONTENT: Instagram, curated photos of…well… Hot Dudes Reading STRATEGY: “The key to maintaining growth is to always put ourselves in the position of our followers: Why do we unfollow popular accounts? What sponsored posts have gotten us to take an action and comment and like? Does this post feel relevant and authentic? Do we want to hang out with the person behind the profile? Does the account feel good/positive?…Our captions are always complimentary inserting a little bit of snarky, sometimes dirty, storytelling to keep the likes and followers coming.” FANDOM: 60K+ likes on photos 661K 18K 6.5K
  29. 29. Source: linky link link SEW_SKETCHY: A SASSY FASHIONISTA EXPRESSED IN STUNNING ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS. 29 CONTENT: Instagram, daily uploads of fashion design illustration STRATEGY: “You have to stay true to your voice and constantly create original content that no one has ever seen before…I'm creating a fantasy world where fashion-crazed people can walk into a dream. I see that in my “likes." People go onto my Instagram and don't just "like" one picture, they scroll through and like more than 20 images. That's my way of knowing they stepped into my world, and the moment that the "started following you" notification shows up is when I know they're here to stay.” FANDOM: 1,600+ likes on photos 21.8K
  30. 30. KITTYPLAYSGAMES: LIGHTHEARTED COMMENTARY AND DIRECT ENGAGEMENT WITH FANS. 30 CONTENT: Twitch, Gameplay Livestream STRATEGY: “I think it is really important to truly love your community. With that as a foundation, I focus on creating value in my stream and not comparing myself to what others are doing. Also, one of the best things you can do as a live streamer is make sure that you are consistent with your stream. Providing regular scheduled streams and equal value each time ensures that people come back every day to see what you are up to.” FANDOM: 15M video views 598K 236K 76K 109K
  31. 31. CASEY NEISTAT: METICULOUS LIFE LOGGING COUPLED WITH A KEEN EYE FOR CINEMATICS. 31 CONTENT: YouTube, daily video blogs (vlogs) capturing everyday life STRATEGY: Casey is a talented videographer, but the day he turned the camera on himself would be the start of an incredibly successful new media career. His daily vlogs caught the attention of mainstream media, and he has been asked to create multiple videos for large corporate brands. When he’s not giving Snapchat consultations, Casey is working on his newly launched app, Beme, which is one of the latest additions to new media platforms. FANDOM: 209M video views 995K 133K 189K 416K
  32. 32. 32 WHAT CREATORS WANT BRANDS TO KNOW “be fully aware of our voice and our image, not just theirs. In order for a great collaboration to work, it needs to be a marriage of the two brand visions, and that’s how you’ll break the internet.” -sew_sketchy, 22.4k followers “Traditional flashy ads all over the page have a tendency of diluting the streamers’ value and making them look like a "sellout" which loses their ability to sell their viewers on a product or service.” -KittyPlaysGames, 600k followers “Trust in my ideas. I know my fans and I know what will get them thinking and interested…it’s important for me to feel relatable with my audience.” -Lele Pons, 9m followers
  33. 33. 33 THE NEW NETWORKS
  34. 34. MULTICHANNEL NETWORKS (MCN) & TALENT AGENCIES 34 As creators’ audiences grew to rival those of mainstream cable networks, several other MCNs were created to cater to a variety of new media creators. MCNs represent a variety of talent across genres and social platforms. Channels Views/Month Investments/Acquisitions Clients Maker Studios 1,800+ 6.5 billion+ $500-$950M Disney Acquisition (March 2014) Target, Disney, WB, Universal, Sony Pictures, Mattel, Kia, Pepsi, EA, Old Navy Fullscreen 10,000+ 3 billion ~$30M invested by The Chernin Group AT&T, CNN, Ford, HBO, Lexus, McDonalds, NBC, P&G, Taco Bell Machinima 10,000+ 1.11 billion+ $35M Google Investment, $18M Time Warner share acquisition Gamer Industry Collective Digital Studio 690+ 200 million Founded by talent agent, Michael Green Verizon, Dodge, Toyota, Estée Lauder, etc… Big Frame 300 135 million $15 mil AwesomenessTV acquisition Virgin Mobile, Tide, Macy’s, Ubisoft, Pepsi Grapevine 29,000+ 500 million $1.1M in seed funding Remington, NatureBox, Walgreens, NYX, Tweezerman, BH Cosmetics
  35. 35. ORIGINAL NETWORKS WERE BORN FROM NNH CREATORS 35 After successful new media creators began to develop their own network, many of them recognized the need for professional representation. While some partnered with traditional talent agencies, others wanted agents and managers that understood the rapidly changing world of new media. Thus, a group of creators created the first multichannel network: Maker Studios. Maker served as a creative network, providing talent with equipment, studio space and access to management and representation.
  36. 36. THE ROLE OF AN MCN IS A HYBRID OF STUDIO, AGENT AND PROMOTER 36 New media creators are attracted to MCN partnerships because they provide a variety of resources without attempting to take ownership or creative control over the content. MCNs play a supportive role, taking care of brand relationships, negotiations and sometimes even editing and data analytics needs so that creators can focus on creating quality content.
  37. 37. MCNS ARE NOT EXPLOITING CREATORS 37 While brands certainly have the opportunity to help develop this new sector of media and entertainment, there are examples of traditional media outlets hindering the success of new media creators. The rock group, Unlocking the Truth, is one such example. After one of its live Brooklyn performances went viral, the teens were signed by Sony for $1.8M. Unfortunately, the boys struggled to adapt to the corporate circus and felt they were sacrificing their artistic integrity for the sake of the contract.
  38. 38. 38 Fandom NNH FANDOM The culture of NNH fans is like no other, and almost as influential as the creators themselves.
  39. 39. FAN COMMUNITIES ARE THE HEARTBEAT OF NNH 39 New New Hollywood stars would be nothing without their audiences. One key tactic for developing a dedicated and engaged audience is to foster a strong sense of community between the creator and the audience as well as between audience members. Creators are often very careful not to label their audience as fans. To both creator and viewers, the relationship is far more intimate than a typical celebrity/fan relationship. Creators are often sharing their personal lives or passion projects to be consumed by viewers in the intimacy of their own bedrooms.
  40. 40. VIEWERS WILL TRAVEL, QUEUE, AND PURCHASE WITH FERVOR 40 Successful new media creators experience a celebrity status akin to mainstream celebrities. For thousands of fans the chance to meet their favorite new media star is priceless, including the hours of wait time, travel costs and VIP access for meet and greets. Many new media creators open online merch stores as a source of added revenue, and new T-shirt and hoodie designs will often sell out within hours. In 2013, a twerking Tyler Oakley instigated the entire Staples Center to chant his name at a Tyler Oakley concert, a small feat for someone who can routinely start globally trending hashtags on Twitter.
  41. 41. NNH EVENTS WILL BECOME THE COMIC CON OF TOMORROW 41 Similar to many other special interest communities, there are several specific events focused entirely on New Media that provide an opportunity for fans to meet their favorite creators in real life. While tickets to these events are typically not cheap, they include access to multiple days of entertainment, education and merch. VIDCON The largest convention for online media, providing a space for creators, viewers and industry reps to meet, communicate and learn. Attendance: 19,500 PLAYLIST LIVE An annual event hosted in Orlando, FL, bringing creators and their supporters together for 3 days of interactive activities and experiences. This year, Playlist Live will also be held in Washington, D.C. Attendance: 8,000 DIGITOUR DigiTour is the world’s first social media tour and festival, taking place in cities all over the world showcasing popular talent from YouTube, Vine, Twitter and Instagram. Attendance: 110,000 BUFFERFESTIVAL Combining YouTube content and a film festival, multiple theaters will showcase YouTube videos from specific genres or themes. The content creators are in attendance for intimate Q&A sessions with the audience. Attendance: 100s
  42. 42. FANDOMS REMIX AND CREATE NEW, ORIGINAL CONTENT 42 For creative fans, creators are the perfect muse. They’ll draw portraits, write fan fiction, and create an infinite number of GIFs and memes to share within their fandom. Creators are happy to feature this work, and will often incorporate fan designs and soundtracks into their content, social profiles and merchandise.
  43. 43. VIRAL SHARING CREATES NEW ICONS IN COMMON CULTURE 43 The creation and sharing of Internet memes has become a normalized form of communication. While many memes are created using stock images or illustrations, some memes are created when a candid photo goes viral. The subjects of these photos, such as Grumpy Cat or Overly Attached Girlfriend, gain a type of celebrity status due to their widespread recognizability.
  44. 44. Source: YouTube Statistics, YouTube Statistics YouTube is available in 61 languages. ~60% of creators’ views come from outside their home country. GLOBAL AUDIENCES ARE SHAPING A NEW, UNIVERSAL FORM OF COMMUNICATION 44 The New New Hollywood audience is markedly international. Wherever one can find an Internet or network connection, new media can be accessed. Without a dependency on distribution channels (movie theaters, cable networks) audiences are no longer limited to localized content. South Americans can now watch content created in Asia just as easily as a boy who lives in a rural village can watch content from the next town over.
  45. 45. 45 OBTAINING INTERNET STARDOM There are several techniques NNH creators use to maintain engaged audiences.
  46. 46. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL CREATORS ADHERE TO A STRATEGIC FORMULA 46 For the time being, traditional media stars remain the most widely recognizable and financially successful. As this era of New New Hollywood continues to become normalized, however, the path to stardom seems to be shifting. Among the most successful New New Hollywood stars, there are 5 distinct factors that always play a role in developing massive online audiences: 1. Cross Platform 2. Authenticity 3. Collaboration 4. Diversity 5. Consistency
  47. 47. ESTABLISH AN ‘ALWAYS ON’ SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE 47 Creating content and uploading it to the Web is not enough to develop a successful career in new media. New New Hollywood stars are incredibly dependent on social media platforms to promote their content. Facebook fan pages, Twitter, and Tumblr also serve as communication lines between creators and their viewers — as well as fan-to-fan communication. Maintaining an active social media presence allows viewers to feel connected to creators even though they may never meet.
  48. 48. SHARE THE MOST AUTHENTIC SELF POSSIBLE 48 At this point, the public meltdown has become a commonplace occurrence in celebrity culture. There are certainly plenty of examples of meltdowns in the new media space as well. This type of raw, unfiltered authenticity is another factor in developing strong relationships with viewers. Many creators disregard the fourth wall in their content, often addressing their viewers directly to make confessions ranging from skipping showers to battling mental illness.
  49. 49. CREATORS LEAN INTO THEIR NETWORKS, RELYING ON COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION 49 Collaboration is one of the most powerful tools in a new media creator’s arsenal. When new media creators collaborate, they are gaining exposure with an audience that may be unfamiliar with their content. Collab projects are some of the highest viewed content in the new media space, so it is no surprise that many new media creators relocate to L.A. to have better access to a wider community of collab partners.
  50. 50. THERE IS NOW AN INFINITE NUMBER OF DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES AND EXPERIENCES ONLINE 50 Diversity sets New New Hollywood apart from traditional media. There is definitely a long way to go regarding diversity, as many creators have pointed out systemic racial issues reflected in the way platforms feature and promote creators. Despite this, the very low barrier to entry allows individuals from all different backgrounds to share their unique perspective with the world. While representation of diversity in traditional media has remained disappointingly unchanged, many viewers see POC and Queer creators as the few authentic representations of themselves in popular culture. Tyler Oakley, an openly gay YouTuber, has over 7.5M SUBSCRIBERS ~540,000 results for transgender content on YouTube.
  51. 51. A CONSISTENT PUBLISHING SCHEDULE ALLOWS FOR A WEALTH OF FEEDBACK AND REITERATION 51 Few creators gain millions of viewers overnight. For many, it took years of posting regular content (daily in some cases) to grow their audiences. Developing a set schedule for posting content provides a structure and sense of familiarity. In addition, creators are likely to get regular feedback when they have a set schedule for content. This allows them to refine the creative process and cater to their audiences’ preferences, such as post time, collab partners, and themes.
  53. 53. TODAYS CREATORS WILL BE TOMORROW’S POLITICIANS 53 First and foremost, we will continue to see a blending of new media and old. More mainstream celebrities are evolving their digital brands, recognizing their fans’ desire for more connection and authenticity. Next, NNH moves from entertainment to politics. NNH creators are already far surpassing politicians with regards to influence on the world’s young people. Once these creators begin giving political endorsements, (a practice already typical of mainstream celebrities), it won’t be long before they are endorsing each other. Consider also that these creators are no strangers to democracy, they are constantly taking viewer feedback to inspire new content — and next, legislation.
  54. 54. 9 TIPS FOR BRANDS 54 1. Watch New New Hollywood content! New media is a fantastic place to observe and learn more about emerging cultural trends. 2. Reach out to a new media creator. Ask him or her to come to your office and share their thoughts about the changing world of marketing and entertainment with your team. 3. Decide if your brand DNA allows for participation in new media. NOVICE EXPERIENCED EXPERT 1. Allocate a budget for new media exploration. Use this budget for collaborations with established creators or for developing internal talent. 2. Establish a relationship with the creator network. Meet with an MCN or creative studio to learn more about their services and network of creators. 3. Attend a new media event. This is the best way to get a feel for the energy and momentum behind this movement. 1. Create a new media app. Leverage connections with existing creators to create a new content network. 2. Sponsor a new media event, or start an entirely new one! Providing opportunities for creators and their viewers to meet and interact is one of the biggest white spaces ripe for development! 3. Invest in developing new media talent, such as creating studio space for creators or promoting undiscovered talent.
  55. 55. 55 CULTURAL STRATEGY We use 24/7 cultural intelligence to identify trends and territories attuned to brand DNA.  • Cultural Tension and White Space Mapping   • Collaborative Workshops • Organizational Design • Tailored Culture Operating Systems 55 SPARKS & HONEY OFFERINGS OPEN RESEARCH We are always on, tracking signals and establishing cultural context in a collaborative and agile environment.  • Cultural Listening • Trend Analytics • Research Entertainment • Open Research Platforms CONTENT & BRAND EXPERIENCE We create branded content and storytelling experiences that conquer new territories. • Editorial & Content Strategy • Social Marketing • Future-Focused Brand Experiences • Collaborative Executions with Persons of Interest INNOVATION We partner with people and organizations to promote curiosity and drive innovation, leading to new business models, next generation products and groundbreaking ideas.  • Incubator Design, Start-up Matchmaking, Start-up Incubation • Expert Forums
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