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Production log


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Production log

  1. 1. Production Log Title of piece: Cabin Group members: Sam Allen, Danny King, Luke Wrate Time Date Event 4:30pm- 11/10/2013 We filmed the opening to Cabin at Fylands woods camp site; this 7:30pm was because it is an isolated forest location, perfect for our character to have a jog in. We filmed all of the scenes for the film on this day to ensure that the weather stays the same throughout the opening. We couldn’t exactly have one scene sunny and the next raining. To get all the different camera angles we had to collaborate together by climbing up trees and steadying the tripod for the high angle shots and Birdseye view shots. We went on Friday after school to start filming as we planned this a week in advance we ensured that we had all the right props (the nooses and axe) all set up at the site for us. However as we got at the top of the forest we realised we forgot the young ladies Ipod so I had to run back down to the hut to grab the Ipod then run all the way back to the filming location. This was a minor setback but because we arrived on set an hour early we was still able to get all the footage we needed before the darkness fell. Future Action Upload the footage Create the opening time line Editing the scenes together in order Look for sound track Person responsible Danny Luke Danny Sam