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Music video treatment

  1. 1. Music Video Treatment “All My Life” – Foo Fighters An epic song deserves an epic music video. This is a dark song and therefore I will have it be a dark music video. There will be a lot of lighting that will help put across the effect of it being really dark and oppressive. We see black lights to keep the imagery that's dark and distorted, and flood lights to create hard lighting and long shadows. The speed of the action in this video is varying from slow, to fast, to normal. There are multiple people singing the song in fast and slow motion while things are going on around them at different speeds. The beginning shows us a dark room with dark walls and only black lights illuminating the room. Our main character is in all black with a white pic playing guitar. We see only select parts of him that are illuminated by the black lights. He starts playing the part with close ups on his eyes and mouth, that are closed. Once the lyrics kick in, he starts singing, with a close up back on his mouth. Once the music kicks in with the rest of the band, the dark person under the black lights opens his eyes extremely wide and screams with the music. After the intro and into the verse, we see someone walking downtown at night, the street lights creating hard lighting from above, casting shadows over our character's face. The people and the cars in the background will be going very fast as our character moves slowly. The chorus kicks in and the band is playing the song in a dark room with a single flood light that lights the band. The next verse is similar to the verse before but instead of walking down town, our main character is walking on the waterfront which once again, is a dark setting and with the person singing the song in fast to slow motion. Now the “build-up” part of the song, has quicker cuts, which go from one scene to another. From the man in the intro in the black light, to the band playing, to the scenes in the verses. On every scratch, the man in the black light would starts to appear in all of the scenes. The “build-up” reaches its apex, to a scene of the guitarist in the band jumping up in the air, shot from a low angle with a flood light behind him, so all you see is a black figure with a guitar jumping through the air in slow motion. The scene then cuts to the man in the black light scene screaming the lyrics while playing the guitar. During the final chorus, we see quick cuts of the band rocking out to the song, and at the very end of the song the man in the black light lunges at the main character. “Leap Year” Music Video This music video is all about time and friendship, losing friends and those who never loose hope or stop waiting for those that matter. We begin by focusing on a boy, pondering a picture on a window-sill (digitally), the picture flies from his hand in a gust of wind, music begins. An montage of urban scenes flash by, starting with a sun rising very fast, mixed with short flashes of character remembering his two friends. There are three main shots that remain constant scenes. One, a candlelit room with a large frozen clock taking up the entire background, where the boy occasionally sings along with mixture of mystery, longing, and sadness.
  2. 2. Next, a simple framed shot of the boy centered between his female and male friend, both facing them, only the backs of their heads and shoulder blades are visible as the stand halfway outside the spotlight . The boy now sits up in an old, grey tree, centered in a gated off abandoned schoolyard. Numbers of a clock circle around him and certain things hang on the branches like a Christmas tree. These very fantasy like, slow motion; whimsical, a little detached from reality shots of the boy striving to find the true friends as he remembers but not clearly enough. The girl friend is a manikin through most of the video, symbolizing how girls grow less honest of themselves around old friends in awkward meetings, and at the climax of the song she becomes real as he finally finds the way to see her the same again. Now the climax of the song and at an abandoned closed down establishment the two stand together, Just beginning to speak, suddenly a car turns towards them, the headlights blinding bright. From this point on, several flashes, like camera flashes, creating a sense of the clock getting faster and slowing down to normal at the end of the video. Finally, we see a close up of the character's hands reaching for on another, silloutted by a bright headlight. This image fades to “The End” written in Christmas lights.