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The 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report


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A brief overview of the 2011 report and how its topics fit within the context of IBM developerWorks, which looks to build skills and drive use of IBM technology and open standards.

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The 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report

  1. 1. The 2011 IBMTech Trends ReportTech Trends of today.Skills for tomorrow.
  2. 2. IBM developerWorks is the award-winningnetwork for IT professionals• Four million developers, IT professionals, and students in 195 countries use developerWorks each month.• The IT industry’s most comprehensive source of technical content since 1999.• Focused on IBM software products and open-standards technologies such as Java, Linux, XML, Web development, and more.2
  3. 3. developerWorks by the numbers• 39,000+ technical resources• 1500 new community members daily, 1M+ total• 100+ software trials• 27 product images available in the Cloud• 1000+ podcasts and 300+ videos on dW and YouTube, with 3-4 new ones each week• 300+ demos on both products and technologies• 1500+ forums• 3 dozen awards—from the industry and from readers and users3
  4. 4. As the planet gets smarter, finding skills gets tougher Industry Shaped context Employee IT skills as building blocks“While the overall unemployment rate remains over 9 percent, employers are having troublefilling specific positions because they could not find applicants with the rightskills… [which]projects a shortage of 1.5 million workers with college degrees by 2020.” — McKinsey & Company, June 2011 4
  5. 5. Deliver web-based resources and expertise to help IT practitioners, university faculty, and students understand, adopt, and prefer the products and technologies advanced by IBM.5
  6. 6. The annual Tech Trends survey connectsdeveloperWorks to its audience Building skills Creating content Engaging with users6
  7. 7. The survey builds upon what we know fromprevious research IBM brand 2010 reps results dW editors Over 4,000 responses7
  8. 8. The 2011 survey focused on key topics areasuncovered in the 2010 survey Business analytics Mobile computing Cloud computing Social business8
  9. 9. Business analytics9
  10. 10. Mobile computing10
  11. 11. Cloud computing11
  12. 12. Social business12
  13. 13. The report has been well received and widelycovered• “What I found interesting wasnt necessarily the report: we get plenty of surveys each week by various vendors. But the openness and the way that IBM is trying to engage you to talk about its results…. you can download the results as an SPSS dataset to do your own analysis, along with a detailed report on the demographics of the respondents, both of which is the first time I have seen that with one of these reports.” – ReadWriteWeb• “Students interested in a fruitful career as developers have ripe opportunities right now in the fields of data analytics, mobile, cloud, and social business.” – T.H.E. Journal13
  14. 14. We continue to engage with the audience, sothat we continue to learn• New findings are released on dW blogs• Users can download the data and analyze it in SPSS or Cognos• We present and discuss the report in various forums14
  15. 15. We create content and training ondeveloperWorks based on survey results• 37 targeted paths allow you to develop deep skills in trending areas• Track your progress and resume where you left off nowledgepath15
  16. 16. Thank you. Questions?Christopher
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