Innovation, Inside And Out


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This was a brief report on innovation at IBM in June 2009.

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Innovation, Inside And Out

  1. 1. Innovation, inside and out Mary Keough, Manager Christopher Wyble, Program Manager IBM CIO Innovation Programs
  2. 2. © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) Mary Keough Manager IBM CIO Innovation Programs [email_address] Christopher Wyble Program Manager IBM CIO Innovation Programs [email_address]
  3. 3. Innovation landscape © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) Brainstorm, share ideas Incubate and collaborate Validate and iterate Extreme Blue BizTech Emerging business opportunities TAP alphaWorks Lotus Greenhouse First of a Kind (FOAK) Jams Global Innovation Outlook Global Technology Outlook IBM lines of business Identify the challenge IBM internal stakeholders Partners Clients Implement, go to market Communities of practice ThinkPlace I N S I D E O U T S I D E
  4. 4. Inside IBM, we are all innovators. © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) Technology Adoption Program TAP is the singular, global destination for pilots and prototypes at IBM. We make it fun and easy to adopt new technology! ThinkPlace ThinkPlace fuels innovation across the ecosystem by being IBM's global idea marketplace. It enables every IBMer to be an innovator by providing a common forum for sharing, refining and recognizing ideas. Innovators Early Adopters Successful innovation + = Create and share innovative technology Try Innovators’ creations and provide feedback to improve them Reduce the time, cost and risk to transfer successful ideas into IBM’s products, services and internal tools Ideas Collaboration Innovative solutions + = Open, 24x7 system for submission of ideas Ideas discussed and refined by communities Deliver financial benefits to IBM, and grow a culture of innovation by recognizing innovators
  5. 5. We want to innovate with our clients. © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) Jams A platform for innovation through enterprise-wide brainstorming, connecting a large population of individuals across boundaries to develop ideas around business-critical or urgent societal issues. Lotus Greenhouse A live community website where clients can try out new Lotus collaboration products. IBMers and clients exchange ideas, collaborate with others, and share information on innovation and collaborative products. First of a Kind (FOAK) A collaboration among Research, Sales, Clients and Partners to test innovations on real business problems and growth opportunities. Seventy-five percent of projects drive or influence additional business. Global Innovation Outlook Openly sharing IBM’s business and technology forecasting processes for the first time, to collaboratively pursue opportunities with clients and the world. Global Technology Outlook Early identification of significant, disruptive trends, offering the potential to create new businesses. Attempts to understand how technology can impact customers, and directly influences IBM’s strategy. alphaWorks Makes promising software that is not yet commercialized available to the early adopter audience outside IBM. Forty percent of technologies on the site graduate into IBM products or industry standards!
  6. 6. TAP is reducing barriers to innovation. © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) hardware advertising discovery feedback + + +
  7. 7. It all starts here … tap © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) Check out the newest innovations on the site. Use RSS to stay updated without visiting. Everything you ever wanted to know is right here… and you can subscribe to this too! Numbers, numbers, and more numbers! Explore all the innovations on TAP, including mashups, by starting right here!
  8. 8. TAP’s influence is visible throughout IBM. © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) TAP innovations, graduates and transfers 31 transfers 121 graduates 591 innovations TAP participation by geography TAP community IBMers TAP Early Adopters (more than 1 in 4 IBMers) 156K TAP Innovators (roughly 1-2% of total community) 1,728
  9. 9. Ultimately, it’s about delivering value for the business. © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( )
  10. 10. What’s hot? © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( ) Awareness and insight: trends for decision makers TAP Top 10 Downloads (by volume, March 2009 to date)
  11. 11. Thank you © IBM Corporation, 2009 ( )