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Cnps itouch

  1. 1. Web 2.0, combined with a range of new technologies, enables teachers to create learning and teaching opportunities that develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that students require in order to live, learn and work in the 21st century. ICT-rich learning and teaching opportunities can increase studentparticipation, engagement and achievement.
  2. 2. 1-to-1 is about learning, not technology.Students need a curriculum that meets thedemands of an increasingly globalised andinterconnected world in the 21st century. We need to engage our students in a meaningful, engaging and independent learning way. iTouches were the way to go for our school.
  3. 3. We all learn in a variety of ways:• Seeing• Hearing• Doing• (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning)•We want to be engaged while learning. For today’s students part of thisengagement comes from interactive technologies.•iDevices provide activities that cater for all types of learners. These activitiescan be used to reinforce, support and extend learning.
  4. 4. Pedagogy of iPads within the Primary ClassroomsiPads are the latest technology to have captured the technology realm and alsothat of educators. As it is new and a lot is unknown about the fast paced growingworld of applications, there has been some apprehension around how we canimplement this in an effective teaching and learning tool within the classroomcontext while shrugging off the fears that it is only a new ‘toy’. While only beingintroduced since April 2010, there is already a lot of research and trials beingconducted on iPads as a learning tool.
  5. 5. After discussion with my principal Colin Firth, it was decided that theiPad/iTouch would be integrated into classroom learning as an engaging toolThe main aim is to integrate them as a learning tool for students withinclass.This will happen in RFF Technology time and as class time for S1T, S1Hand S1/2W. Apps have been carefully selected to work with not what the appcan be used for, but rather, this is the learning and the objectives; what app canhelp us best deliver the learning?
  6. 6. As part of the implementation stage of iTouches I have consulted with Mrs Hubbard and MrsThompson what learning area they would like to focus on . Both said literacy and numeracy.Also now there is an iPad to supplement learning in all classes.The Quality Teaching Elements and Blooms Digital Taxonomy will be referred to when buildingauthentic learning experiences. It is envisaged by embedding the technology into the learning thatthis will ensure that the learning is foremost. Setting the learning intentions prior to teaching givesthe students direction and the realisation that this is not ‘playing’ time only, but also learning.Gathering data in the form of scores also gave the students an objective. Scores would be postedand we would be looking at proof of improvement. This counteracted the student who rather thanworking on learning strategies in whole number in the app ‘Rocket Math’ to effectively improve,instead would randomly select as many answers as possible without regard to the outcome. Givingthe outcome accountability, avoided this type of behaviour.
  7. 7. Kindergarten & Year One Phonics ReadingLiteracy Books Handwriting
  8. 8. Kindergarten & Year One Counting Simple AdditionNumeracy Patterns
  9. 9. Year 2 Phonics Reading GrammarLiteracy Spelling Handwriting Books
  10. 10. Year 2 Counting Addition SubtractionNumeracy Patterns Times Tables
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