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  1. 1. To be accountable To create a positive learning environment To cater for student needs To be flexible To be aware of current educational trends To share in the decision making process To accept responsibility To liaise with the community To support and share with colleagues To vary my teaching style and patterns of learningCNPS RoleStatement
  2. 2. The central aim of education which, with home and community groups, the school pursues is: To guide individual development in the context of society through recognizable stages of development towardsperceptive understanding, mature judgement, responsible self-judgment and moral autonomy.CNPS Aims ofEducation
  3. 3. At Cardiff North, students are to reach their full potential through pupil, teacher and community endeavours. Philosophy At Cardiff North we believe that: Children should be given equitable opportunities and responsibilities Children should be responsible for their actions Children should be treated with empathy Children should be encouraged to reach their full potential The positives should be emphasised Flexibility in education should reflect flexibility in living Belief Statements Show respect Be positive Be fair Accept things we cannot change but work to improve those things we can changeCNPS Mission Show respect for the environment Be responsibleStatment
  4. 4. I have a great job in the universe of occupations. What do I do? I’m a “star polisher”. I have a very important job. If you want to know how important Just go out at night and look at the stars. Twinkling and sparkling. You see, I’m a teacher. The stars are the children in my class. My job is to take them in- In whatever shape they’re in- And shine and buff them and send them out to take Their places as bright little twinkling beacons in the sky. They come in my room in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re bent, tarnished, dirty, crinkly, and broken. Some stars are cuddly, soft, and sweet. Some stars are prickly and thorny. I tell them that the world cannot do without them. I tell them they can do anything they set their minds to do. I tell them they can be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky and the world will be a better place because of them. Each night as I look at the sky,CNPS The Star Im reminded of my very important job and awesome responsibility.I go and get my soft buffing cloth and my bottle of polish in preparation for tomorrow and for my class of little stars.Polisher
  5. 5. If A Child Lives ... If a child lives with criticism. . . . . . . .he learns to condemn. If a child lives with hostility. . . . . . . . he learns to fight. If a child lives with fear. . . . . . . .he learns to be apprehensive. If a child lives with jealousy. . . . . . . .he learns to feel guilt. If a child lives with tolerance. . . . . . . . he learns to be patient. If a child lives with encouragement . . . . . . . .he learns to be confident. If a child lives with praise. . . . . . . .he learns to be appreciative. If a child lives with acceptance. . . . . . . .he learns to love. If a child lives with approval. . . . . . . .he learns to like himself. If a child lives with recognition . . . . . . . .he learns that it is good to have a goal. If a child lives with honesty. . . . . . . .he learns what truth is. If a child lives with fairness. . . . . . . .he learns justice.If a child lives with security. . . . . . . .he learns to trust in himself and others .If a child lives with friendliness. . . . . . . .he learns the world is a nice place in which to live.CNPS If a Child by Dorothy Law NolteLives