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Machine translation in web-authoring (Accurat)


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Intermediate evaluation results of using Accurat machine translation in web authoring (for general public)

Published in: Technology, Business
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Machine translation in web-authoring (Accurat)

  1. 1. Machine  transla-on  in     web  authoring   Mateja  Verlič      Customized  Machine  Transla4on:  Pla7orm,  Tools  and  Applica4on   GALA2012  Workshop   Monte  Carlo   2012-­‐03-­‐25  
  2. 2. •                                                               2007  winners   Investment  from  Eden,  TAG,     Union  Square  Ventures    •  Founders  &  masterminds   Boštjan  Špe-č,  CEO   Andraž  Tori,  CTO    
  3. 3. Zemanta  authoring  assistant  •  Accelera-ng  online  content  produc-on     and  enrichment  •  Analyzing  text  and  recognizing     contextual  content  •  Sugges-ng  related  content  for     inspira-on  and/or  inclusion  
  4. 4. Zemanta  authoring  assistant  
  5. 5. Our  role  in  Accurat  
  6. 6. Demonstra-on  
  7. 7. And  a  few  numbers…  
  8. 8. THANK  YOU  FOR  YOUR  ATTENTION  The  research  within  the  project  LetsMT!  leading  to  these  results  has  received  funding  from  the  ICT  Policy  Support  Programme  (ICT  PSP),  Theme  5  –  MulElingual  web,  grant  agreement  no  250456.    The  research  within  the  project  ACCURAT  leading  to  these  results  has  received  funding  from  The  Seventh  Framework  Programme  (FP7),  Theme  ICT-­‐2009.2.2,  grant  agreement  no  248347.  
  9. 9. “OFFLINE”  DEMO  
  10. 10. What  we  have  
  11. 11. What  we  do:  Accurat  MT  in  ac-on  
  12. 12. What  we  want