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Containerday 2018 - Alibaba Cloud Container Service deep dive


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In questo talk faremo una overview del Container service di Alibaba cloud, esplorandone le potenzialità e le problematiche comuni da tenere in considerazione, vedremo come fare provisioning di cluster in maniera automatica (swarm e kubernetes), come fare monitoraggio e come tenere sotto controllo i costi.


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Containerday 2018 - Alibaba Cloud Container Service deep dive

  1. 1. Alibaba cloud container service deep diving
  3. 3. Alibaba story: 1996 Jack Ma and his wife, at China Pages office in 1996.
  4. 4. Alibaba story: 1999 Alibaba was founded on Feb. 21 1999 by 18 shareholders led by Jack Ma
  5. 5. Alibaba story: 2003 Alibaba setup a secret task force to develop the consumer site TaoBao, declaring war to Ebay and its chinese partners.
  6. 6. Alibaba story: 2009 Alibaba acquires HiChina, chinese leading internet infrastructure service provider. Alibaba Cloud is established.
  7. 7. Alibaba story: 2018 Alibaba is now the world largest internet retailer. Becoming the second asian company breaking the $500BN valuation mark.
  8. 8. Alibaba cloud “Our goal is to overtake Amazon in four years, whether that’s in customers, technology, or worldwide scale” A new generation global cloud provider with a clear mission. Simon Hu - President of Alibaba Cloud - Reuters 2015
  9. 9. Alibaba cloud
  10. 10. Alibaba cloud ➔ 40+ cloud products ➔ ChinaConnect services (ICP, regulations) ➔ VPC-peering cross border to/from China (ExpressConnect)
  11. 11. Alibaba cloud - Container service A fully featured managed Kubernetes and Swarm deeply integrated with Alibaba Cloud ecosystem.
  12. 12. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes
  13. 13. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes
  14. 14. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes ➔ Standard Kubernetes distribution ➔ CSI storage - ACD, OSS, NAS ➔ HPA, Cluster autoscaler ➔ L7 network LB ingress support ➔ RBAC compatible ➔ Service free of charge but you pay the master instances
  15. 15. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes
  16. 16. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes
  17. 17. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes
  18. 18. DEMO TIME
  19. 19. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes serverless (BETA) A new way to leavege the power of Kubernetes, SERVERLESS
  20. 20. Alibaba cloud - Kubernetes serverless (BETA) ➔ Worldwide public beta testing since August 2018 ➔ Fully working Kubernetes APIs (HPA, Volumes, Ingress, Jobs) ➔ Pay just what you use, based on the requested resources.
  21. 21. DEMO TIME
  22. 22. ➔ Standard Docker distribution (swarm mode) ➔ Orchestration with docker-compose ➔ Node auto scaling ➔ Free of charge Alibaba cloud: Docker swarm
  23. 23. Alibaba cloud: Docker swarm orchestration Alibaba cloud custom labels
  24. 24. Alibaba cloud: Container registry ➔ Standard Docker registry ➔ Image security scan ➔ Automatic build from git repos ➔ Multi-regional and replicated ➔ Automatic mirroring of Docker hub images ➔ Free of charge
  25. 25. Who i am Paolo Mainardi @paolomainardi ➔ CTO @sparkfabrik ➔ Cloud native developer advocate ➔ We are hiring!