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Share Point Customizations How Far Should You Go


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This presentation was given by Alexander Meijers as part of the Sparked Toolkit Session: SharePoint Nightmares.

It discusses the boundaries of SharePoint when it comes to customizations.

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Share Point Customizations How Far Should You Go

  1. 1. How far should you go? SHAREPOINT CUSTOMIZATIONS
  2. 2. Do you recognize yourself?  Yes, we are building everything our selves!  We are deviating from the standards  We say too often “SharePoint? Yes it can!”  We have complicated the design
  3. 3. Reality check!  Not delivering what the customer asked  Too complicated system  Performance issues  Over budget  SharePoint gets a bad name Know the product its limits!
  4. 4. First step to disaster  Communication  Lack of it  Assumptions  No documentation • Lesson learned  Communicate!! It is not that hard!  Document everything  Say NO to your customer  Customer sessions
  5. 5. Second step to disaster  The data model  Over designed the system  Based on relational databases  Mapped to Content Types and Lists  Multi-tier solution implementation • Lessons learned  Do not threat Lists as a database table  Check if you need to store the data in SharePoint or another location  Do I really need all those tiers?  Keep it stupid simple
  6. 6. Third step to disaster  Implementation  Only focus on the presentation and not on maintaining the content  Not using out-of-the box functionality  Developers only know their piece  No code documentation • Lessons learned  Try to use as much as possible out-of-the box  Think of Content management, Security and Search from the beginning  Document your code
  7. 7. Fourth step to disaster  Everything else  Migration? No, lets wait till we finish the Portal  Not cooperation with the other parties • Lessons learned  Do NOT under estimate migration  Be a team for the customer! We are one! There is no you!
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