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A Campaign That Became A Community


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What began as a VISIT FLORIDA campaign evolved into one of the strongest advocacy platforms in travel. SPARK tapped into existing social conversations of people sharing why they loved Florida, we gave them a hashtag to share among one another - #LoveFL. Through active social listening, SPARK designed relevant and engaging content and distributed it across social channels - both paid and organic to empower fans to share more #LoveFL content to grow and engage the community.

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A Campaign That Became A Community

  1. 1. m e di a c r e at i v e b ra n d op p ort un i t y p r od u c t ion MEDIA STRATEGY MEDIA BUY SOCIAL STRATEGY TV RADIO SOCIAL WEBSITE EVOLVE AN EXISTING PLATFORM TO BE MORE RELEVANT AND ENGAGING. Five years ago we developed Share A Little Sunshine: a social platform that turned Florida’s 19 million residents into Florida advocates. But as social channels evolved, we recognized our strategy needed to evolve as well. So, we developed a better way to connect with our fans and get them to show off what they love about Florida. PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEO WEB DEVELOPMENT
  2. 2. How do you get Floridians to share the best of their state? Social media influences travel. So, we expanded into new social channels, tapped into the existing behavior of hashtagging, and created #LoveFL for residents to use during everyday Florida adventures. of Facebook users say their friends’ photos have inspired travel plans
  3. 3. We built an army of advocates to authentically tell the story of Florida.
  4. 4. Suggested Post #LoveFL We took shared content and then made the sharer the star by placing their original photo in organic and paid posts. #LoveFL sponsored posts outperformed the national average for engagement.
  5. 5. As winter rolled around we saw an opportunity to amp up our campaign with a little-known truth: Floridians like to brag about our great weather. Bragging Season was born and we asked our fans to share our content with friends. In the winter, we amp up our bragging.
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