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Unlocking the Visit Tampa Bay Brand


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Unlocking a brand to stand out above the rest and change past perception is what we here at SPARK sought out to do with the Visit Tampa Bay brand. Our goal was to take the historical icons and culture of the city and embrace it for the future and that's what we did.

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Unlocking the Visit Tampa Bay Brand

  1. 1. c r e at i v e b ra n d op p ort un i t y p r od u c t ion POSITIONING IDENTITY TAGLINE TYPE DESIGN GIVE TAMPA A REAL BRAND THAT MAKES IT STAND OUT FROM THE REST OF FLORIDA. For years, Tampa has been getting lost in the shuffle—seen as typical Florida. But we knew better. We live here. Our goal was to give Tampa a brand reflective of its distinct history, while also embracing the promising future that keeps us here. PHOTOGRAPHY BRAND VIDEO MOTION DESIGN
  2. 2. How do you unite a city that means different things to different people? We started by looking into Tampa’s history, concentrating on objects, people, and places that are both distinguishable and authentic to the area. This uncovered the area’s roguish, anything-goes heritage and imagery that included the University of Tampa’s iconic minarets. The city’s well-known Gasparilla pirate festival, an annual celebration unique to the area, was also considered. Through this exploration, the brand took shape.
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  4. 4. Delivering a logo isn’t enough. The brand has to get people excited and proud to live here. The new logo and brand personality were created to instantly give residents and visitors a point of differentiation. It feels like Florida, without looking or sounding like every other Florida city. With the new brand in place, we set out to bring it to life. From business cards and apparel to collateral pieces and a brand launch video, we established the tone for all future Tampa Bay work.
  5. 5. r e s ult s review from branding expert Armin Vit 4 out of 4 national and international focus groups gave the brand the highest marks. Recognized twice in Print’s 2014 Regional Design Annual.