Twitter And Telco


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a high level view of twitter and a possible future for the twitter network with the telcos

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Twitter And Telco

  1. Twitter and the Telecommunications Industry
  2. Somebody please tell me what it is!?
  3. stuff
  4. Lets keep it simple, twitter is… 1. 2. One One 3. One Many
  5. Is that it!?
  6. NO, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting
  7. For some, twitter is… stupid waste madness pointless nerd geek time email ineffective zero value fad fashion ego rubbish lost
  8. To others, twitter is… Questions followers clients evolve blackberry IM browser RSS public texting private thoughts activities assistance 140 characters crowd advertising publishing blogging community air leadership iPhone participation emotion mobile connect share involve relationships together googletalk innovation creative ideas answers anthropology alerts reactions manners team contacts wikinomics
  9. Video watch?v=ddO9idmax0o
  10. How do I use it To promote my Blog keep contact with distant friends Advertise my innovation Generate reputation Develop collaboration network Gain knowledge Experience new ideas Challenge my thinking Build my personal brand Create new ideas based on interactions Develop skills in Social Media promote contact advertise reputation knowledge skills challenge brand ideas
  11. What is the value of twitter Large numbers of community members Community interactions Free to access membersinteractsFree
  12. Spot the difference Who is texting and who is using twitter?
  13. Who cares? They are interacting
  14. How do you interact?
  15. What is the future of twitter?
  16. and
  17. Twit-co Merging of all phone number(s), twitter accounts, email, IM, blog, website, real name, address and payment details into a single customer record Integrate Twitter and Telco networks including archive of all text messages Making all text based interactions free by applying analytics to all text based interactions and present one advertising message for every 100 text messages sent or received. MergingIntegrateadvertising
  18. Zyb-co? Vodafone acquires ZYB for $49M
  19. Can I help? Chris Sparshott (Sparkbouy) Portfolio Blog IBM