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IBM SaaS email - $3 per month


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Cloud computing and SaaS solutions from IBM

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IBM SaaS email - $3 per month

  1. 1. A star forms from a Cloud Chris Sparshott
  2. 2. Rent Chris Sparshott
  3. 3. Utility Chris Sparshott http://w w w .f
  4. 4. Cannibalistic Chris Sparshott http://w w w .f
  5. 5. $1 of Cloud investment saves customers $2 of on-premise investment Prediction Chris Sparshott
  6. 6. Simple, Rent Always up to date, Fewer skills, OPEX Benefits http://w w w .f Chris Sparshott
  7. 7. Where to start Higher Gain From External Cloud Numerical Collaboration SME ERP/SCM/CRM [Low Data/Compute] Data Warehousing Web Serving Numerical Start Here Data Mining Virtual Desktop Higher Pain To [High Data Transfer] Cloud Delivery Systems Mgmt. Application Dev’t. & Test File & Print Lower Pain To Cloud Delivery LE - ERP/SCM/CRM LE - Transaction “Virtualized Traditional” Architecture Processing “Database Centric” Architecture “Content Centric” Architecture “Loosely Coupled” Architecture “Storage - Analytics” Architecture Lower Gain From External Cloud Chris Sparshott
  8. 8. Does your IT System abc deliver business advantage? Rule of thumb Chris Sparshott http://w w w .f
  9. 9. Keep it in house Yes Chris Sparshott
  10. 10. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS it. No Chris Sparshott
  11. 11. + SaaS = Chris Sparshott
  12. 12. eMail $3 per month SaaS it. Chris Sparshott
  13. 13. Connections (collaboration) $9.75 per month SaaS it. Chris Sparshott
  14. 14. eMeetings $39 per month SaaS it. Chris Sparshott
  15. 15. Start Today Chris Sparshott
  16. 16. @Sparkbouy Chris Sparshott