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Ignite Portland 10: "A Homebrew Cat Feeding Robot" - Curtis C. Chen


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If your household has two or more cats, you’ve probably had to deal with the problem of feeding. Maybe one cat needs to go on a diet. Maybe another cat hoovers up more than his fair share of kibble. Maybe both cats demand to get fed at oh-dark-thirty every morning, when humans would rather be sleeping. Why, cats, why?

Our multi-part solution: set up an automatic feeder to dispense dry cat food on a schedule; rig a webcam to monitor feline activity; create a simple web page to view captured images; download smartphone apps for remote access.

I'll describe our ongoing process of refining hardware and software, and do my best to convince you that we’re not crazy cat people. We’re just geeks who love our family.


Published in: Technology, Lifestyle
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Ignite Portland 10: "A Homebrew Cat Feeding Robot" - Curtis C. Chen

  1. 1. “A Homebrew Cat Feeding Robot” Curtis C. Chen Ignite Portland 10
  2. 2. Problem:CATS.
  3. 3. Jasper likes to sleep. Tyelikes to eat.
  4. 4. Solution:ROBOT!
  5. 5. @%$# !
  6. 6. Aquarium feeder Analog timerWebcam, netbook, lam p
  7. 7. web page FoodCam FoodCa m remote access to netbook text-only web page
  8. 8. FoodCam FoodCam FoodCam A successful auto-feeding event:FoodCam FoodCam FoodCam FoodCamFoodCam FoodCam FoodCam FoodCam
  9. 9. v1 v1.1 v1.2 wider ramp trough Forked rampv2.1 v2.5 v2.6 2 bowls barricade bumpers
  10. 10. v2.6
  11. 11. JoCo Cruise Crazy: Purrsday Bowls moved out of placev2.6 v2.6 WTF Mouse toy
  12. 12. JoCo Cruise Crazy: Caturday Ramp completely detached v2.7 v2.7 OMGFood in moat
  13. 13. JoCo Cruise Crazy: Meownday Ramp out of alignmentv2.7 v2.7 SRSLY Food in moat
  14. 14. 2011: Good News, Everyone! Reinforced ramp Loudspeaker v2.8 v3.3 Feedertaped down to island “Spikes”
  15. 15. v3.3 @%$# !
  16. 16. @sparCKL