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Pres topics in previous classes


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Pres topics in previous classes

  1. 1. Second presentationinformation -analysisMark Hetherington
  2. 2. Some info on this talk This talk is integrated That is to say, you are presenting ONE talk which you get credited for: Communication 4 and Oral Presentation Skills It is to be 8-10 minutes long Research must be evident (spoken and/or visually)
  3. 3. Presentation Titles (in addition to theones I have given you in the brief) London Summer Olympics 2012 Downloading of music / piracy Does the prison system in the UK work? Stereotyping in advertising Sportspeople and sponsorship The role of unions in today’s society Money earned by sportspeople Drugs in sport
  4. 4. Key Points Analysis Wide variety of research methodology Objective overview Formal language at all times Preparation Time Source where you got your research on slides Supplementary information – handout? Time management Statistical information – analysed