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Language exchange requests


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Published in: Education
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Language exchange requests

  1. 1. Pedidos de intercambio de idioma Language exchange requests (March 2011/ Marzo 2011)1) Practica ESPAÑOL con una hablante nativa que quiere aprender a comunicarse enITALIANO (a través de skype)/ Practice Spanish with a native speaker lady who wants tolearn to speak Italian- she already has some vocabulary and basic grammar knowledge(via Skype)2) ¿Quieres enseñar CHINO mientras aprendes ESPAÑOL? (con pdf/ doc másgrabaciones)/ Do you want to teach Chinese while learning Spanish? (with pdf/ doc plusrecordings)- The exchange is done by email3) Practica o aprende ESPAÑOL con un/una hablante nativo/a mientras le enseñasALEMAN básico (a través de skype) /Practice or learn Spanish with a native speaker andteach him/her basic German (via skype)