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Los Andes Spanish School is a small school dedicated to teaching Spanish as a second language. As a beginner you can obtain a solid basic level of Spanish in two weeks. Practiced in and outside, our objective is that the learner may use real and functional language as a means to communicate through speaking and listening.

Our main focus is to integrate you, the student, into the atmosphere and environment of the Spanish culture in Peru. We achieve this by placing you with a Peruvian guest family, by confronting you with actual and relevant forms of communication, and through excursions and cultural events. The effect of this method is that you will learn, in a relatively short time, how to use Spanish while living in and enjoying diverse experiences.

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Presentation Los Andes Spanish School

  1. 1. Peru and the Andes School of Spanish
  2. 2. Peru is a country that is extremely diverse, with terrain that ranges from the Western Coastal Plains, Eastern Lowlands of the Amazon Basin, to the rugged peaks of the Andes Mountains.
  3. 3. It is a country that is equally as diverse in its culture. Each region within Peru continues to maintain its own distinct flavor, shaped by the people and…
  4. 4. by the events of the past.
  5. 5. While not its seat of government, the city of Cusco is undisputedly Peru’s cultural and religious capital.
  6. 6. And each year, literally dozens of festivals take place in the main square, la Plaza de Armas. Regardless of whether an event is religious in nature or not, it is sure to be a blend of indigenous and European influences. Traditional holidays draw literally thousands of people to the square to
  7. 7. Cusco is also home to some of Peru’s finest schools that teach Spanish as a second language. At the Andes Spanish School in addition to improving reading, writing, comprehension and Spanish-speaking abilities…
  8. 8. the entire city of Cusco becomes a classroom. And in the process of learning, one is bound to make a new friend or
  9. 9. And as part of the Peruvian experience, one should at least try the local traditional cuisine as well as…
  10. 10. Partaking in the best night life in South America!
  11. 11. Throughout Peru there are lots of hotels and hostels in which to stay. But most students opt to live with Peruvian host families because…
  12. 12. so much more can be learned when one is truly immersed in a society. Every mundane experience, even walking through the city streets, is sure to be a learning opportunity.
  13. 13. And along with it, each day brings with it the promise of a greater and deeper understanding of Latin American culture and history.
  14. 14. Sacsayhuaman, with its immense zigzagged walls, is just one example of the incredible archeological ruins in Peru. This once-magnificent fortress had four stone towers overlooking the city of Cusco and is where one of the fiercest battles with the Spaniards took place. Sadly, all that remains today are the foundations which are a testament of the administrative power of the Inca empire.
  15. 15. In addition to Sacsayhuaman, there are a multitude of other Inca ruins nearby. Most are just a short trip from Cusco by bus or taxi including: Quenko Pikillacta Tambomachay Pisac Ollantaytambo
  16. 16. And whether one hikes the Inca Trail or rides the train, the UNESCO World Heritage Center, Machu Picchu…
  17. 17. is an unforgettable sight for all who behold it.
  18. 18. La Araña in the Plains of Nazca Even if your main objective in visiting Peru is to learn Spanish, weekend side trips can easily provide you with opportunities to see a variety of world-renowned sights, such as the mysterious and centuries-old Plains of
  19. 19. El Picaflor in the Plains of Nazca
  20. 20. The mummies in the National Museum in Nazca
  21. 21. Peru is is also an outdoor and extreme sports lover’s dream: Wildlife Tours Hiking Camping Kayaking Mountain Biking Rock Climbing Bunjee Jumping But if your idea of fun is to just kick back and relax…
  22. 22. You can take a trip to Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world, where the crystal clear hot spring pools are a nearly constant 105°F.
  23. 23. Other travel options may also include a weekend trip to Puno. On the shores of Lake Titicaca, island hoppers can see the Uros…
  24. 24. who have made their homes on manmade floating islands for centuries. As gracious hosts, the Uros welcome visitors, and introduce them to their culture and unique lifestyle that has changed little in hundreds of years.
  25. 25. And just one look around this beautiful region explains why the Uros…
  26. 26. as well as those from Taquile, Amantani and others, continue to make their homes on the islands and along the coasts of Lake Titicaca.
  27. 27. And Arequipa, or the “White City,” is always amazing with its richly artistic architecture, culture and Spanish influence.
  28. 28. And once you have witnessed its beauty, no matter where you go or what you do, a part of you will always remain in Peru.
  29. 29. Many thanks to the people of the Andes School of Spanish and to all the Peruvian people that I have had the pleasure of meeting…all have enriched my life more than they will ever know. For more information on how you can improve your reading, writing, comprehension and Spanish-speaking abilities, please visit their Web site at: or email: The End Penni Sue Lutz-Schaefer, 2007