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St Marys languages presentation


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Talk by Miss DiNiro

Published in: Education
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St Marys languages presentation

  1. 1. Languages Nadia DiNiro
  2. 2. Why do you think Languages are important to have? Communicate with Spanish/French/German etc speakers It’s a bonus and makes you stand out My teacher says they are important!
  3. 3. This is why I believe Languages are SO important!
  4. 4. Travel Year Abroad Open mind Cultural awareness Communication Better opportunities - FACT Confidence
  5. 5. Make many friends from all walks of life
  6. 6. Granada Madrid Barcelona Sierra Nevada Seville Almeria Gibraltar
  7. 7. Pisa Rimini Sienna Turin Venice Milan FerraraRome
  8. 8. ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.’ Nelson Mandela
  9. 9. "I studied French and Spanish at university, and whilst I was there I joined the Army and became a 2Lt in the Royal Artillery. With operations all over the world and increasing pressure to maintain international relations, the Army is a brilliant place to develop languages. Nowadays as an officer, if you want to promote past Captain you must gain a foreign language qualification, paid for by the Army of course. If you show proficiency for languages, you can be sent on full-time courses before being deployed abroad to use them. Spanish is vitally important for the SAS as they have lots of work in South America. We also have a significant number of soldiers serving in Africa where French is a very prominent language. A wide variety of languages is needed constantly though - Russian, Arabic and Pashto are just some. With language skills you'll be very highly valued in any part of the Armed Forces“ Nikki Reid, 22, Bolton
  10. 10. So I studied languages to give me more opportunities and to travel (this sounds so cringe but it is true!) I didn't know what I wanted to study at College or University, so I thought if I chose a language it would be most valuable to me and recognisable to an employer. Obviously my year abroad was amazing and I'm now working for Tiffany and Co in the Italian department. I will be moving to the Czech Republic this January with the company. All this would not have been possible without studying languages! Charlotte Clark, 23, Kent
  11. 11. Probably one of the best opportunities as a languages student was my year abroad in Dijon, France. I made the most of cheap travel round the country, made international friends and even found a French flat in the city all by myself. These experiences have massively boosted my confidence when using my French in both conversational and professional capacities- for instance, I recently had phone interviews for a Media Analysis company based in Paris. I’ve also found that having a languages degree is a huge advantage when applying for roles in the Media industry, as communication skills are key. This is something I was able to put into practice during work experience at a PR agency. I am now moving to London to work in the Media industry. Victoria Mckeever, 22, Preston
  12. 12. I did French at school which allowed me to do Spanish at college. As a result of doing Spanish at college, I went to University and spent a year studying in Spain as part of my course, which meant living and going to University in Madrid. The year was absolutely amazing and has definitely changed my worldview and plans for the future, for the better. Having now finished university I'm preparing to go volunteering in Nicaragua (still using my Spanish!) followed by more travelling after in America. Spending the year in Spain definitely fed my enthusiasm to travel more! Finally, I was lucky enough to get a really competitive graduate job, and I was told by my employer that my year abroad was the main thing that differentiated me from all of the competition. So overall I couldn't express strongly enough how glad I am that I did a language at college, and that I still use it now! Jacob Tapper, 23, Preston
  13. 13. I first started doing languages because it was a great excuse to get involved in some exciting school trips to places like Paris and Santander! I also loved the fact I could speak and most of my friends and family did not have a clue what I was saying! I realised at college that it was a way to understand a whole other culture because we studied film and books from France and Spain (in my case). At University, doing languages allowed me to travel and actually live in another country. I loved the fact I could leave England and become engrossed in a whole new culture! And, though I am biased, language students were by far the friendliest and most welcoming bunch of people I knew because we were all so open minded and loved to travel to broaden our minds. Jack Dobson, 23, Leeds
  14. 14. Believe it or not, I decided I wanted to learn Italian when I went on holiday at the age of 8. I was fortunate enough to go to a school that offered it and haven’t looked back since! Going to Durham University to study languages (I took up Spanish as well) gave me the opportunity to explore the world – I spent an incredible eight months in the south of Italy, teaching, and four months in Bolivia in South America, writing for a magazine. It hasn’t stopped there though! I am now studying for a Masters degree in translation at the University of Leeds and next year I will likely be moving to Milan, Italy, for another nine months to work as a translator there. Had I not studied languages, none of this would have been possible – and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Kirsty Walter, 23, Horsham
  15. 15. Initially my degree was advertising and marketing and I just took Spanish as a minor (because I'd done it at GCSE) then at the end of first year I decided to switch to Spanish and marketing initially because I thought having a language would be really good in the business world and I would work abroad. So then I had the best year ever abroad! And now I'm living in Madrid working as a teaching assistant because I loved Spain so much. I work for a private academy and as well as teaching I've helped with a few marketing projects. Taking Spanish completely changed my direction - I highly doubt if I hadn't taken it I would have made the leap to move abroad. The year abroad also helped my confidence massively and some sort of business degree is great because you have the option of going into teaching in England or in another country as well as being able to work in businesses like me. Kati Lou, 22, Holmes Chapel
  16. 16. Honestly, I did Spanish at GCSE because I was told that it would really help in life. I enjoyed the subject and I was good at it. I continued with Spanish at college and did a degree in Psychology with Spanish. During my degree I spent 6 months in Mexico and 6 months in Bilbao, Spain where I attended Universities. It was truly the most amazing experience of my life and I graduated with a First class degree. The best decision I have ever made is listening to that teacher that told me to do Spanish….and my mum! I am now living in China teaching English and I am loving life! Who knows what the future holds for me but I know I have the opportunity and skills to decide whatever journey that I want! Antonella Tamburullo, 22, London
  17. 17. I decided to do languages at university because I knew it would open up a lot of doors. You don't just learn the language but you learn the culture too, and you meet all sorts of interesting people you'd not get to meet otherwise. And why risk losing the language you picked up at school? I graduated with a first, 5 months ago and I've just finished my third week as a translations project manager for a translation company. It's a hugely interesting role and it gives me an insight into the whole industry, as well as getting to meet people who speak 4 languages or more! As a PM I'm using all the skills I got at university, and I'm picking up new ones all the time in an industry full of passionate and motivated people determined to make the most of their languages in a fulfilling environment. I haven't looked back! Jack Young, 23,Newcastle