Why mobile is important for restaurants


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Why mobile is important for restaurants

  1. 1. What Is YourRestaurant Doing About Mobile Growth ?
  2. 2. Who are we?• We provide internet • We offer: marketing consulting – Websites & Mobile services Websites• We help businesses – All In One Marketing create custom marketing – Custom Facebook Pages strategies to maximize – Search Engine their income Optimisation
  3. 3. Mobile Sites• Mobile is getting hotter by the day!• When people get hungry they search for you with their smartphones• Mobile websites convert potential customers into paying customers much more effectively
  4. 4. Fact
  5. 5. Increase Your Revenues• The mobile web is the fastest growing communication channel in history• According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, the Mobile Web is growing 8 times faster than the original first wave of online Internet adoption• Soon it will be the Mobile Web that will be the #1 source of information in the world!
  6. 6. Fact
  7. 7. Increase Your Revenues• Not having a mobile website is as good as saying “I don’t want greater income”• People on the go and tourists frequently use their smartphones to find a place where they can eat• Having a mobile presence is not an option any more!
  8. 8. Fact
  9. 9. Enhanced Experience• Modern customers want • Forward-thinking an easy experience restaurants are adding – In the restaurant diet and calorie – On the web information to their – From their smartphone online menus
  10. 10. Fact
  11. 11. Customer Engagement • Be connected to your customers anywhere and anytime! • Customers can: – take advantage of your specials and coupons and opt-in for coupons or event information in your restaurant (see our “all in one marketing system”) – click to call – to easily contact you – and much much more!
  12. 12. Fact
  13. 13. Customers as brand advocates• 67% of mobile web viewers are more likely to recommend your restaurant than desktop viewers• Younger customers prefer the mobile version of your site
  14. 14. Fact
  15. 15. The Art Of Not Missing Out On Business • Mobile marketing represents a great opportunity to all restaurants • Your customers are on the move. – They might be just around the corner but will they know about you? • Get those last minute customers by going mobile!
  16. 16. Fact
  17. 17. The Art Of Not Missing Out On Business• Remember customers want to interact with you just as much as you want to interact with them• An optimized mobile version of your site is a must for any restaurant that cares about it’s customers…not having one is missed income• Even small businesses are going mobile!• So stay competitive!
  18. 18. Our SolutionMost mobile website solutions are a fixedwidth to accommodate the average mobilebrowser. This does not look attractive whenviewed on iPads or larger sized browsers.Our solution is a website that automatically re-sizes based on the screen size of the mobilebrowser.Can be used for the desktop version as well asthe mobile (ie you only need one website).Visit our demo site - theswan.getonthenet.orgfrom your desktop and from a mobile.
  19. 19. Our SolutionOur solution includes –Attractive SliderClick To CallGoogle Maps IntegrationSocial IntegrationEverything is just one click away
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