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Presentation of SpagoBIGeoReportEngine, developed through the integration between the two open source business intelligence platforms SpagoBI by Engineering and GeoBI by Inova Open Solutions.

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  1. 1. FOSS4G-IT 2010 SpagoBIGeoReportEngine INOVA Spa SpagoBI the Open Source Location Intelligence of SpagoBI Dott. Ing. Fabio D'Ovidio INOVA SPA Geospatial Solutions Unit Manager & OpenGeoBI Project Leader Dott. Andrea Gioia ENGINEERING SPA IT Solution Architect & SpagoBI Consultant GRASS-GFOSS Meeting Italiano 11-12 Feb 2010, Lugano
  2. 2. Agenda INOVA Spa What is Business Intelligence (BI) SpagoBI Open Source BI SpagoBI SpagoBIGeoReportEngine Roadmap and conclusion
  3. 3. BI: Definition BI: Definizione INOVA Spa Business Intelligence (BI) SpagoBI refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support decision making. Source:
  4. 4. BI: Goals INOVA Spa QUALITY SpagoBI Turn data into knowledge Increase business processes visibility Provide a single version of truth SPEED Trigger attention on key events and information Provide integrated environments allowing an easy interaction among all the different departments Foresee criticalities : action vs reaction
  5. 5. BI: Technology Stack Portal & MS Office integration INOVA Spa Search and collaboration Alarms & notifications ENGINEERING Spa Reporting & OLAP Advanced analytics (scorecards, Data mining, …) Operational & embedded BI tools Enterprise data access & integration Business content integration Metadata & Master data management DBMS Data warehouse appliances Massively parallel processing Open source middleware Commodity hardware Infrastructural services
  6. 6. BI: Property products INOVA Spa ENGINEERING Spa
  7. 7. OSBI: Why? INOVA Spa Low entry costs SpagoBI Property products are often underused BI project is more important than the product but the product is more expensive than the project Easier to integrate Investment on people, not on licenses Avoid lock-in More control on the roadmap
  8. 8. OSBI: Technology stack BI Suite ExoPortal, Liferay, JetSpeed INOVA Spa JackRabbit, XWiki, Lucene SpagoBI JasperReport, BIRT, FreeChart Mondrian, Palo, JRubik Weka, R, RapidMiner,Jale Kettle, Talend, KETL, CloverETL, Octopus MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres Icebreaker, BizGres Quarz, Jbpm, Bonita, Spagic Spago, Struts, Spring, Eclipse RCP Linux
  9. 9. OSBI: products INOVA Spa SpagoBI
  10. 10. SpagoBI: Definition INOVA Spa SpagoBI SpagoBI is a Business Intelligence suite for integrated and flexible enterprise solutions, totally developed according FLOSS philosopy
  11. 11. SpagoBI: numbers INOVA Spa 2004 : the birth ° 2° : project of SpagoWorld SpagoBI 2.4 : latest stable release 1M : downloads from OW2 15 : team members 50 : product specialists 100 : projects in production 15 : partners
  12. 12. SpagoBI: Architecture INOVA Spa SpagoBI SpagoBI Applications SpagoBI SpagoBI Studio SDK SpagoBI Server SpagoBI Meta
  13. 13. SpagoBI Server User Browser INOVA Spa SpagoBI SpagoBI CORE Delivery Layer BI Engine Service Component Behavioural Model Generic semantic layer SpagoBI Metadata
  14. 14. SpagoBI: Analytical engines INOVA Spa SpagoBI
  15. 15. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine INOVA Spa SpagoBI What is it? What does it do? Main components Demo Roadmap
  16. 16. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine What is it? INOVA Spa The first Open Source Location Intelligence SpagoBI engine fully integrated into a BI suite Manage business data with analytical tools provided by SpagoBI Visualize data generated from analytical processes by means of thematic maps and a WebGIS OGC compliant GUI Technology: JEE, JS, ExtJS, GeoJSON, WFS, WMS integrated OS products : OpenLayers, MapFish Client, GeoJSON-lib, SpagoBI SDK, GeoReport Developed by INOVA and ENGINEERING that are technology partner Latest stable version is 2.4 (SpagoBI 2.4)
  17. 17. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine What is it? INOVA Spa SpagoBI It’s a web application composed of two modules, server and client, fully integrated into SpagoBI suite SpagoBIGeoReportEngine is based on GeoReport, a product developed by INOVA within OpenGeoBI project OpenGeoBI and GeoReport have been already presented in 2009 by INOVA at X GFOSS meeting (Cagliari) and GFOSS DAY (Bolzano)
  18. 18. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine What is it? SpagoBI (<=2.4) also has an interactive-graphical engine based on SVG that can be used to generate INOVA Spa thematic maps SpagoBI Il motore grafico SVG non è però cartografico in senso stretto (le mappe sono preconfigurate e non c'è alcun client di tipo WebGIS) This engine manipulates static svg files and not dynamic spatial data (i.e. it is not a WebGIS client) For this reason the new GeoReportEngine has been based on the most common GIS standards (OGC WMS, OGC WFS, …) License: GPL NOTE: SpagoBI is released under LGPL as the greatest part of its analytical engines
  19. 19. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine What is it? INOVA Spa SpagoBI A new analytical The Thematic map has area among the ones become a new way to already offered by visualize and analyse the SpagoBI Suite results produced by BI processes using a WebGIS OGC compliant client
  20. 20. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine What it does? INOVA Spa SpagoBI It merges business data, loaded from dwh, and geographical features, loaded from a remote WFS or from a local GeoJSON file stored on the file system. It executes different types of analysis correlated to given features upon a click on the map: charts, dashboards, reports, etc … It exports analysis results (charts, reports, etc ..) in the most common exchange formats (PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV, TXT, etc…) It thematizes maps (choropleths or proportionals) using business data coming from different sources (SQL query, script, WS, MDX query, etc…)
  21. 21. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine What does it do? INOVA Spa SpagoBI
  22. 22. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine Main components INOVA Spa SpagoBI
  23. 23. DEMO INOVA Spa SpagoBI
  24. 24. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine Roadmap INOVA Spa Improvement of WebGIS functionalities SpagoBI Increase of the number of supported formats (not only GeoJSON) Integration of a GeOLAP module Increase of the number of the supported thematic techniques GIS Metadata management Integration of a GeoETL module ... other words: SpagoBI4Geo !!
  25. 25. Thanks! INOVA Spa SpagoBI Questions ?
  26. 26. LINKS INOVA Spa SpagoBI /spagoworld
  27. 27. License INOVA Spa ENGINEERING Spa Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) Legal Code: