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Webinar: BI Mobile with SpagoBI: be aware everywhere!


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The presentation supported the webinar delivered by Monica Franceschini, SpagoBI Architect, on April 19th, 2012 within SpagoWorld Webinar Center.

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Webinar: BI Mobile with SpagoBI: be aware everywhere!

  1. 1. BI Mobile with SpagoBI: be aware everywhere! 19th April 2012This presentation has been used during a webinar delivered within SpagoWorld Webinar Center: it regularly to check the available webinars!
  2. 2. SpagoBI MobileNeed a smart way to get your analysis everywhere you are? Find it through SpagoBI Mobile!!!
  3. 3. SpagoBI Mobile Just 3 stepsLoginBrowseExecute
  4. 4. Login Enter credentials defined on SpagoBI Server All the users privileges are set on SpagoBI Server
  5. 5. Login Users can see the documents tree they are granted for Users can see all folders and documents of type Mobile Chart, Mobile Table and Mobile Cockpit They can browse folders
  6. 6. Browse Tapping on a document browsers leaf, the document preview appears on the right side Tapping on a document, this will be executed Users can see the document preview on the left
  7. 7. ExecuteEach mobile documentfollows SpagoBIbehaviural modelIf the selected documenthas parameters, SpagoBIMobile will ask for them.Users can fill therequested parametersand then tap on theExecute icon
  8. 8. Execute Cockpits are composed by mobile Table and Charts Cross navigation can be defined on each cockpit template Destination documents will be refreshed by master documents parameters
  9. 9. Execute Documents can be linked each other through the drill definition on the documents template A breadcrumb like bottom toolbar allows you to navigate back through the executed documents
  10. 10. SpagoBI MobileMobile Table: gives a tabular layout to data loaded from the associated datasetMobile Chart: displays Sencha-Touch charts over dataset dataMobile Cockpit: composes charts and reports in a single layout, within the possibility for each document to interact with the others, passing them parameters
  11. 11. SpagoBI ServerTo develop mobile documents, you need to access SpagoBI Server and define• LOV• Analytical Driver• Dataset (required for Table and Chart)• XML document template (soon SpagoBI Studio designer will be available for mobile documents)• Users and roles
  12. 12. Roadmap 2012
  13. 13. Roadmap 2012• SpagoBI Mobile : – More document types – KPI – More chart interactions (javascript functions) – Off-line navigation
  14. 14. For more information: or