Thin Server Architecture


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This is my presentation from code|works in NYC 2009 on Thin Server Architecture. The funny animal slides were "sleeper checks" as this was the morning session.

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  • Thin Server Architecture

    1. 1. Extreme Scale: Thin Server Architecture Mitch Pirtle codeworks new york city 2009
    2. 2. Wha? As website interactivity demands put a bigger strain on your beautiful code, faster internet connections and more website visitors don't make it any easier. There is a way to dramatically drop the overhead of rendering a page, by asking the browser to do all the work. Learn how to scale your applications to absurd extremes with this simple, ingenious concept.
    3. 3. Before we begin Coffee? Breakfast?
    4. 4. How it all started
    5. 5. Internet Web server Data server Data Center
    6. 6. Hey, this thing is taking off
    7. 7. Internet Web server Data server Data Center
    8. 8. Ok, we can handle that
    9. 9. Internet Web server Data server Data Center
    10. 10. See the pattern?
    11. 11. Problems with this approach Ties computation with display Significantly increases load Significantly reduces opportunity to cache IT DOESN’T SCALE
    12. 12. But wait, there’s more Most developers suck at design Most designers suck at code We just mixed a huge load of markup and code together in a big, amorphous glop
    13. 13. There’s got to be a better way.
    14. 14. Thin Server Architecture
    15. 15. Wha? Keeps display and logic separate Pulls unique information separately Cache is simpler to implement Cache reused objects separately from dynamic
    16. 16. What it looks like
    17. 17. TSA to PHP developers M M V V C C PHP PHP Browser
    18. 18. Problems solved Seperates display from computational work Simplifies cache implementation Lowers network latency, bandwidth usage Users perceive fast, snappy response Opens the door to rich internet applications (RIA)
    19. 19. Great example: Dojo
    20. 20. Dojo Toolkit
    21. 21. TSA is platform agnostic CODE: You can use Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. CLIENT: You can use Dojo, jQuery, MooTools, etc. DATA: The simpler the better...(next slide, Mitch)
    22. 22. Why develop in an object language, just to stuff mismatched chunks of your objects in a non- object data store?
    23. 23. MongoDB Document store with speed, scale of key/value and creature comforts of relational systems
    24. 24. What MongoDB can do Simplifies development Stores in binary JSON objects Return data directly to browser in JSON Store data, binary objects, whatevah!
    25. 25. Time for my favorite game Stump the Nerd™
    26. 26. Great resources
    27. 27. Thin Server Architecture server-architecture-with-dojo-peter-svensson- presentation
    28. 28. Rich Internet Applications
    29. 29. Thanks!
    30. 30. Photo credits Bulldog Frances (stock photo by jaimo) Cat (stock photo by klsa12) Sleepy zoo lioness (stock photo by Meeshoo)