Developing Joomla! 1.5 Extensions, Explained


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Mitch Pirtle explains how making extensions for our favorite CMS isn't as hard as everyone would like you to believe.

In fact with some basic concepts you're armed and dangerous, and the rich API provided in the 1.5 release gives you all the tools you need to build feature-rich, sophisticated applications quickly. Let Joomla co-founder Mitch Pirtle show how it is done, as well as explain best practices and common pitfall

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  • Good stuff. I'm ordering the recommended book Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. Also watched the author's video on Amazon.
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  • don’t forget to mention the tutorials on using different IDEs,including details on how to use Eclipse specifically for J!

  • Developing Joomla! 1.5 Extensions, Explained

    1. 1. Developing Joomla! 1.5 Extensions, Explained Mitch Pirtle Joomla!Day New England, 2009 Marlboro College Graduate Center
    2. 2. So what is this all about? You want to learn more about customizing and extending Joomla! You are a developer, looking to learn how to take advantage of Joomla! as a platform You snuck in when they were not looking and were hoping for free cookies or coffee
    3. 3. For Joomla! End Users We will look at code. Prepare to be frightened, bored, or both To learn how to use Joomla! and how to add cool new stuff to it, you really should have gone to the session for non-developers
    4. 4. For Developers Time to get your $ide on Dispay your pocket protector with pride $ideas++
    5. 5. For Everyone Else Coffee was out front, how did you miss that? I ate all the cookies, you should have been here earlier
    6. 6. Who am I? Joomla founder Former VP at KickApps NYCJUG founder Hardcore bassist Skate punk Soccer coach
    7. 7. In the beginning... There was Joomla! And life was good.
    8. 8. Joomla! is great for nerds Provides framework and CMS MVC framework Objects! Easy to skin Legendary administrative interface Easy to extend with...
    9. 9. Joomla! Extensions
    10. 10. What are Joomla! extensions? (oversimplified answer) Plugins - provide additional functionality (login sources, WYSIWYG editors, and such) Templates - provide the overall skinning to a website Modules - additional functionality as an addition to the main content of a page Components - replaces content with something else
    11. 11. Plugins Authentication - Joomla, GMail, LDAP, OpenID Content - rating, email cloaking, pagebreaks Editor - TinyMCE, JCE, none (my favorite) Search - content, contacts, weblinks System - SEF, debug, cache XML-RPC - Joomla, Blogger API
    12. 12. Templates Consistent look and feel to entire website Can be assigned to different areas Parameters provide simple way to customize layout
    13. 13. Modules The swiss army knife of Joomla Can reference functionality in many libraries Easy to extend and customize Easy to copy and duplicate Powerful cache features
    14. 14. Components Powerful, rich API available Public and Admin versions Loads of examples to learn from and play with
    15. 15. J!1.5 Notes MVC framework glue framework, not stack or scaffold somewhat opinionated atomic MVC (yep, I made that up.) extension installer is a snap to use
    16. 16. A look at a plugin The example content plugin
    17. 17. A look at a template The JoomlArt Purity template
    18. 18. A look at a module The most-read module
    19. 19. A look at a component The search component
    20. 20. Developer Resources
    21. 21. Joomla! Documentation Reference wiki
    22. 22. Developer Documentation Excellent starting point
    23. 23. API Reference Generated from source, phpDocumentor FTW!
    24. 24. Joomla Community Forum An absolutely massive resource
    25. 25. Joomla Extension Directory Thousands of extensions to choose from, a great source of inspiration and examples (good & bad)
    26. 26. SourceForge for Joomloids
    27. 27. Great books, too.
    28. 28. Joe LeBlanc Great intro to J!1.5 development, downloadable code examples and more
    29. 29. Barrie North Special coverage on SEO
    30. 30. Andy Hunt Learn how to get the most out of your brain, great for self assessment
    31. 31. So what am I up to now?
    32. 32. Leaving the RDBMS behind.
    33. 33. Project Voldemort Key-Value storage with wicked scale and speed
    34. 34. How does it work? Keeps the client as simple as possible (opposite of memcache) Failover and sharding designed as part of the core
    35. 35. Ways it can be used Routing can be on the frontend, the backend, or both
    36. 36. How failover works Consistent hashing When a node fails, load is distributed across the rest Same for when a node is added
    37. 37. Neat, but sometimes I need indexes and aggregate views...
    38. 38. mongoDB Best of both worlds - speed and scale of key- value, indexes and lists of RDBMS
    39. 39. Zeus Technologies Freaky fast, ultra scalable, tons of buzzwords - and earning and owning every bit of them.
    40. 40. Cool new schtuff links Project Voldemort: MongoDB, by 10gen: Zeus Technologies:
    41. 41. Time for my favorite game Stump the Geek™
    42. 42. Thanks!