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Sp11 faculty

  1. 1. New features & improvements from SP6 to SP11
  2. 2.  Same functionality as current theme New, modern look Shows action links & drag/drop options only when you point to an item Home icon replaces course title
  3. 3.  Change course look in one click with style “skins”
  4. 4.  Locations are the same, titles are different
  5. 5.  Quickly move between courses Click the action link next to the Home button and select another course New course will appear and you will stay in the same tool in the new course If the new course does not have the same tool you will go to the new course entry point
  6. 6.  Fix a test question after students have submitted attempts and scores are updated automatically Works for changes in point value, awarding full credit, extra credit or deleting questions From Edit Test, make changes and either “Submit and Regrade” or “Delete and Regrade”
  7. 7.  Video (2m 28sec) http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies /bb91_tests_auto_regrading.htm PDF http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/docum ents/getting_started_with_automatic_regrad ing_9_1_8.pdf
  8. 8.  Discourages guessing by deducting points for incorrect answers Works for multiple choice, matching and multiple answer questions Must first enable option from Edit Test – Question Settings – Scoring. Check boxes for partial credit and negative points – Submit Then on question edit screen, select allow partial credit, allow negative scores and then apply scores
  9. 9.  Video (4m 13sec) http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies /bb91_tests_negative_points.htm
  10. 10.  Multiple sections of the same course can be combined into a Master Course Merging allows instructors to manage content, course management and communication from one central location Students see the course they are enrolled in on My HCC Blackboard but when clicking to enter will share the same content as all other students across all combined courses Requires intervention by HCC eLearning staff
  11. 11.  If a user collapses the left navigation menu, the collapsed state is only retained for the single course for the duration of the single session YAY!!!
  12. 12.  Collapsed and expanded views Always ON Spell check available Improved copy/paste direct from Word (although this should still be avoided) Enhanced table options Media options consolidated to single toolbar
  13. 13.  Provides statistics on overall test performance and on individual test questions. Ineffective/misleading questions can be identified, corrected and regraded automatically
  14. 14.  Video (5m) http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies /Bb91_tools_item_analysis.htm
  15. 15.  On first access, overlay highlights new features Access from name link in top right corner Access My Blackboard links to list of courses, posts, updates and calendar. No Social Learning Tools (My Blackboard Profiles) at this time
  16. 16.  Provides top-level information from Global Navigation link in top right corner Icons include:  My Blackboard Posts – posts & comments from blogs, journals, wikis, and discussion boards  My Blackboard Updates – all notifications that users have elected to receive or receive by default  My Blackboard Grades – Displays recent grades for all courses users are enrolled in
  17. 17.  Video (2m 46sec) http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies /bb91_myblackboard_profiles.htm
  18. 18.  Displays all institution and course events for a user View by day, week, or month Appear to all members of the course Course tools with set due dates automatically appear in the course calendar  Test, Assignment, Discussion, Blog, Journal, Wiki (Tools must be grade enabled for due date option to appear) Drag & drop within Calendar changes Due Date Only instructors may create additional course calendar events. External calendar link to sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.
  19. 19.  Enhancement to Content Editor Requires instructor YouTube/Google account Saves videos to instructor YouTube account  Marked as Unlisted (Requires direct URL for viewing) Must have edit mode OFF to preview after recording
  20. 20.  All Posts on One Page All of the posts in a thread (not an entire forum, just a single thread) are now visible at the same time on one page. Inline Replies When replying to a post, the content editor used to write a response appears on the same page, in the context of the discussion. Post First Discussions Allows instructors to require students to post to a discussion before seeing other students’ posts.  If participants are required to create threads in order to view other threads in the forum, they cannot delete or edit their own posts, and cannot post anonymously. Those options will be set for you automatically.
  21. 21.  Instead of requiring Instructors to download student-submitted files to view or edit those submissions, Instructors can view student-submitted files “inline” (in browser) without requiring any plugins, applets, or client-side applications. Annotation tools are available as part of the inline viewer, enabling feedback including comments, highlights, and drawings/annotations directly on the inline view of the document. Supported document types:  Word (.doc, .docx)  PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)  Excel (.xls,.xlsx)  PDF (.pdf) The Inline Assignment feature introduces a new sidebar for inline grading of Assignments. Available for Bb Mobile later this year.
  22. 22.  Replaces Early Warning System No setup required Shows students at risk, broken down by category  Missed deadlines, Low grades, Minimal activity, Not logging in Contact at risk students via email Monitor specific students Add custom rules Retention Center alerts appear on My Blackboard menu for faculty
  23. 23.  Video (4m 30sec) http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies /Bb91_evaluation_retention_center.htm
  24. 24.  Collaboration tool update  Based on Blackboard Collaborate  No additional fee  Students will be able to use in Groups Date rollover  Adjust all dates for upcoming semester Student view  True student view of course  Can take tests, submit assignments, etc.  Can be used for multiple course roles Granular test feedback  Set different release times for test information  Exceptions setting allows extended time for specific students or groups Test canvas improvements  Redesigned interface for test creation Achievements & badges  Configured by faculty, given to students when they hit specified criteria