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Sandy app


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Hurricane Sandy Potential Application

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Sandy app

  2. 2. PURPOSE OF SAVE4SANDY Allow people across America to donate to states affected by Hurricane Sandy Give people tips on how to stay safe incase they are caught in a hurricane or other natural disaster Get news updates on hurricane position and damage left behind
  3. 3. WHO IS THIS FOR? This app is for anyone looking to help others! Those affected themselves who want to help, and others across the world who wish to help in the group effort of rebuilding the affected areas Anyone using smartphones. It will be easy to find in the free section of the App Store and the Google Play store
  4. 4. APP LAYOUT  The main menu of the app will feature a map of the states affected by the current hurricane  Clicking on a state will open a menu to type your information for donating to the relief fund, and give a news stream on the states condition during and after the storm hits  Below the map will be a section for tips on what to do incase you are about to be hit by a hurricane and how to prepare your house  Clicking a state will also bring up self uploaded videos from their smartphones in a separate tab
  5. 5. STATE INFO This is what clicking the weather portion of a specific state will bring up It will also bring up local news info about the weather updates Self Uploads will be the way people in the storm show others in the world what they are witnessing at that very moment by uploading video footage from their phone of the storm
  6. 6. SELF UPLOAD People in the storm can upload videos straight from their smartphones to the “Live Feed” section of their states menu This will organize videos of the storm by location being hit and anyone can view them to see what common citizens are going through at the moment of the storm
  7. 7. GOALS OF THE APP Help support hurricane victims via donating Spread knowledge on what to do in an emergency situation Let people see what those in the storm are witnessing live Live hurricane updates and weather updates state to state
  8. 8. REFERENCES