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Women's Day


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Women's Day in Italy

Published in: Education
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Women's Day

  1. 1. WOMAN’S DAY The 8° of March is the day dedicated to women. The origin of this festivity goes back far away to 1908, when, little days before this date, in New York, the workwomen of a textile industry struck in order to protest against the terrible conditions in which they were forced to work.
  2. 2. <ul><li>Strike went on for some days, until the 8° of March, when the owner, Mr Johnson, closed all the doors of the factory in order to prevent to the workers to exit. A fire broke out and the 129 captive women inside died burned from flames. Years later this date came proposed like day of international fight, in favor of the women, in memory of the tragedy. </li></ul>
  3. 3. The symbol of this day is a flower… The Mimosa ( Acacia dealbata ) is a yellow,very sweet-smelling flower. In this day men use to give a bunch of mimosas to women.
  4. 4. In Italy,women, during the night, go to parties with their friends…but only with women!