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St. John, Saint of Pontecorvo


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St. John, Saint of Pontecorvo

  1. 1. patron saint day In Pontecorvo we celebrate St. John, and Camele’s tale, as follow:
  2. 2. the procession A procession starts from the cathedral very soon (5.00 at a.m.) with the statue of St. John towards the holy place of the apparition .
  3. 3. The “carriers (men who carry St. John’s statue) dress a holy w ear:a white tunic with red band and a red cape and get toShrine at 7,00 a.m.
  4. 4. i peccata mea Arrived at the shrine on the banks of the river,there are the puppets of the Camele And of the devil These puppets, the day before, are brought throughout the town..
  5. 5. When the procession is arrived in the place of apparition, they are thrown into the river,at one point called the”peccata mea”(my sins.)
  6. 6. The pilgrims then,throw stones into the river shouting: ” All my sins down the river!” The stones are sins that are thrown away from our soul.
  7. 7. Then there is the holy mass and then a nice breakfast on the grass. Saint John bishop
  8. 8. When the sun is high in the sky (11,00a.m.) the procession returns to the town and arrives after two hours.
  9. 9. Throughout the day and the night ,in town a nd in the places of the apparence ,there are Illuminations,music,stalls and fireworks
  10. 10. And now….all pose for the photo!!!!!!!