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RichardCoyne Ignite Presentation

  1. 1. Has technology turnedus into Zombies? Richard CoyneSunday, May 19, 13Are you still worried about robots taking over earth or a zombie apocalypse? Well it’s too late.
  2. 2. Life is better seen through youreyes instead of a phone., May 19, 13Your smartphone will eventually kill you whether you like itor not.
  3. 3. to Tokyo with two clicks onyour phone!Sunday, May 19, 13We are able to do anything now a days with smartphones like see the worlds most beautiful places without leaving the couch.
  4. 4. It’s been one minute since Ichecked my Facebook...lets checkit again., May 19, 13Most if not all of us including myself are guilty of repeatedly checking our Facebook or some other social media website like we check our fridge expecting something newto show up in the last few minutes but come on we have better things we could be doing with our lives than this like enjoying life.
  5. 5. Twitter: Sitting onstairs withfriends, such ablast!Twitter: Having a blastwith my friends!, May 19, 13Now at parties and hanging out with friends or family give your thumbs a break and look around to see everyone on their phone instead of actually of socializing.
  6. 6. Smartphones are getting ussick!, May 19, 13Smartphones are getting us sick.
  7. 7. This phone tastes a tad dirty., May 19, 13¥According to a report done by the Atlantic Wire “Your smartphone is covered in microscopic pieces of fecal matter” (Estes, 2012).
  8. 8. Where have your fingersbeen?, May 19, 13Think about it your fingers touch so many things most that are probably not sanitized and then you are touching your phone and texting and than that phone that handyour dirty fingers all over it is on your face and right by your mouth.
  9. 9. Cell phones give off radiation and somesay they can cause brain cancer., May 19, 13It’s a constant dispute whether or not cell phones are linked to brain cancer but it’s a possibility.
  10. 10. My phone goeswhere I go., May 19, 13In our face paced lives with technology advanced more then we could ever imagine we are now taking our phones everywhere with us.
  11. 11. Smartphones cause depression., May 19, 13Smartphones are causing depression.
  12. 12. I’ll just talk to them onFacebook instead of going outtonight., May 19, 13According to Gary Cooper a well-respected psychologist he states "staring at screens constantly takes you away from people and gives you a passive outlet where youdon’t have to interact with the world or face your problems” (Haywood, 2011).
  13. 13. I’ll just stay in tonight and take a nap., May 19, 13Being addicted to your cell phone is a real problem.
  14. 14. Deal with it tomorrow I guess..., May 19, 13Having our smartphone on us all the time distracts us from getting things we need done or dealing with something that is stressful so we just put it off.
  15. 15. while driving is keepingbody shops in business.Sunday, May 19, 13According to the National Safety Council 1.6 million car accidents are caused by texting while driving and make up for 25% of all car accidents.
  16. 16. Texting just asdangerous asdriving drunk., May 19, 13Texting is if not more dangerous as driving drunk.
  17. 17. Road: My eyes are up here!, May 19, 13Texting causes your eyes to not be on the road but on the screen of your phone
  18. 18. BRAINS!!!, May 19, 13Yes smartphones are amazing pieces of technology and very useful and great for many things but we are all turning into walking zombies from being so attached to them.
  19. 19. Lets change it up!, May 19, 13Open your dresser where you put your socks and put the phone their for a whole week to see how much more work you get done and how much happier you arewithout it.
  20. 20. Open your eyes!, May 19, 13Is your phone still in your hand? If not welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.