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Family guy


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Family guy

  1. 1. FAMILY GUYJanuary 31, 1999
  2. 2. CAST Seth Macfarlane is the creator of Family Guy. He also does the voicing for Peter, Stewie and Brian Seth Green does he voicing for Chris Griffin Mila Kunis does the voicing for Meg Griffin Alex Borstein does the voicing for Louis Griffin
  3. 3. Family guyFamily Guy is about a family of 6 Peter ,Louis , Chris , Meg, Brian (the dog) and Stewie. Through each episodeThey end up going on comedic adventures and get into unmanageable situations.
  4. 4. Family guyAt the same time as Family guy is a comedy they still try to put through political and religious views also they try to actually talk social problems which actually happen to people and give ways of getting through them in a way that it will still be entertaining.
  5. 5. Family guy is structured in this way:• Opening credits• Beginning situation• A Problem• An over the top situation• Then a solution/resolve• Ending creditsMost of the time in each episode they like to relate to a past event which hasn’t been seen for the humor.
  6. 6. LANGUAGE STRUCTUREThe language structure is very informal at times due to the fact they are following a middle class family through the series and at times there is bad language.
  7. 7. MacFarlane the creator of Family Guy created a short series named Larry and Steve. Through this fox contracted a deal with him which he then created the show family. If you watch Larry and Steve you will see some traits to the cast which is same as the characters in family guy (Peter and Brian)
  8. 8. Number of episodes each season Episodes3530252015 Episodes1050