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Microsoft SWOT analysis 2013 by Strategic Management Insight


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Brief SWOT analysis of Microsoft. To see the full analysis, visit our website:

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Microsoft SWOT analysis 2013 by Strategic Management Insight

  1. 1. Company Background Name Microsoft Corporation Current CEO Steve Ballmer Revenue $ 73.72 billion (2012) Profit $ 16.97 billion (2012) Employees 94,000 (2012) Competitors Apple Inc., Google Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., International Business Machines Corporation and many others. More information at:
  2. 2. 1. •Brand loyalty 2. •Brand reputation 3. •Easy to use software •Strong distribution channels 4. More information at:
  3. 3. Robust financial performance Acquisition of Skype 5. 6. More information at:
  4. 4. 5. Slow to innovate 1. Poor acquisitions and investments 2. Dependence on hardware manufacturers 3. Criticism over security flaws 4. Mature PC markets More information at:
  5. 5. Opportunities 1. Cloud based services 2. Mobile advertising 3. Mobile device industry 4. Growth through acquisitions More information at:
  6. 6. 1. Intense competition in software products 2. Changing consumer needs and habits 3. Open source projects 4. Potential lawsuits More information at:
  7. 7. MORE For more information about this presentation please visit our website! Microsoft SWOT analysis 2013 – Strategic Management Insight Take a look at our other presentations! More information at: