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10. pb air_conditioning_eng


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10. pb air_conditioning_eng

  1. 1. Copyright by Hyundai Motor Company. All rights reserved.Air Conditioning
  2. 2. 2Air ConditioningTB: SEMI CTR TYPE : G/BOX capacity 5~6ℓG/BOX(5ℓ)SEMI CTRHVACCTR MT’GHVACG/BOX(15ℓ)PB: CTR TYPE : G/BOX capacity 15ℓSpecificationItems PB (i20) RemarksCompressor Swash plate type (10PA17)Condenser Integrated receiver drierRefrigerant (cc) 570±20gPressure sensor type APTHVAC type Center mounting typeCooling fan Single fanCooling fan control Relay (Low/High)Fin thermo sensor Inserted in evaporatorBlower motor Auto 8step (Manual 4steps)FATCAQS sensor not appliedIn-car sensor applied (Motor type), No humidity sensorPhoto sensor located in the center of crash padWater temperature sensor signal is usedFeedback type (position sensor embedded)Diagnosis by control panel or scanner
  3. 3. 3Air ConditioningInputsBlock diagramTail lamp, Rheostat (illumination)Dial switch (temperature)Power (B+, IG2) and GroundFATCcontrolmoduleFin thermo sensorIn-car sensorAmbient temperature sensorPhoto sensorWater temperature sensorSwitchesAuto, OFF, A/C, Recirculation,Fresh, Defroster, Defogger, Mode,Blower speedAPTEng. ECMVehicle speed
  4. 4. 4Air ConditioningFin thermo sensorLocation & SpecificationTemp. ( )℃ Voltage (V) Temp. ( )℃ Voltage (V)40 0.94 2 2.5530 1.25 0 2.6620 1.64 -5 2.9410 2.12 -10 3.22Sensorpower(5V)Sensorground
  5. 5. 5Air ConditioningIn-car sensorLocation & SpecificationTemp. ( )℃ Voltage (V) Temp. ( )℃ Voltage (V)60 1.00 0 3.8340 1.74 -20 4.5220 2.78 -40 4.84Sensorpower (5V)In-car sensormotor (-)Sensorground
  6. 6. 6Air ConditioningAmbient temperature sensorLocation & SpecificationSensor power(signal)FATCAmbienttemperaturesensorTrip computerSensor power(signal)Sensor ground
  7. 7. 7Air ConditioningPhoto sensorLocation & SpecificationSensorpower (5V)Sensorground
  8. 8. 8Air ConditioningEngine temperature sensorLocation & SpecificationFATCECTtemperaturesensorECM, Cluster
  9. 9. 9Air ConditioningAPT (Automotive pressure transducer)Location & SpecificationAPTA/C Switchsignal (HI)Blower switchON signalEng.ECMA/Coutput
  10. 10. 10Air ConditioningOutputsBlock diagramFATCcontrolmoduleFET / Blower motorTemperature actuatorMode actuatorIntake actuatorBCMRear defoggerRear defogger indicatorEng. ECMA/C switch (high)CompressorResistorCondenser fanK-lineBlower switch ONA/C output
  11. 11. 11Air ConditioningField Effect TransistorLocation & Specification BlowerrelayFETMF/BDG SFET Gate voltage outputFET Drain voltagefeedback
  12. 12. 12Air ConditioningTemperature actuatorLocation & SpecificationTemp. actuatorSensor power 5VHI (32°C) 4.55VLO (17°C) 0.45VTemp.actuatorSensorpower(5V)SensorgroundSensorf/backTemp. actuator(Cooling)Temp. actuator(Heating)
  13. 13. 13Air ConditioningMode actuatorLocation & SpecificationMode actuatorSensor power 5VVent 0.45VBi-level 1.50VFloor 2.65VMix 3.50VDefroster 4.55VModeactuatorSensorpower(5V)SensorgroundSensorf/backModeactuator(Vent)Mode actuator(Defroster)
  14. 14. 14Air ConditioningIntake actuatorLocation & SpecificationRecirculation/FreshactuatorTerminal VoltageB-2 Sensor power(5V)B-11 Sensor feedbackB-6 Sensor groundA-22 Fresh modeA-23 Recirculation modeA-connector B-connector
  15. 15. 15Air ConditioningOwner’s setting procedureDefroster logic controlTemperature unit conversionCannot be changed !OFF button + AUTO button (3sec)
  16. 16. 16Air ConditioningDiagnosis on the control panelProcedureProceed to nextstep by A/C switchIGN S/W: OFF→ONKeep pressing OFF switch and press Modeswitch 4 times within 2sec.Self-diagnosis(Continuous check)Self-diagnosis(Step by step)FULL AUTO controlPress OFFPress AUTOPress AUTOPress OFF
  17. 17. 17Air ConditioningPTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) HeaterLocation of PTC relay 1, 2 and 3PTC heaterPTC relay 1PTC relay 2PTC relay 3
  18. 18. 18Air ConditioningPTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) HeaterEngineECMHeatercontrollerPTCrelay 1Relay ControlBlower motorcontrolCondition satisfiedRelay controlPTCrelay 2PTCrelay 3