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Understanding the social purpose sector


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Understanding the social purpose sector

  1. 1. Understanding theSocial Purpose SectorCollaborating for Impact 2012 Simon Mayell, Beverly Jones
  2. 2. Voluntary sector Voluntary and community sector (VCS) Social purpose organisations Civil society VCSESocial EnterpriseThird sector Ethically driven Not for profit Charity sector Non-profits
  3. 3. None of the above are state-run, shareholder led, forprofit, or individual gain...CharitiesClubs and SocietiesCommunity Interest CompaniesCo-operativesOther exempt organisations
  4. 4. Characteristics of the Social Purpose Sector
  5. 5. Who benefits?
  6. 6. 160,000 voluntary organisations registered with Charity Commission. Income heavily skewed to the few...605040 Micro Small30 Medium 53.5 46.4 Large20 31.2 30.9 Major10 17.2 12.5 2.5 0.3 0.6 4.9 0 Proportion of Organisations Proportion of incomeSource: NCVO/TSRC, Charity Commission
  7. 7. Social Enterprise...
  8. 8. Restricted and Unrestricted Income Source: Sustainable Funding Project: Collaborative Working to Generate Income, NCVO
  9. 9. Image credit: Involve Yorkshire & Humber
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